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When eyes meet a feeling of lust follows, taste my gemstone.

Submitted: July 31, 2017

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Submitted: July 31, 2017



I walk into a friends party with hella booze then start to drink. When i walk in i notice theres a mysterious full bodied brunette beauty that I've never seen before. She waswatching me hard as fuck, so I go over and ask if she'd take a shot with me ; she does..

Three songs and Six  shots later i say i have to go to the bathroom. As soon as i Finnish and open the door there she is ,waiting for me. Before i even get a thought out she rushes me back in the bathroom and closes the door behind her. Looking at me with her seductive eyes she says " i want to fuck you". Me being me im Shocked and reluctant to whats going on, so i laugh it off and try to open the door. She stops me by grabbing my hand and putting it on her supple breast. I feel it and its soft, her nipples are hard and it turns her on. After that she then guides my hand down and stuffs it in between her legs, its warm.. With her other hand she unbuttons her pants then slides my hand down her panties. I slip my finger in and shes wet as fuck. Gently rubbing her clit in a circular motion she lets my hand go and takes off her shirt . she had on a black lace bra, her breast sat up high. They looked so full and voluptuous , instinct drove me right to them. With my finger still rubbing her clit i take hold of her and press her up against the wall. After that my two fingers slide in her pussy. She instantly moans for me. " suck on my nipples " she whispers . she takes her bra off and while my fingers fuck her pussy she coast her left boob in my mouth until she feels my tongue caress her nipple. I stick my figers in her pussy as hard and as deep as I can.. " dont stop" she moans as my fingers grip the inside of her gem. Thrusting in and out i start to feel her cuming. She grinds her pussy while my fingers are inside her . " Maddy baby im gonna cum"  then she picks my face up from her breast and kisses me, cuming all over my fingers . Clenching them over and over dripping all her pussy juices down my hand. When its over she takes my hand out then slowly sucks her cum off each finger..

one by one.

Right now my pussy is so wet and she knows it. Roles reverse and now shes sliding her hands in my pussy. When she gets down there shes so shoked at how wet it is. She takes her hand out and tastes my gemstone from her fingers. After that she takes my shirt and pulls one of my breast out from my bra. She looks at me why she slowly teases her tongue around my nipple. She puts my breast in her warm mouth and licks my nipple so intensely. I give a slight moan then starts to pull my pants and panties down. She opens my legs and starts to lick and slurp on my pussy. Sliding her hand up to my breast she plays with my titties at the same . I can feel her tongue gliding in an out my dripping pussy. My legs start to shake after every lick she does. Thats. When i tell her im cuming. Immediately she takes one of her hands and stick 2 fingers deep in my pussy and starts thrusting harder and faster until i cum in her mouth ,and she drinks every drop.

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