Their Gift

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A couple dreamed of having children of their own...
But a mysterious man isn't going to allow them to live happily ever after..

Submitted: July 31, 2017

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Submitted: July 31, 2017



It was a beautiful morning in July, the sun was bright and the birds were chirping. The alarm started to sound, Morgan hit the snooze and rolled back over and fell back asleep.

It was Monday and she had a big day planned but she just couldn't get herself out of her bed. The weekend killed her at work she had worked a double shift.

The alarm sounded again and she slowly sat up in bed and stretched her arms. The morning sun was coming through the window hitting her dead center in the middle of her face.

"Karma has it out for me" Morgan said slowly as she got out of her bed and headed for her bathroom. The house phone started ring by the time she got done in the bathroom.

"Hello?" Morgan said as she walked down her stairs and into the kitchen. She smiled in the direction where her hubby had made a pot full of coffee for her before his shift at the local Police Department.

"Hey Morgan it's me Scott, I wanted to give you some news regarding the adoption." There was a brief pause on both ends of the phone.

"Oh yes, Hey Scott I would love to hear the news." Morgan said as she poured her coffee into her favorite mug. Another brief pause and Scott continued to tell her that they have a new donor who's wanting to meet you.

The hair stood right up on her arms, Morgan and David have been trying to have their own children but they found out that Morgan has a rare disease which has caused her not to be able to have children.

"Oh my goodness, I'm so excited to hear that when can we meet the doner?" Scott set up the meeting for the next evening. She hung up with him in the best mood she has been in a long time.

The rest of the day went by really fast for Morgan, she couldn't wait to tell David tonight about the call over dinner.

When David pulled up in their black SUV he turned the car off and just sat in the car and took some deep breath's.The past few months have been hard on them both,  they both wanted a child so badly but it just seemed that it wasn't in there cards to have one of their own.

He hated seeing his wife so depressed and giving up on the one thing that would make her the happiest woman alive.  He started regretting leaving work to come home to all the depression and anxiety.  He didn't want to leave her or divorce her but it could come to that if things didn't get any better for them. 

He took another deep breath and grabbed his brief case and headed for the side door, when he opened the door into the kitchen the smell of a home cooked meal hit him right in the face.  Something is up he thought to himself as he placed his brief case on the bar stool and walked over to his wife who was stirring something on the stove.

He walked up behind her and took in the smell of her, she looked different then he had seen in months and she was dressed up and hair and make up done.  Either she is cheating on him or there's some news of some kind he said to himself.

"Hey hun what do you got cooking that smells so darn good?" David said kissing her head as he turned and went to the stack of mail on the breakfast nook.  She turned around and smiled at him and said "Your favorite meal, pot roast and veggies and homemade gravy". 

"Oh man I have been dying to have some of that for months, what's going on that has you so upbeat sweetheart?" he couldn't help it he wanted to know.Well I have some news for you but why don't you go get changed into some comfy clothes and dinner is almost ready and I will tell you the news alright." She smiled and turned back to the stove.

He dropped the mail down and looked at her, he wondered what the news could be, he went up to their bedroom and changed into some comfy clothes and came down to see her lighting some candles at the dining room table.

"Come sit down sweetheart, dinner is done now. I just got to put the roast and veggies on a platter and I'll be back." She smiled as she headed into the kitchen.  God dinner was smelling amazing, they've been eating take out food for the longest time.  She wasn't cooking dinner and being her normal happy self any more but right now she seemed like nothing has ever happened to cause her to be depressed and sad.


She finally sat down and they made their plates before he cleared his throat, the waiting was killing him.  She took a swig of her wine and set her glass down, well its time to tell him the good news.  "Well today has been a wonderful day, I got up and started cleaning up the place when I got a call on the house phone, it was from Scott".

"What did Scott want?" David was confused the last time they spoke to him he had told them they were looking for a match for the adoption since the other fell through. Wait is she gonna say that we have a match? No I don't want to get my hopes up he said to himself.

"Well we have a very good lead on a match and he wants us to come into the office tomorrow and speak to him about it and fill out paperwork again" She just spit it out, she knew it was killing him trying to figure out what the news could be.

He dropped his fork back onto his plate and got straight up and went to her and hugged her tightly, this could be it.  Finally they would have a family of their own again.  He looked into her eyes and said he loved her and how excited he was to hear such great news.

They couldn't hardly sleep that night with all the thoughts running through their heads, morning couldn't come fast enough for them.  They were ready, more than ready to be a family with a new addition to it.


The whole day drug by so slowly for both of them, they were so nervous by the time they got to the building.

They took a deep breath as they walked hand in hand into the elevator.  Morgan watched as the numbers climbed on the elevator.  Her loving David squeezed her hand a little to assure her that everything was gonna be ok.

