Sophia and The Bunny Rabbit

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Horror  |  House: Booksie Classic
Very heavy and dark. Not for children.

Submitted: August 01, 2017

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Submitted: August 01, 2017



Sophia was afraid, as afraid as a little girl can be. Mom and dad were fighting again. They had been fighting every day ever since mom had started to take her new medicine and maybe even before that, she could not remember. It made her act weird and it scared Sophia. It made her mom distant and cold like just like her father. She was all alone now, exept for Max. She had many stuffed animals, but the bunny rabbit Max was her favourite. Sophia loved Max. Max was always there for her when her parents yelled at each other. Lately Sophia felt like Max wasn't just a toy, but alive and real. Max did not want to sleep alone in his own little bed anymore and came to sleep beside her at night. She felt happy and safe with Max protecting her until one night she had a nightmare of Max hurting her. Punching and kicking her stomach. Sophia opened her eyes in shock, but could not see anything in the dark. She could not see Max, but she felt something pressed against her. She was sure it was max, but why it was so big and heavy and so scary... "Mommy!" she screamed. "Mommy! Help!". "Mommy wont wake up until morning" Max said. "Go back to sleep." She felt a sharp sting in her arm and blacked out.


When Sophia woke up dizzy and light-headed, she thought it had all been a nightmare, but why was her stomach still hurting? Max would never hurt her, would he? She staggered to her parents' bedroom and found her mom still sleeping. Dad had already left for work a long time ago. Sophia woke up her mom and told her of her nightmare. Sophia had never seen her mother react like this before. She dragged Sophia in her car and drove to a hospital. After the doctor had examined Sophia, he talked quietly with her mother. She could not hear what they were saying, but her mom was crying and it made Sophia really scared. As they were driving from the hospital she tried to comfort her crying mother. "I'm alright now, mom. Don't cry anymore. Max wont hurt me again. Please, don't cry anymore, mom!" Sophia was crying too now feeling scared and alone. For a long time her mother didn't say anything, staring in the distance. Finally muttering, more to herself than Sophia, "I know he wont, I'll make sure of it."

After a while they parked in front of an old, run-down house Sophia had never seen before. "Wait in the car" her mom said and walked in the building's front door. A moment later she returned carrying a paper bag, sat down in the driver's seat and drove them home. "wait for me here" she told her again. "but why? Look, dad is home too, there is his car." Sophia was confused. "JUST WAIT IN THE FUCKING CAR!" her mom yelled, slammed the door shut and strode indoors. Sophia felt like she would throw up, so awful she felt inside. Why did no one love her, she had done nothing wrong. She cried, hugging herself, waiting for her parents to start yelling at each other. Cried and waited, for what felt like forever, but heard nothing. Maybe they would not fight today, she hoped, but then suddenly a loud BANG! broke the silence. A scream! More bangs! And silence again. Sophia could not take it anymore! She ran out of the car and inside... She found her mom there covered in blood, standing over a man, lying down on the floor with very little left of his face, but she recognised his clothes and knew it was her father. Her mother turned to face Sophia, stared for a long time, pointed at her father and said: "There is your bunny rabbit."

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