The Autumnal Winds

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Mei is no stranger to loneliness. Loneliness torments her day in and day out. In one heart-pounding blow after another, we discover the true extent of Mei's desolation. Eager to overcome the intense sadness in her heart, she suddenly decides to go somewhere special for her birthday. Unfortunately the solitude immediately crushes her. She quickly heads to a park to calm down. It is in that park where she finds an abandoned manuscript sitting on a bench. During Mei's riveting search for the author of the manuscript, she unexpectedly meets an intriguing person who forever changes her life.

The Autumnal Winds provides a profound and fascinating window into human nature. By alternating between the past and present and by referencing unique cultural beliefs, it explores the inspiring and captivating themes of interconnectivity and companionship.

Table of Contents

The Discovery

Submitted: July 31, 2017

The protagonist, Mei feels an intense loneliness and desperation in her heart. In order to overcome the pain in her heart, she decides to head to a special place to celebrate her birthday alone. However, being surrounded by strangers makes her feel even lonelier, so she suddenly runs out of that special place and heads to a park where she finds an abandoned manuscript. Who does the manuscript belong to? And will Mei find the author? Read Chapter

The Manuscript

Submitted: July 31, 2017

The story suddenly takes a dramatic turn and we find ourselves in ancient Japan. We jump to the story of a young man whose parents suddenly died in a fire. He runs away from their ashen corpses in desperation but runs into a monk who guides him to a bamboo forest. What relation does this man from ancient Japan have with Mei who lives in present day America? Read Chapter

The Tea Parlor

Submitted: July 31, 2017

Mei decides to do something she has never done before--take a trip in the middle of the snowstorm. She braves the cold and waits for public transportation to take her to her destination--a tea shop. There she meets the shop owner, Chia-Wei. Who is he and how does he impact Mei's life? Read Chapter

The Meeting

Submitted: July 31, 2017

New meets a mysterious man in Chia-Wei's tea parlor. Is this man really the author of the manuscript that Mei found? What happens when Chia-Wei sees Mei meeting with him? Mei, Chia-Wei and the mysterious man gather together around a table and an interesting conversation ensues. Read Chapter

The Journal

Submitted: July 31, 2017

The mysterious man handed Mei a journal which described the ancient Japanese man's life. How is the life of the man who lived in the past connected to Mei who lives in the present? Mei will learn the truth about that man. Read Chapter

The Short Story and the Photographs

Submitted: July 31, 2017

The days pass by. Mei and Chia-Wei grow closer. Mei shares her love of writing and photography with Chia-Wei. Not only that. Mei also shares a secret with Chia-Wei. Her secret will change their relationship forever.... Read Chapter

The Final Journey

Submitted: July 31, 2017

Everything finally makes sense. The past, present and future suddenly come together. What will Mei's and Chia-Wei's fate be? You won't believe the answer! Read Chapter