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A work I started last summer when the whole refugee crisis was in the eye of the mainstream media. I am not political and usually avoid any such topics, but I decided I had something to say on the issue and I finally finished finding the words. Enjoy.

Submitted: August 01, 2017

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Submitted: August 01, 2017





We fled the pressure of the pressing thumb of our oppressors and with quivering hearts and open minds we attempted to swim to salvation, to find something new apart from that we left behind. And on arriving to where we found our paragon of freedom those who came before welcomed us with open arms...and so we strangled them with their trust and built our empire of pseudo creeds on the foundation of their bones.

In the attempt to preserve our own lives we forgot about others along the way, and what has changed today?

Paragons and virtues lost to our own foolishness.

Come all ye gentlemen. Woman and child, Safe in our land. Come all you refugees, In my arms find only love, Only peace.

In your own home or across the sea, take a stand for the lives being lived and live up to the mantra; land of the free. It's time to be brave.

Come all ye refugees. Woman and child, Young man and see Not all is lost, But what will it cost?

We once crossed the king so we could cross our hearts beneath a cross, or choose not to do so, but do so or do not freely and without cross judgment. Freedom, young and dumb, maybe we were naive but we broke free and now look at what may be our legacy.

So be gone with the shackles and borders of metal and gunpowder, let the oppressed and suppressed run from distress in to green arms who have not forgotten them. If History repeats let it repeat, but take note of mistakes made and make a new future to a different beat. Let no one take the fall, don't preserve your life, but preserve all. History books on the press, so only what you would want them to read with your name attached.

If this is a home of the free, Let us be brave.

Come all ye refugees. Come in peace, And only love from me.

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