Landscape Pain

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Submitted: July 31, 2017

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Submitted: July 31, 2017



Hands hold stairway ashes.

From a drift found on a land so dry .

This dirt floor home

is suited for a lonely heart's retreat.

As this muttled man paces his mind.

The ground feels like bricks

beneath his feet.

Landscape pain.

Tears stream down

like falling rain .

They drench the earth

the innocence below.

Where the soil is a barrier

that prevented his love to grow .

There's danger in the air.

A flame so raged.

It can singe the nostrils

on a man's guilty face.

Red velvet gloves

on hands so smooth.

She takes it all .

His heart won't move .

Ice falling down

from an August sky .

Who could believe

this pure white lie ?

His thoughts go on

in a cabinet mind.

Where love will die

and be left behind .

Landscape pain

bodies torn apart .

Why won't this flame

melt your cold black heart ?

A decade in an hourglass .

Seeping like steam.

Soon, time will grant

my thousand dreams.

May I be forever free?

To live in harmony

with you next to me ?

Ghost on the wall.

Listening to a gentleman's call.

Somehow she knew.

It was me .. all along.

Landscape pain.

tears fall like rain.

These tired feet .

Can't escape the deep.

Love isn't all that we had

you did me wrong.

So sleep here with me

until this dream is gone.

The vengeance eats at your soul.

In this soil ,

this love can't grow.

A million breaths of misery

has brought this landscape ....

Home to me.

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