Leave my life

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Sometimes when you give your heart away it's returned broken - this is a rap realising this anger

Submitted: July 31, 2017

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Submitted: July 31, 2017



Move worlds today
Whatever you say
Has gotta be okay
I go out of my way
He won't change just one day
Much rather chase a new lay
While it's me who gotta stay
Passing chances to get away
Leave soon as I may
Sailing out of his bay

You throw out bunches
On billion fresh hunches
For me mental punches
Humbly serving lunches
Waste time on his crap in bunches
Can't ever stop the damn grudges
Keep emotions in just grim hushes
Tired of beating around the bushes
Wanna cut off his leashes
Fly away like proud eagles

Whatever collected gaines
Going up in flaring flames
In endless punching games
Growing many more pains
Stand alone drenched from rains
Rememer nobody will be saints
Still walk proudly despite taints
Fight to hide the deepest stains
Before I walk on canes
Better change the lanes

Wish again to shine
Trade for biting lime
Evenings full of wine
Forget to even dine
Should read your pantomime
You decide to kick up a chime
Won't ever see a single dime
From all that used to be mine
Freeze to ice most time
Got no space to decline

All I wanna say to your kind
My life is gonna be mine!

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