Don't pretend

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I once heard someone talk about how not just plants and animals have "thorns"

But humans too, they are thorny, hard to approach, hard to love
Though sometimes you stick to them.

Willingly or unwillingly.
With pleasure or with pain.
All because of their thorns.

I didn't pretend to understand what was meant.
No, I learned it much too late what the meaning of it was.
Now I have thorns of my own.

Submitted: August 01, 2017

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Submitted: August 01, 2017



Don't pretend


Do you remember the promise we made?

Surely not, since your memories of me started to fade...


Do you understand how important you were to me?

I believe not, since you try to avoid me, from me you try to flee...


Did you not value our friendship as much as I did, no actual regret?

Did you simply use me for my kindness like some kind of pet?


Don't pretend to understand

Tell me all this was planned

Say that I was a pawn at hand


So my pain may subdue

So my anger may break through

So I know what to do


Do you remember what we said?

That I'd be at your side, while you bled

That you'd rid me of tears and dread


I am not cruel, you know that better than anyone

But you made my heart darken, darker than a blackened sun


I was not broken, but now I lost most of myself

All my memories, thoughts and pains are displayed on my shelf


I would be a fool, if I were to think about you again

But I can't stop, so I run from my thoughts into fog, snow and rain


Don't pretend to understand

Tell me that I am where I stand

Say that I still have a purpose in this land


So my rage may soften

So my hatred may be locked in my coffin

So I know my heart like I said so often


do you remember the silent wind?

The sobbing sound that thinned,

while my heart was skinned


Don't pretend you know me when you know nothing

You crushed my heart, you left me, you started running

You destroyed me, are you happy? You made me crack.

All the loving things I said, I can't take them back


So just stop it, let my pain end dammit!

You destroyed my life on this dammed planet!



Don't pretend

To understand


My pain is my own

And in it I will drown


My anger is my chain

They hold me in pain


My rage and anger

My flame and ember



Even after all this conflict I still miss you dearly

You broke me so much that I begin to miss you clearly

My words are those of a broken person, and broken I was severely


This is it, I give up, I can't take it anymore

Knife drawn I cry one last time before blood flows on the floor


But I don't pretend,

I really don't understand


I never understood you,

I once tried to


Though I learned that things don't make sense

I remember everything, from the small to the big events


And not once did I see you as you are.

Only how you pretend to be, one without a scar.


I really don't pretend,

I really don't understand.


Why I still love you.

And even in death I still do.

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