Success at Any Cost

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Back again with more chapters. I hope to have the many spelling and grammar errors corrected in the future. Sadly returning to college has force a delay between me and my proof reader. But
otherwise questions and comments are always encouraged.

Chapter 7 (v.1) - Mutiny

Submitted: September 07, 2017

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Submitted: September 07, 2017



Standing on the deck at the far side of the bulwark was Starling grappling with two sailors. One of which Brooke recognized from the pair arguing below decks. Starling was bent over the bulwark on her back, while the sailor from below deck had her hand on Starling’s throat, at the same time the other one was lifting her feet in attempt to throw her over.


Brooke ran head first for the exchange. She threw a hard punch into the rear woman’s kidney. She let go of Starling’s legs and let out a shallow gasp like the wind had been knocked out of her. Before she could catch her breathe Brooke clapped a hand over her mouth and pulled her straight onto the deck.


At that moment a wave splashed up hitting everyone still standing. Starling took the opportunity to rake her nails across her assailants face, sending her wheeling back. Seeing that Starling was free Brooke wiped the salt spray from her eyes and reached for Starling’s collar and pitched her along the wet deck. The remaining woman saw her opportunity and punched Brooke straight in her mouth. Brooke’s face suddenly stung and she slipped and slid on the soaked wood. She steadied herself and shouted out “What the fuck is going on here damn it?”


The crew woman spat back, “She tried to kill us on that Ork ship, I lost a sister to those monsters because of her! She had no qualms about throwing one of us overboard.”


Before Brooke could respond the captain’s cabin opened up a one honor guard and all of the Fesiptn humans spilled out to the deck. It was this point where Brooke realized that there were actually no other sailors around them. The sailor ran to a hatch and threw it open. Out of the hatch came a third of the ship's crew armed with knives, clubs, cannonballs, and a few even held packets of powder held dangerously close to a candle. At their head was the other sailor that had been arguing in the underdecks. The two sides formed ad hoc ranks with Brooke caught in the middle. The leader of the mutineers stepped forward and announced, “We have taken hostages, including your mage so lets not get violent. ”


The captain put her hand on her sword but did not draw it. Brooke found herself wishing she had replaced her poor sword that's now sitting on a derelict Orkish ship somewhere in the south sea. She rested one hand on a pistol just in case. The captain asked the mutineers “What demands would you have of us?”


“First and foremost we demand the traitor Johan Starling surrender to a court martial for her crimes aboard the Orkish ship.” Starling spat at them from behind the captain. The leader continued “Secondly we demand the immediate execution of the ork prisoners followed by a pardon for the humans that were under their command.”


Brooke’s mouth dropped open. “You can’t be serious, to ask us to execute officer’s of a nation we aren’t even at war with is horrific. Do you realize what this could start?”


“The war’s comin if we save them or not, but all of you would rather eat with these animals and sip champagne. We can not stand idly by while time passes and those pig face nightmares get one second closer to rising up and killing us all. So give us the Orks and give us the incompetent starling and we can all pretend this never happened.”


Brooke considered joining their side of the fight. Their anger at Starling was hardly misplaced and the captain had been treating her like some kind of errant child rather than an incompetent officer. She took her hands off of her guns and instead backed up to bulwark.


The captain on the other hand pulled had a proper grip on her sword the other officers were ready to pull out their pistol and start firing into the crowd. The only one who wasn't for a fight was Piper who was standing behind a waist high crate no doubt waiting for the moment where she has to dive down and avoid the initial violence. The captain straigented her collar and announced to all present, even turned her head to the orks in the cabin “This is my ship and I will not yield to mob justice. Understand that you may take this ship with little trouble but what of the mainland. Should you kill us you’ll be fugitives sailing without a nation, what then will you still defend a nation that has forsaken you?”


Brookes palms were sweaty if these sailors turned on the captain the fight would be over quickly well in favor of the crew. She started calculating the odds of survival if she took a lifeboat this far from shore. Her eyes jumped back and forth between the two parties. Despite the cold she started to sweat the thought of so many of the same family dying made her want to vomit. She wanted to step forward and announce that she had the solution to the crisis, that she could stop all this violence but she couldn’t. While they argued back and forth she stood there and watched as they edged closer and closer to the cliff. The mob took one massive step closer and the officers drew their guns. She finally realized what she could say the one thing that would save everyone.


The next few seconds took hours for Brooke. She ran to the center but was stopped by her feet coming out from under her. She hit the deck nose first. Brooke turned around and saw the woman she had punched in the kidney desperately clutching her left leg. Before she could say anything an explosion went off behind her. The sailor’s face turned from determination to horror, wheeling around Brooke could see Starling standing with her gun arm outstretched pointing at a huge smoke cloud in the front of the mob. There was a disgusting pause between the explosion and the sailors’ reaction in that time the woman holding Brooke’s leg released her grip and rolled over to vomit. Panic slowly spread between the mob most of them clamored down the hatch to the lower decks. The remaining women charged the officers head long at the officers. The older officers were unshaken by the explosion. The captian had knocked Starling’s guns away and pushed her back. At the same time she was caught in a sword fight with two mutineers. The other officers started retreating back into the cabin. While the honor guard was fighting back six women with her rifle. One of them got a lucky shot on he head with a cannonball and sent her sprawling to the floor. Smythe had done exactly as Brooke had expected and ducked down behind her crate. Brooke waited for her to peek her head over the crate. With no better ideas Brooke charged for the retreating crowd hoping that maybe they could be turned from the inside, she made a point to stare straight at Piper hoping she would see her. As she wasn’t looking at the crowd she hit her chest onto a sailor’s shoulder knocking her own wind out. Standing well above most of the women in the mob Brooke could keep her eyes locked on Piper. As she got closer to the hatch it seemed that she was going to duck back down when, she finally met eyes with Brooke. She quirked her head to the side and inaudibly said “Brooke?”. Gains jumped up and shouted “Trust me!” Unfortunately she landed just at the edge of the hatch and fell backwards knocking over two mutineers.


Brooke’s ears were ringing yet again. As her vision came into focus she was laying next to two sailors both of which were writhing in pain. She shook the one to her right “Hey you alright?” the woman only groaned back her. Before she could check her any further Brooke was forced into the floor by something heavy and she felt both of her arms pulled behind her. The best could figure was that the other woman she had knocked down was back up and on top of her. Through the heavy breathing of her attacker she could hear footsteps approaching. The voice of the woman who had been trying to throw Starling into the water got very close to Brooke and said “Looks like you tried to sneak in amongst us, how sad”


“I’m with you Starling was wrong to do that to you I hadn’t realized horrible she was. Please let me join you!” Brooke was pleading as the woman on top of her pulled hard on arms forcing her to scream out in pain.

“Sure the captain's new lapdog wants to join us, that’s adorable. I’m gonna guess you’re an ork lover too her little orgy up there was probably your idea you disgusting bitch.” The mutiny leader got up and spoke to the woman pinning Brooke to the floor. “Take the lap dog to the brig with the rest of the loyalists.” Brooke was pulled up roughly and dragged off, as she was leaving she could hear the leader say “Get everyone together I want us ready the fight the second we get the door to the armory…” she was pulled away before she could hear any more. Brooke’s plan had failed.


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