my vampire girlfriend

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he met her in the park. their love story was building up until.........

Submitted: August 01, 2017

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Submitted: August 01, 2017



Rashid never liked company. He is very introvert,  sheldom makes friendship with others and rarely talked to others. He never socialize with his friends or hang out with them. His life is very lonely. He is 20 yrs old but had a short stature of only 5ft3’ which is a big enough reason for him for not having any girlfriend. But  it’s  not the fact that he doesn’t want any girlfriend. Like every young adult of his age, he also have a dream to win the heart of a beautiful girl one day. But his short height and low personality are deterrant to his wishes. So all the crushes he have over girls ended up into dejection because he don’t have the courage to approach them and convey his feelings. Moreover he had a speech defect from the childhood which makes him sound funny and childish.


But he has a kind heart. He can feel people’s sorrow very deeply and try his best to alleviate their pains and sufferings. He regularly donates a part of his pocket-money to the local charity and raise fund for the destitute. He always rushes for help when he see somebody in distress. That night he rushed to help her that’s why he met Sophia.


Let us hear the story from him!!!


That night I(Rashid) was returning home from my maths tuition. That day we had an extra-class so our class continued upto 11 pm. My home was 6 blocks away from my tuition. I started walking towards my home. It was the month of December so the temperature was significantly low. The cold wind penetrated trough my jacket and made me to quiver.  So I increased my pace and was literally running to reach home as soon as possible. In my way to home, there was a small park which I have to cross. There was no light in the park and everything was quiet so the whole atmosphere was a bit scary. I had no intentions of entering the dark, lonely park at night but it was the only short-cut to my home. Moreover it was very late; my parents would be apprehensive. So at last, I decided to enter into it. Well the darkness was so intense that even the bravest person the the world would think twice before walking through the park! So I started running fast in order to cross it quickly.


And then I heard it. A soft moaning of a girl was coming from left corner of the park. It seemed as if she was in great pain. My soul jumped out of my body in fear. It’s unnatural for a girl to cry in the middle of the night in a deserted night. I thought of running away. But then my conscience refrained me from running away. ( As told earlier Rashid had a kind heart).

“What if it was really some helpless girl needed his help?”,I thought.

“It would be a highly cowardly and unmanly job if I leave a helpless girl in the middle of the night. I should rather go and talk to her”, I reasoned myself.

Thus I started moving closer to the voice slowly ; the more closer I was approaching , my heartbeat were becoming faster. Ultimately I reached there and lit my cell phone torch. And all my fear vanished away with what I saw! A beautiful girl probably of same age was sitting there on the grass. She looked gorgeous  with her beautiful almond-shaped eyes and her smooth brown hair. She won my heart at the first sight! But she had a deep cut on her right leg and blood was oozing out from it. I immediately took out my handkerchief drenched it with water and tied tightly around the wound to stop bleeding.  Then I supported her to stand up on her legs and took her to the bench and let her sit down.

“My name is Sophia”, she said.” I’m new in the town. I live two blocks a way from here. I came here to stroll in the fresh air when suddenly I tripped and fell down on a rock. It cut my leg.”

Though ‘stolling in fresh air’ at midnight especially for a girl seemed unbelievable to me but I kept quiet.

“My name is Rashid. Aren’t your parents home?”, I enquired.

“Nope.  They are out for some work”, she replied

“Well if you feel any difficulty then I can support  you home.”, I said like a gentleman.

“Well….um….I can manage.Thank you. You are a nice person”, replied Sophia with a smile .

Well the little compliment made me to blush. But Sophia didn’t noticed that in the darkness.

Then they said good-bye and parted.

Next morning it was Sunday, the school was closed and I was going to the local grocery to buy some commodities.

“Hey Rashid! “, that voice again.

I turned behind. “Sophia!!”,I explained in delight.

“Where are you going”, she asked.

“Nowhere….just the local grocery”, I replied.

“Oh!”,she replied,” Guess what! Me too.”

“Thanks for helping me last night. Um….. I wrapped bandage at the wound. Now I’m perfectly fine.”,she said.

“I’m glad to know that.”

“So how long are you staying?”,I inquired.

“We shifted permanently. Joining Alice High from next month.”, answered Sophia.

“That’s great”, I exclaimed.

