Mr. Jones

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Something strange is going on in this small little neighborhood, who is this Mr. Jones? Do you know who this Mr. Jones is? Have you ever met this man? If you have met him RUN!!

WARNING: Some things in story are not suitable for children, Strong Language and torture parts

Submitted: July 31, 2017

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Submitted: July 31, 2017



The phone is ringing in the distance as Liz lays on her bed. "Liz pick up the phone it's for you" Janet tells from in the kitchen.

She picks up her phone, "Yo, who is it?" she says flipping back onto her bed. It was her girlfriend Amanda from school asking if she was going to the dance on Friday

Liz is 15 years old and wasn't really looking forward to the dance. She didn't have a date and she hated to get dressed up.

It was Monday late afternoon, the smell of her mom's cooking had made it's way under her door. She was making God awful beef stew again.

Rick was working late again trying to get some reports done before the deadline at midnight. So it was mother and daughter time at the Matthew's house.

"Liz it's dinner time come on down and eat with me please!" her mother yelled. Liz rolled her green/bluish eyes and got up off her bed. She hated that her was trying to hard to build a better relationship with her.

She slumped into her chair at the table as her mom filled her bowl with stew. She was going to have to figure out a way to not hurt her feelings but the stew sucked bad.

They were sitting in the dead of quiet when there was a knock at the door. "Who could that be at 8pm?" Janet said as she got up from the table. Liz was wondering the same thing as she stood up and followed her mom into the hallway.

KNOCK.... KNOCK.... KNOCK.... the knocking got more demanding. Liz's heart started beating faster and faster. Was it the cops coming to tell us dad got into a accident and died?

Janet opened the door slowly and there stood this muscular and handsome man in a suit of all things. He took off his hat and asked he could speak with Janet and her husband.

Must be some man from dad's work or something oh well Liz thought as she went to get room. Thank you Mr. Handsome for saving me the trouble of having to eat that crap.

"Sure come on inside, my husband isn't home yet but he should be any moment. Your welcome to wait if you would like." Janet said showing him the living room.

"That's very kind of you Janet, I just might do that. It's been a long day for me." He said as he removed his sports jacket. Janet couldn't help looking at the rippling muscles in his upper arms. 

"Would you like some tea or coffee? Oh my where are my manners, I never got your name sir." Janet said turning around. "Everyone calls me Mr. Jones." He said with a sexy little smile.

A few moments later Rick came into the house. "Honey is that your famous stew I smell?" Rick said not noticing Mr. Jones in the living room and went straight into the kitchen.

"Hey honey her we have a guest who just stopped by. He wanted to speak to both of us about something important." Janet said smoothing her fly away’s back down on her head.

Rick and Janet both come into the living room together. "How you do Mr. Jones? I'm sorry I didn't see you sitting there when I came in." Rick said extending his arm to Jones.

Jones reached and shook his arm in return with a shy smile. "Well you both are probably wondering why I'm here, so I'll just cut to the chase." Jones said sitting back in his chair and crossing his leg.

"You both are going to allow me to stay here until I’m good and ready to leave. You will obey my every spoken word and if you fail to abide by that then you will suffer harshly. Do I make myself clear?" Jones said sternly looking at both Janet and Rick.

"Now hold on a damn minute! Who do you think you are coming to my house and demanding this outrageous demand!" yelled Rick as he stood up.
Jones grabbed Rick by the throat and started strangling him, Janet started beating on his back to get him to stop when Jones heard Liz moving around upstairs in her room.

Liz heard telling coming from down stairs, the guys car is still outside. She opened her door and slowly walked down the hall to hear what was being said.

She couldn't make out the conversation really. There was a loud crash and her mom shrieked. Liz ran down the steps fast to see what was going on.

There stood Mr. Jones, her dad and mom. But Rick was covering his knack and his hair was all messed up. And Janet was crying softly, Liz didn't understand what was happening.

Jones walks up to Liz and says with his sexy smile "I'm going to be staying here with y'all for a while, are you going to be a good girl for me Liz?" Liz stepped backwards away from Jones and looked at her parents.

"What's going on here?" Liz yelled. Jones smile disappeared quickly, I don't like to repeat myself will so how about you go back to bed like a good girl and don't worry about grown people's issues."

Liz ran up the stairs and shut her door and locked it quickly. Have my parents gone mad all of a sudden? She thought to herself. There's a bit job down there with them and they are just standing there doing nothing.

She grabbed her phone and tried to dial 911 but the phone wasn't working. The lines must have been cut prior to them answering the door or something.

