In the Bright

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Submitted: July 31, 2017

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Submitted: July 31, 2017



In The Bright


June 27 1972, felt like any other day for her, she woke up in her room with something on her mind. She always woke up feeling this way. It bothered her but she brushed it off  as usual because to her, nothing was important. She got up from her bed and looked in the mirror, “Jenna Quill”; she whispered and wiped the mirror. Thinking today was going to be different, she was right today was going to be different, today would be the day that she would drop out of college. The life she was living was colored in black and white, the dullness of her days were configured with the same routine and lack of challenges. Jenna wanted to feel alive, she hoped to wake up and have something new and exciting to do. She wanted to feel proud of herself  and overcome the endless want of committing suicide. Jenna was truly lost,  what she didn’t know was that summer day was going to change her life forever.

Luke may a twenty three year old bachelor living in a loft in manhattan. Carrie his foster mom, was the only person in his life that he cared for.  He is smart, optimistic and a free spirit that enjoyed traveling and meeting new people. That morning he rolled out of bed, picked up a paintbrush and began to paint on a blank canvas. Shaking off the dream he just had, it was the same one he always has. A girl with no face that spoke to him in his dreams. Luke was unsure why he had this dream,  he had a feeling she was real. He paused for a moment to think, realizing he couldn’t shake the dream off this time and decided to take a walk. Luke got ready grabbed his sweater and headed to the Jade park. He did this often to gather inspiration for what to paint next.

It was late in the afternoon and Jenna decided to take a walk around the park. Jenna was undecided of what she wanted to do but felt odd that day, worse than ever before. Jenna was going to end her life that day. The weather was perfect; all she could hear was the birds chirping and the wind whispering in her ear, she felt at peace.

Luke was pacing in park and could not stop thinking about the dream he had earlier that day. He had a strange feeling that today he would meet the girl in his dream. He smirked, and quickly brushed the thought away; Asking himself that he must have been crazy for entertaining that idea. He walked and mumbled quietly to himself, Luke looked up and he saw a girl sitting on a bench. She looked sad, he felt that something wasn't right. He stepped a little closer to get a better look, and saw the girl had too many pills in her hand;  Luke knew something wasn't’ right. It wasn’t his business but  it seemed like way too many doses for someone to take all at once. His thoughts silenced and he sensed a strange pull towards her.

Jenna saw a shadow approaching and looked up, it was luke; he sat next to her. He calmly told her not to do it, she felt embarrassed and didn't know what to do. She put the pills away, and they started talking. They spoke for a while in that park, as the sun went down and the day turned to night. By the end of the evening she let him walk her home. This felt so different to her, he was so unique, she thought. The way he thought about things and saw life made her feel inspired, They said goodnight.


June 28, Jenna woke up and immediately began writing in her journal. She felt so different, like she was transformed overnight. Meeting luke sparked something in her. Jenna has always been a writer, she loved to write, but she stopped writing when her mom passed away a few years ago. She wasn't the same after that. They did so much together, her mom helped her publish her first book. She thought of her that day, thinking how happy and proud she was of her. Her eyes watered, Jenna wanted to feel that once more. Breaking thought she heard a knock at the door. She wiped her tears,  and opened the door. It was luke he wanted to talk,  he told her he couldn't stop thinking of her. He sat down and spoke to her, he felt compelled to help this girl. That's all it was in the beginning, helping her; It turned into more than that. He went to see her every day and had long conversations and  realized he was in love with her and she with him. It shocked them both how close they were getting so quickly. Luke realized that she was the girl he'd been dreaming of. He sparked  something in her that she hadn't felt in a very long time. It was magical how much they loved each other, as everything around them kept spinning; they didn’t notice a thing but each other. They were soul lovers and vowed to love one another for the rest of their lives.  The writer in Jenna blossomed, her ideas were amazing. She felt like Luke influenced her so much to be the best part of herself.

The day was quiet and it rained when they had the talk; Jenna loved the rain it reminded her of when she would beg her mom to read to her when it was raining outside. She stoped for second looked up to the sky and closed her eyes for a moment embracing in the day. Jenna was on her way to speak with Luke. They met up in the coffee shop to discuss their future. Jenna decided she wanted to help other people. She had plans to move to africa to help children with reading and writing. Luke understood and didn’t argue, he just listened. She wanted to make other people happy and help them as Luke helped her. They said their last “see you later” and parted ways. A few years passed and Luke was very successful as a painter and Jenna was working in a school as a teacher, helping children and loved what she did.  She found her purpose, and she’d never turn back. Jenna changed his world, at times he still thinks of her smile.  Luke was always in her heart and memories, he saved her that day at the park. There is so much brightness we can share with one another, so many things to learn and love to give. This was only the beginning of Jenna Quill’s life.

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-By Kisha Reinoso


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