the journey

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A journey.The definition of this word in the dictionary is "an act of travelling from one place to another" but that is not it.Everyone goes through a journey in their life and it starts when we first open our eyes as newborns and have a great and exciting life ahead of us.Our journey may consist of difffernet experiences,we are the ones who decide how to write and continue our journey,our life.

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My journey started around 15 years ago when my dearest mother gave birth to me.I had a full life ahead of me partially already planned for me.I must say I went through a whole lot of different experiences some i must say i don't even know how i got to,but with the help of my dearest family i got to where i am today.

When i was around 4 years old I started attending a private independent school because my parents always thought that my education came first and they wanted me to have the best education although they couldn't really afford paying my school having three other siblings who later on joined me.From that very young age my granfather despite being uneducated wanted me to get a profession as i get older and his dream as i may say was for me to become a doctor.He was the closest family member to me as i never had a good relationship with my grandma.So my wish later became the same that one day i graduate and become a doctor.I've experienced a lot of rough paths and one of them was my grandma and this is why i am so connected to my grandfather.

Around 8 years ago my mother and her had a huge argument,for some reason they never showed any love or respect towards eachother.As time went by i came to my realisation that she hated me too.I went through bad times which i surely don't want to remember.What really hurt me to this day is that i 've never done anything to make her hate me as much as she does .When i was younger I used to cry because of the simplest things which seemed like a big deal to me back than such as my grandma having a birthday party for all her nephews and nieces but never one for me.That made me feel depressed and sad.I see other children that have lost their grandma cry their eyes out because they lost someone special but for me its like i dont have one.All these years only made us go further apart from eachother.We dont ever speak to eachother and deep inside this thears me apart because i know something is missing and this is her love.As it may seem i didnt have such a smooth and easy journey but not all of it is made up of these steep mountains and hills some is made up of smooth long roads that i wish never ended.

A journey could be smooth with your loved ones aside and these consists of family members and also true friends in which nowadays are very hard to find.A journey i had with the real definition as found in the dictionary is with one of my friends that made my school life much better.Having one true friend is everything one would need.My friend and I went on a holiday together and we laughed and have fun every second we had to spare.But my academic journey also continued and a while ago i actally did my exams and managed to get very good results to start a new journey at college.

College means that a new adventure is right ahead and im ready to face it.This is going to be a 2 year jouney to add up with my 15 years and im nowhere to give up on my dreams.In life there are passages that lead to different things some lead to good things and happiness and some lead to depressing things.Whichever passage we choose just remember that a new journey is just about to start and what looks bad can turn out to be not  so bad after all.You don't have just one journey to accomplish in life but you have hundreds and you cant accomplish all at the same time but never give up and if you fall stand up stronger,succeed and accomplish.That is what i am goung to do with my education and with my dearest grandma that although she does not care one day she will come to her realisation.Until then i am not gooing to give up on her just yet.When a journey ends do not think you're ready because another awaits you just wait for it.Your journey ends when the God says so .

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