There was more yelling and banging around, finally I heard my parents walk up the stairs in close their door. She opened the door and started tiptoeing to their door. "What are you doing little girl?" Jones said from behind her.

"I was just checking in on my parents before I went to sleep." She said looking at him. "I don't think so, get to bed!" He ordered her. She ran back into her room and slammed the door shut.

We are trapped in this house by a mad man, named Mr. Jones. Liz curled up in the fetal position on her bed and cried herself to sleep.

The next morning Jones was up in the living room when the family came down stairs. "Well good morning Matthew's how did y'all sleep?" Jones said with a smirk.

"Why are you doing this to us? We haven't done anything to you to cause you to hold us hostage." Liz said tired from lack of sleep. She swore she thought she heard him come into her room last night but she didn't see him.

"My my little Bird you sure have a mouth on you don't you, you don't know your place at all." Jones said standing up and going to ward's her.
Liz backed away from him quickly and her father stood up and got into his path.

"Oh daddy dearest is making a stand is he?" Jones grabbed Rick up by his throat and tossed him across the room and he bounced off the far wall. Janet ran to his side to check to make sure he was alright.

Jones continued to move towards Liz with this look of pure lust and power in his eyes. "Leave me alone please, I promise to mind you or now on" Liz said scared to death.

"Well now that's what I'm talking about little Bird you are learning slowly what the smart thing to do is." Jones pushed some stray hairs out of Liz's face.

Jones made his presence known every day all day. He allowed Liz to go to school but he watches her to make sure she wouldn't talk. Rick went to work and had to make up stories of why he had black eye's or bumps and cuts all over the place when he was questioned at work.

They all were living in pure fear of this man and he was feeding on every moment of it. He started to pay more and more attention to Liz over the year and Janet or Rick couldn't do anything about it.

"Rick what if I touch your daughter while she's laying asleep in her bed what would you do?" Jones said one night with a huge smile. "Don't you were touch her Jones, I will give you money name it I'll hand it to you. Please don't touch out daughter." Rick was mortified.

The days turned to weeks and the weeks turned to months and before they knew it, he has been there for a full year driving them crazy. What else can be do to this family?










Liz wakes up to the feeling of being watched and sure enough Jones is in the shadows of her room watching her. He's even crawled into the bed with her and placed his hand on her thigh.

She thinks it's just a mind game he's playing with her but either way it makes her sick to think of him watching her and then the worst feeling him crawl into bed with her makes her body cringe.

Her parents know he watches their daughter at night but there's nothing they can do about it.  He has made it well known that have no control over their own family any longer.

There's peace for a month or so when Jones disappears and they think that they can go back to their lives again without him.  But that would be short lived he would always pop back up again.

Rick has had enough of Jones and he decided in gathering a group of his closest friends and they would attack Jones and do away with him for good.  No one knew about this plot not even Jones.

One afternoon there was a football game on and Rick invited that group of men over to watch the game with him and Jones joined them. Drinking their beer and just enjoying a good game of football.

They grilled out and laughed together as if nothing was wrong. But as soon as Jones was not paying attention that attacked him and drug him into the basement area and tied him up around a pillar with chains.

Finally they could kill him and get rid of this monster forever. Rick pulled out his .38 and shit Jones directly in the forehead.  Liz was wondering what was going on but Janet wouldn't let her go down in the basement.

She heard that gunshot ring in the house, "who shot a gun mom?" Liz was worried thinking Jones killed her father.  "Your dad and the guys are taking care of Jones, that's all you need to know right now." Janet said whipping down the kitchen table and the counters.

The guys turned around and started talking among themselves when they heard "hahahahaha you stupid bitch!" Jones was laughing he looked alive as he could be but with a gunshot wound through his skull.

"What the hall man, this dude isn't human at all. No one could have survived that gunshot wound and still be alive Rick." One of his friends said in complete horror.

Janet ran down the stairs to see what was going on.  And saw Jones still alive with the wound on his forehead.  No blood or skill on the walls nothing, she said fire.  There was a gas can and matches on a work bench.

Rick grabbed the can of gas and poured it all over Jones head, then tossed the gas can and struck the match and threw it on him and he went up in flames quickly.

He was burning for real, you could smell the burning flesh and hair as he burned.  But then they heard "I'll be back for you all!" and then nothing but silence. That was it, we are now safe without him in their lives thought Rick.

That night the Matthew's went out to eat and to a hotel for a night of peace and comfort.  Now that were free of Jones and his narcissistic ways.  They could breathe deeply again.

The next day they drive home and there stood was no Jones in sight.  They cleaned the basement up and aired out the house.  Liz was in the phone talking to her girlfriend about what had happened.

