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Submitted: July 31, 2017

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Submitted: July 31, 2017





chapter0: the end



I kept punching the girl for minutes. Her screams made my body shiver, however, I couldn't stop for fear was more powerful than compassion.

Being blindfolded made me go crazy. They laughed, she cried, I punched... My hands went numb. My heart went nuts. They raped her...

The day after, she committed suicide. Her weak and pitiful brother was unable to protect her. Instead, all I did was punching...

That's how I finally decided to put an end to my miserable life. But it won't be "my" end; it will be "our" end. 

Today is my first day back to school after I mourned my sister for more than a week. I'm back to hell. I will have to face her innocent killers as if nothing happened, for the time being at least. They are my classmates actually, in case you didn't understand whom I'm talking about. They murdered her. I murdered her. We all did, and we all have to pay.


I arrived late. The teacher faked a sad smile. "Welcome back," she said. I nodded and reached for my seat. In my head, the class seemed huge, empty... The walls were covered in blood. The word coward was written on all the desks. My hands were trembling. I touched my cheeks, but there were no tears sadly. Things started to spin and I was about to throw up... "Andre! Andre! Are you okay?" 
The voice calmed me. It was Ann. She was my girlfriend. I guess the bullied aren't allowed to have a girlfriend. I loved her, but that doesn't matter now. There is no room for love. It's hatred that I need and hatred is what I feel. 


It's time to introduce my first target. Olly. He is the weakest of them all. I did my research on the stupid monster. I knew everything about him. I knew when he woke up, which toothpaste he used, how he liked his coffee, which newspapers his father read, his favorite soccer player, how many times he jerked off, his favorite porn star, what pajamas he liked to wear before going to sleep... Every piece of information.  That way, my initial plan of action was ready.

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