Living stencil, homunculus.

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The homunculus soldier question

Short Story / Science Fiction

The first 'story' of this kind I've ever posted. I guess I could try to approach some difficult ethic questions related to that kind of story, but I myself, know very little about ethics. So, later for that. A little file that is highly classified. Despite the existence of mass destruction weapons, role of manpower in any war is very unlikely to fade. In our world, we might never get a way to 'cultivate' manpower. But in a universe with different laws? Well, let's see.

project 'AWAKENING'

Book / Science Fiction

A kind of continuation to 'homunculus soldier question'. Nobody asked for it, I like to write these things, boom, it's here. Probably, everything I'll write will be set in one universe and be linked to each other. Just a world-building story. Many people wish for superpowers, but honestly, would anyone want a person/people with endless destructive to exist? I think not. A small insight into it is here.

Generic list of artifacts

Short Story / Fantasy

Just a little thing, but I can assure that it links and will link to all other stuff I made. Honestly, this is just a dump of ideas I don't know what to do about yet. But still. Yes, it IS heavily influenced by SCP FOUNDATION, but I am pretty sure that I've written down original things here.

Tickle My Funny Bone Comedy Writing Contest 2018

Other Content by Destroyer of jokes

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