The last time they were on that elevator was a year ago when they were told the child they were told they were adopting wasn't going to be theirs after all.

Morgan had to be helped back to their SUV as she was inconsolable.  It tore a piece of her heart out at that moment. She would have loved to be able to carry her own child but God was being cruel to her, she had miscarried 5 previous times and the doctors told her she couldn't carry a full term baby.

They finally got the floor that Scott's office was on and they looked at each other one last time and got off the elevator and headed to the office of Scott Trouble.  When they opened the door to his office Scott was at the front writing down some information for another of his clients.  He waved at them and they sat down to wait for him to call them back to his office.

The five minutes felt like years to them as they sat there listening to god awful elevator music in the lobby.  Morgan felt nauseous and was about to leave when Scott comes and opens the door for them to come through.  They stood up and headed towards the door, David grabbed Morgan's hand and squeezed it firmly to reassure her that everything was going to be fine.

They arrived at his office, he motioned for them to take a seat in those hard backed chairs they sat in not but five months ago hearing the bad news tat their hopes had been smashed to bits, the biological mother had choosen at the last moment that she was going to keep the baby after she saw the newborn. 

Scott interrupted their memory with "are ya'll ready for this new journey?" They both looked at him with serious smiles and said in unison "We've been more then ready for this".  Well he picked up a pile of papers on the bookshelf behind him and started putting little "X's" on the area's he needed them to sign at.

They started signing all the paperwork about half way through the phone rang, David stopped and looked at Morgan they had fear and sorrow in the pits of their stomachs.  They thought the worst was about to happen again to them.  Scott hung the phone up and smiled at the couple, "are ya'll ready for a life changing moment to happen?"

They looked at each other in confusion, "what do you mean Scott?" David said holding onto his wife's hand.  "Well that call was a answered prayer for both of ya'll, the biological mother just gave birth to a healthy beautiful baby boy and she has signed all the necessary paper work for the adoption to be complete." he smiled a big smile, "would you like to go see your son?"

Morgan busted out into tears and shook her head yes, they signed the last three papers and followed Scott out of the office and headed to their cars.  "He's at New Hope Baptist Hospital in town, meet me there in ten minutes" Scott said heading to his parked green BMW.  David and Morgan were still in shock of the news their son was born and everything was a green light for them to go ahead with the adoption.

They met Scott at the front of the hospital and followed him to the Pregnancy floor,  you could hear babies crying, and beeping of monitors in some of the rooms.  When they reached the nursery room they all three stood in front of the huge window that showed rows of baby cribs that were mobile.  "Which one is he?" David asked excitedly.

A nurse looked up at Scott and the couple and pointed to the crib closest to them and they all looked down at the crib, inside the crib laid this beautiful bundle of joy wrapped in a blue blanket with a little blue hat.  The nurse came out and introduced herself as Liz to the couple, she explained that the baby was a little under weight and the doctor's wanted to keep him over the night to see if he gains some weight before being discharged.

"Can I please hold him?" Morgan asked the nurse with tears in her eyes.  She ushered her into the room and to the crib and picked the baby up and placed him into Morgan's arms.  She was holding their son for the very first time, he was gorgeous in every way.  He slightly opened his eyes and cooed a little and yawned and closed his eyes again. 

"Would you like to feed him?" The nurse asked her gently. "It's his next feeding again, and it will help you bond with his better as well." David and Scott watched her rock the baby and feed him his bottle for the first time.  It was beautiful, David teared up and Scott patted him on the back and told him congratulations and told him he would be in touch with them soon.

They stayed at the hospital until the doctor agreed to him being discharged into their care, he was born without a name but walked out with a beautiful name Drayden Michael Sharpe.  David helped load him into the SUV and got his happy wife into the car and they headed to their home.

They were now a whole... a family.. content and happy and loving...



David opened the front door of their house as he dropped the diaper bag.  He helped Morgan and their son Drayden into the house.

He had slept all the way home from the hospital, she took him straight to his crib and placed him softly down. David and Morgan just stood there watching their son sleep.  They didn't think this day would come for them.

Morgan's mom and dad where already at the house, and they greeted them as they came down  the stairs with hugs and kisses.

Joan and Mike prayed for their daughter to have a child and when they found out she couldn't have one naturally they stood by David and Morgan with the adoption.

Morgan sat down on the sofa and took a deep breathe, she didn't notice all the flowers and balloons and cards all laid nicely around the living room.  "Where did all of these come from?" She asked pointing at them.

"They started coming in a day ago so we thought we would put them here since there wasn't any room any where else." Joan said with a smile.  "There's gifts in the study as well, co-workers and friends and family delivered them today so you have plenty of diapers and other things for our sweet grandson" she added. 

