Fight Your Demons

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Submitted: August 01, 2017

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Submitted: August 01, 2017



I was falling. Everything was dark. And then I hit the ground.

I was in a room. The walls were splattered in blood. And then a blood curling shriek burst through my ears. It took me a while to realize that it was my alarm clock.

I fumbled around the nightstand by my bed, trying to turn the alarm off. When I finally succeeded, I groggily stumbled downstairs and glopped oatmeal in my bowl.

“Good morning, honey,” said my wife, Mary. “I got your lunch packed.”

I finished my oatmeal, grabbed lunch, thanked Mary, and got into my car. Turning up the radio, I listened to my favorite song as I went on the 1 hour long journey to work.

You can talk of me as average, because it’s true. I have a desk job in Micro Inc., which is making modern nanobot technology. I don’t have a big part in it; just try to sell them online. Nobody really wants those, as people don’t know how to use nanobots, even though to me, it seems obvious. I often go to sleep on work, because I wouldn’t achieve much anyhow.

At today’s lunch break, I bit in my sandwich and read the note. Mary always puts a note in my lunch. I’m pretty sure it said, “Have a great day at work!”, but something was written over it in blood-red color. “You can’t escape.” I didn’t really take care of it. One of the kids must have written something about hide-and-seek.

After lunch, I set in for a nap. Strangely, today’s nightmare was continued.

There was a girl in the room. She looked like Mary from her childhood photos, but when the girl raised her head from some dollies, her eyes were scratched out. “Please help,” she mouthed. “Help me escape.”

“But you can’t escape,” I said, remembering Mary’s note. “And there is no opening or door in here.”

“Don’t end up like me.” She looked at me with her eye sockets and disappeared.

All her dolls were left lying on the floor. When I looked at them, I noticed that they didn’t have eyes. “Help” was written all over them with blood.

OK, that’s enough, I thought. I have to get out. I tried to pinch myself, and when I did, it felt like I woke up and was back at work.

At first.

I got up to take a walk, and saw that all my co-workers were…. Dead. Splattered with their own blood.

And there he was. The man who was causing all this. He had an evil smirk and shattered teeth.

“Didn’t you hear what I said?” He asked. “You can’t escape.”

I thrusted my staff into him. Where did I even get it? But then I was hit with a realization: This is my dream. I do what I want.

I thought of the demon disappearing, and of me waking up, and of everything being normal again.

The being started fading, trying to find against it, but not being able to. “I will be back for you!” It snarled. “More powerful than before!”

“Are you sleeping on the job!?” Shouted my boss as I awoke. “I won’t let you away with this next time!”

I was safe. For now.


“Can I look at your old photo album?” I asked Mary as soon as I got home.

“Yes of course. It’s in the cupboard by the stove.”

I grabbed the photo book and raced to my room. And sure enough, all the eyes were scratched out. The kids in there were missing. But why? What happened to them? Probably the same thing as me. But why? Is there a reason to all this madness?

I had to return. Had to find out. Had to know.

“Mary, I’ll grab a quick nap before dinner.” I yelled downstairs. I got in bed, and… there I was again. The room was back. There were some of the kids from the photos. None had eyes.

“Do you know why this is happening?” I asked them.

“Yes.” They nodded.

“Why, then?”

“Because Maaerk wants payback. For what we did.”

“But how am I part of this? I didn’t do anything bad.”

“You are married. To one of those who survived. She has forgotten by now. She doesn’t know that he is back again. She is now just a normal woman.”

Suddenly, they all started fidgeting and looking away. “He is coming,” a boy said. “We have to hide.”

And just like that, they disappeared. But someone else appeared. Maaerk was here. I tried to dissolve into air like the children, but I couldn’t for some reason. The demon saw my problem and smirked.

“This is my territory,” he said. “I am in control here.”

Oh no. Help, I called out to the kids. But they wouldn’t come out of hiding. I was all alone, without any way to survive. One lucky coincidence saved me.

“Wake up.” Mary shook me awake. She didn’t have eyes. He must have gotten her. I screamed.

“Whoa, I didn’t expect that reaction. So, do you like my costume for today’s Halloween party?”

“Yes, of course.” I was scared and relieved at the same time. It was too strange for a coincidence. And yet, we really had a costume party today, and costumes were Mary’s specialty.

“Where did you get the idea?”

“Oh, it just came to my mind. And also, I stitched this on the back.” And she turned around to show me the phrase, “You can’t escape” written in the same shade of red as the note from lunch. I knew that somehow, Maaerk must have gotten to her. I had to save everyone before something bad happened. My last chance was the costume party.


I managed to hide in a bathroom just long enough to fall asleep.

When I got in my dream, I was still in the stall. I was sure that this was still my territory. I tried to summon a sword out of the air and it worked.

I ran outside, trying to find Maaerk. I made him appear here. When he did, he looked very angry.

"Well, we meet again. Are you sure you want to fight me? I can show you things... Bad things."

"No! I will defeat you!" I shouted at him and wished him to leave forever.

"Oh, that won't work." He clicked his tongue. "I am too powerful for that. Powerful enough to show you this." The beast closed his eyes and channeled all his energy into me, so I could what he could see. And the thing he could see was awful. It was Mary, lying on the floor in a magenta puddle of what seemed like blood. This time, her eyes were scratched out for real.

I couldn't handle it. I only had power for one more action. Stabbing Maaerk's heart, while hearing the children cry out, "Thank you. We are free!"


I was jolted awake as a man shook me.

"Dude, I've been waiting for a stall for a long time, and you've been sleeping in here?"

"Sorry," I answered and ran out to see what happened to Mary. She was just fine, on the dance floor, dancing with her friends. It was all a vision. The demon lied to me. But Maaerk was no more.

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