Months came and went perfectly for them, they all settled into their own personal lives again.  They didn't expect him to ever show up again thank God.

It was December of 2001, and Jones was gone for four months now with no evidence he was in trouble.  Rick, Janet and Liz were sitting in the living room by their fireplace when they heard something out front.

Rick opened the front door and didn't see anything until he stepped out further and there he was laying on the ground.  "No man this is a dream for real, how could Jones be alive right now?" Rick there his hands up and turned and walked back into the house.

Rick had just say down on his leather chair when all of a sudden "BOOM BOOM BOOM" coming from the front door.  They all turned to face the front door again, they knew it was to good to be true.

Jones kicked open the front door and walked right in with a big smile on his face he said "told y'all I was coming back and you couldn't kill me."

"No way are you alive Jones!" Rick yelled as he jumped up off the couch. Jones was inhumanly fast and was on top of Rick before Rick could even run.

Jones slammed Rick into the wall, then threw him to the floor. "Everything is changing starting now!" Jones talked at the family.  Rick had sat himself up on the floor trying to catch his breath. 

Jones walked into the dining room and grabbed one of their wooden chairs and picked Rick up like he was nothing and say him in the chair.  He then walked over to the satin curtains and grabbed the ropes that held the curtains.

Went back over to where Rick was sitting and tied Ricks hands with one of the ropes and then tied his feet together. He took off the leather belt he was wearing and wrapped it around Ricks mouth to gag him.

"Please Jones don't hurt my dad" Liz said through sobs.  "Your a little too late on the begging for his life little bird" Jones said pulling out a box cutter.

He stabbed Rick in the stomach three times, as both Liz and Janet screamed in protest.  He then reached for the fire poker and stabbed him in his foot.

Janet came running at Jones and he slapped her across the face which swung her around and she fell to the floor with a thud.  "You bastered!" Liz screamed and got Jones in the back.

Rick wasn't going anywhere any time soon, he was slowly bleeding out through his wounds.  Jones then grabbed Janet by the hair and drug her up the stairs to the master bedroom.

He started to beat her unconscious, he left her laying on the floor cut and bruised.  And then his main goal, Liz.. He went back down stairs and found her huddled behind the couch.

He took her by the throat, and all he could do was laugh at her as she screamed and cried for him to stop.  "Little bird do you want to die?" He said looking her right in the eyes.

She tried to fight him back with all of her power, but nothing would stop this monster.  He dragged her up the stairs to her room.  He tied her up to her bed, and began to use the box cutter to cut her clothes off.

She couldn't hold her bladder any longer and she way the bed and herself.  "You dirty little slut!" Jones yelled at her.  You need to clean yourself now!"

He went to her bath room and started the water in her bathtub.  He then untied her and put her into the extremely cold water.  That woke her right up she soaped herself up and rinsed off and he tossed her robe at her.

He then took her to the spare room where he was staying when he slept.  He tied her up into that bed and left her there to check on Janet. 

Janet wasn't moving when Jones came into the room so he dragged her to the spare bedroom and tied her to the corner chair.  He was going to make her watch him torture Liz.





Jones had raped and beat Liz to the point that she had given up on surviving the torment any longer.
Janet tried to keep her spirits uplifted but it wasn't helping.

Rick had succumbed to his injuries and died the next day after the torture Jones had inflected on him.  Jones kept his body down stairs decomposing.

The house was in shambles from the attack to Rick and Jones going into his rages.  Jones didn't touch Liz any more her body disgusted him every time he looked at her.  She was trash to him, he had desired to leave the night for good.

The family is no longer the happy family it was, it was broken and hollow after his 2 years reign over them.  But see that's what Jones does, he destroys everything and everyone.

He walked out the front door, leaving the door wide open. Never looking back at the hell he inflicted on the family. 

"Wake up Liz!" Her mom was yelling from the bottom of the stairs.  She woke up and looked down at herself and she was in her silk pj’s, and no cuts or bruises on her anywhere.

She ran down stairs to see her mom and dad in the kitchen eating breakfast together.  This whole thing was a dream, she ran to both of them and hugged and kissed them. 

There was no sign of Jones was ever in their home, then there was a knock at the door.  Was it Jones?  Or was it someone different?  She went to the door and saw a tall man with a black suit and had on. 

She slammed the door in his face and locked the door quickly, there he was in broad day light.  Knock.... knock.... knock....

Her nightmare hasn't ended and he will continue to haunt her and her family until they are dead and gone.  She heard him laughing his evil sinister laugh as he contiuned to knock on her door.

Knock... knock... knock...


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