"Oh my goodness mom, that was so sweet of everyone to do that for us. We haven't left his side since Scott told us."  Morgan started to cry, she didn't know why she was so emotional this was a happy occasion.

She was so tired and drained and wanted a nice warm shower.  David helped her to their room and helped her get into the shower.  "I'll keep a eye on Drayden while you get cleaned up and rest a while sweetheart"

She smiled and climbed into the nice hot shower, her muscles relaxed and she just melted away in there. 

About a hour later she climbed into some comfy pjs and laid down on the bed she didn't think she could sleep but as soon as her head hit the pillow she was out.

She heard Drayden crying in the other room which woke her right up, she looked at the clock and it was 6:55 at night she had slept for 6 hours.  Why did they let her over sleep?

She rushed to his room across from theirs and he wasn't in his crib, "Drayden? Where's Drayden at? David?" She panicked. "What's wrong dear? He's down here with me and your parents"

"I was just about to wake you, he is hungry." David said with a reassuring smile.  David laid him in her arms as he went to the kitchen to make him a bottle.

She rocked him gently and Drayden cooed at her and made cute little noises.  She kissed his for head gently and smiled.  Her fear melted right away.

She never left his side for more then a minute for the rest of the night.  Drayden was a good sleeper, he slept majority of the night in his crib.  Megan tossed and turned every noise woke her up.

There's nothing to worry about she would tell herself.  But she would check his room and his crib but nothing was wrong.  She went and laid back down. 

She was scared that she wouldn't be a good mom, or all the classes they took Drayden wouldn't be happy.

The next morning, the phone rang really early. When David picked up the line no one answered all he could hear was deep breathing.  He thought it was a prankster or something.

He blew it off, he didn't want Morgan to worry about anything else.  She seemed high strung the night before, She was doing a awesome job with Drayden.

Later that afternoon Morgan was home alone with Drayden, David was running some errands and her parents were visiting some friends in town. 

She had just laid Drayden down for a nap when the phone rang.  She hurried to her room to answer before waking her son up.What she heard made her blood run cold. 

On the other end of the line was a man, breathing heavily, she said hello and the voice said in scruffy voice "He's not yours bitch" and disconnected the phone.

What on earth was that about she thought to herself. She didn’t want to think too much into it.  She was busy with Drayden and getting back to normal.

20 minutes went by, the phone rang again she picked up on the second ring. "Morgan speaking" nothing "hello?" Silence "who is this?" She heard the deep raspy voice breathing on the other end. She hung up the phone.

She kept herself busy going through all the gifts they received and writing down who gave them what so later that week she could send out thank you cards to everyone.  The phone rang again, she answered the phone again and it wasn't the deep raspy man on the other end it was a woman.

"Morgan you don't know who I am, but I know who you are.  I don't have much time to talk so please just listen to me.  There's a man coming for you and your son, he believes you have his son and he wont stop until he has him.  Protect him with your life Morgan, I trusted him with you and your husband please keep him safe and away from this horrible man." The woman hung the phone up before Morgan could say anything to her.

Morgan ran upstairs to check on Drayden, he was sleeping quietly in his crib, she smoothed the feather soft baby hair on his head, she felt the vibration of her phone in her pocket.  She left the room and headed back down stairs.

She checked the ID on her phone and saw UNKNOWN number on the ID, she didn't answer.  How did he get their unpublished number and her cell phone number? Did Scott give their info out to someone?  No she was thinking way to much into something as serious as a privacy breach at a huge company.

She called Scott's office and his aid told her he was in a meeting and she would pass along a note for him to call her as soon as he got out ASAP.  She hung up with her and sat down and took some deep breaths.

Why does this man think her son is his? This is ridiculous in so many ways any normal person could see that.  But this man isn't normal he's nuts.  The phone rang again, she hesitated for a moment but she picked it up and it was the man again.

"Bitch, you stole my son away from me, he's not yours and I will get my son back if it means killing you and whoever gets into my way!" "PLEASE leave us alone, we didn't take your son from you, we adopted him from a drug addict woman.  Their wasn't a father in the picture from what all the info she gave the agency." The phone disconnected.

Morgan ran up to the babies bedroom and gathered him up gently and went down stairs and dialed David's cell number, she explained what happened and asked him when he would be coming home.  He explained he was only five minutes from the house and to not let anyone into the house other then him or her parents.

She rocked Drayden gently he could sense she was upset he started to whimper and stir some.  She watched out the window patiently waiting on him to pull in.  He would make everything better she knew David would do everything in his power to protect her and the baby.

Not even three minutes later David flew up their driveway and came running into the house, he came rushing over to his upset wife and child.  He wouldn't let anything happen to either one of them especially some sick mental person.They waited a long time for a child and nothing was going to stop them from being a family.

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