Peace of God

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a Poem that describes my Mom

Submitted: August 01, 2017

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Submitted: August 01, 2017



Peace of God

(The Voice of God)

mostly I feel we can find true peace

for once we've known that God

lives in our very soul to guide us..

we can never leave what is.

such loving magic, Oh, such bliss

that God HImself lives in us--

not to say I've now become Himself,

more like I've become God's home.

How his loving songs do thrill me

with rapturous and pure beauty--

within my soul He awakens

a sea, washed, brand new day

Or a night in a sparkling Heaven

how gently God sings within my soul

and he never leaves me--

he lives! He lives!

He lives in my joyous soul forever!

BY Val (given by permission to Kevin Rottweiler her son; to copyright by Kevin Rottweiler)

(Kevin's Mom, is a poet)


© Copyright 2018 kevin rottweiler. All rights reserved.

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