I don’t know why but suddenly I was very elated on hearing that. It may be because of the fact that I accidently met with a beautiful girl and made friendship with her which is really very rare for a boy like me with short height and callous personality. Moreover, we will be staying in the same town permanently. It feels like all my good lucks are pouring upon me at the same time!

“So what’s interesting in your city? I mean any renowned tourist place to hang out or any special monuments or any interesting place to visit?’, she asked Rashid

“Oh! In Kolkata you’ll get a lots of place to see.”, I replied

“Good but my parents work , I’m afraid I’ve nobody to go out with.”, she said with a tinge of sorrow in her voice.

“So why don’t we go out together?”, the words slipped out of my mouth before I could control. That’s the most out-of-character thing I’ve ever spoken. Asking a girl to go out when you met her first time is not what a decent boy is supposed to do. I was wondering what she would think about me!

But she seemed to consider it. She replied with excitement,” Why not? So when shall we go?”

Were my ears ringing? A beautiful girl was willing to go out with me. I could rarely believe it. I said,” Tomorrow evening will be perfect. Though I’ve tuitions but I can play hooky?”

“Is that okay with you?”, she asked with concern.

“No problem , miss. Anyway I don’t learn anything there; just wastage of time.”

She laughed.

That whole night I thought about her. The excitement I felt inside on the very thought of going out with her could barely let me sleep that night. Tomorrow might be the best day of my life.

“Here we are! That’s the Eco-Park .”, I said

“Hmm….quiet a beautiful place. What can we do here?”, she asked.

“Everything! Boating, roller-skates, bowling and what not!”

She insisted the roller-skates first.

I was horrible at skating and could barely stand wearing them. But I couldn’t refuse her.

As expected I fell down immediately I tried to skate. But them that horrendous incident happened which changed the whole story.

My knee got badly lacerated and drops of blood came out. Sophia came quickly to me.  I was moaning in pain. But when I glanced at her my heart froze! Sophia was glaring at my wound like a wild beast. Her eyeballs were more red than usual. Her facial expression was very savage. She was looking at my wound just as a beast look at it’s prey before eating it up. A chill of terror ran down my spine. My heart beat grew ten times faster. Somehow I hid my fear. After that I interacted less with her that evening. All my excitement and happiness vanished after I saw her bestial face. All the affection I felt for her was slowly turning into fear and hatred.

Next day at evening I went to my football practise. It was a good practice except at the end Russell tackled me harshly and I fell down and cut my elbow. Drops of blood started oozing out of the wound. I started rushing towards my home to apply some antiseptic when I met Sophia.

 She saw my wound and the same terrible change occurred again to her. She again turned savage.  Her eyes were gleaming red. This time I even saw that her canines were longer than usual. I couldn’t bear. I ran home and fainted on my bed.

 When I woke up it was close to ten.  I for a moment went blank and couldn’t  recollect anything. Then I remembered everything and it made me shudder in fear. Then my eyes fell outside the window and what I saw was nothing less than a nightmare! Sophia was looking at me through the windows with her bloodred eyes , her canines longer and she had the  same brutish look. Her eyes was transfixed upon me. I sat paralyzed with fear. Then she crept in through the window and started approaching towards me slowly. She had skinny fingers with long nails which seemed like the claws of a beast.

She came near me and bit me on the back of my neck with her dreadly canines. She was sucking blood out of me just like a vampire! I twitched frantically and tried to push her apart but she was far more stronger than me.  I was feeling breatheless and dizzy and lost conscious soon.

When I gained consciousness it was already 9 a.m in the morning. I still couldn’t believe last night’s incident.  Was that real or  I was just dreaming? I touched the part of my neck where Sophia bit me.

But I couldn’t found any marks. It was really strange.

I quickly brought my laptop and googled  ‘Human Vampire’. There were some stories given in the net where people claim that they have seen or heard rumors real vampire and described their story.

 One such story was :

During 1887 in Kolkata when India were under the British rule, a girl named Sophia , the daughter of a wealthy British merchant disappeared in a mysterious way. Thereafter the enigma of her disappearance could never be solved. Some people claim that they see her ghost  on the same day she disappeared  every year after that. She haunts around the city and find prey to bite. When she bites a person the person dies shortly within 14 days.

I was dumb-struck.

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