The Gift

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Submitted: August 01, 2017



The Gift


Everything was good in the beginning, they were living in their idea of perfect. For them, the world could have kept spinning and they wouldn't notice a thing. Daisy and Liam Hannah were happy, the couple were just married. They planned to move out together to a small yet very homey house on the farm. Daisy loved the outdoors, and was a full time farm girl, a life she always wanted. She lived with positivity by her side and overcame the hard challenges life threw at her. She thought of life as something that came and went, like the season. It was time for a change, Daisy was more than ready to follow the call. She felt like there was something out there that she wasn't paying attention to, something was going to change very soon she wondered when and how.

Liam was an intelligent Editor at Pulse magazine, he loved the idea of having a farm girl as a wife. Liam was used to getting what he wanted, Daisy was the only person in his life to ever challenge that. She challenged him in every way, made him think of life differently. She was perfect like that, he would brag. Liam was a workaholic, he enjoyed it because he said the reason people got lazy was because they weren’t busy enough. He would compliment himself for his constant strive for perfection. There were nights he would stay at work too late, Daisy never complained because she didn’t notice the little things. That's what she called it, “the little things”, she refused to look for reasons to argue, Daisy did not question him. She was too busy with the animals and working on the farm.  

The day finally came when they moved in; she loved her new place, it was bigger and next to a lake. It was cozy, and reminded her of the farm she grew up in. Liam did not agree, but got what she wanted because he loved her and wanted to make her happy. It wasn't always like this; after just a few months of living together in the new house daisy and liam grew apart. They were trying to have a baby for a while; as much as they tried, all the visits to the doctor, nothing seemed to work. Her days began to feel empty, despite her worries she tried to make the most of them. She often went to the lake nearby to pray, plan her future and soon having a baby. She began to lose faith in her god and questioned his goodness, she did not let this ruin her faith. Daisy wanted to be a mother, she had a reacurring dream of a beautiful baby girl laying in her arms, this dream gave her hope.  Liam treated Daisy differently, he would find any excuse to stay at work longer. Until one night Liam started getting careless in his attempts of keeping his secrets just that, a secret.

Liam started a relationship with another woman that year, Daisy found out because he was careless and sloppy about the affair; He gave up on their relationship. Daisy overheard the entire conversation when the mystery woman called his phone one night. When confronted, Liam did not deny it or make any excuses. The argument did not last long, Daisy felt awful but she didn't want him to see her hurt. She looked him in the eye and broke up with him. It was sour and her voice sounded hard and unforgiving. Unexpectedly, the words hit him like sharp knives piercing his chest. Liam packed up and left, he never had the courage to tell her he was sorry.

April 10th, Daisy's birthday came around, she decided to have a barbeque and invited all her friends and family over to celebrate. She didn't want anyone to know how she almost lost herself after the breakup. Her family treated her like a delicate flower, she did not let that bother her. She acted like everything was okay and never said how she really felt to anyone; she wasn’t ready to let anyone in. There was food and dancing, she danced all night, her family was very comforting, she missed them so much. It has been a while since she saw them, She forgot how warm it felt to hear their words, their presence made her feel calm. The sun went down and the stars in the sky made the night light up beautifully. Later in the evening, Daisy's parents asked her to play a song for them. They loved when she sang, they described her having the voice of an angel. Daisy picked up the guitar and began to sing, it was beautiful; she teared up, looked up to the sky and thought of  Liam.

The next day it rained, Daisy locked herself in her room to watched movies for the rest of the day. She thought maybe it was her fault that her and liam weren't together, maybe if she could have had a baby, he would not  have done what he did to her. She wept, grabbed her pillow and held it to her face. She felt it all that day, all the pain, regret and anger. Daisy didn't like feeling angry it was a sour emotion, she prayed would pass quickly. This was an altered reality for her. What he did challenged her beliefs and took her to a dark place in her mind. She had everything in life, it was like she did not deserve it. She questioned her god, and fell into deep sadness on most days. Her thoughts were long, she would often stare off into nothing and waste time thinking, answering her own questions. Everyday daisy tried to be better, one day she did.

It was a beautiful day out, Daisy woke up earlier than usual, she opened her eyes to the bright sunshine beaming in from the cracks of the window blinds. She felt different that day, her mind was at ease and all she could hear was the birds whispering to each other outside. Daisy felt a wave of happiness come over her, like there should have been random chorus music playing in the background. She set aside her sorrows and prayed long and hard that morning, she finally felt forgiveness, it was amazing. Daisy felt like she needed to do this, so she called Liam and told him that he was forgiven and she would always be there if he needed someone. Something lifted within her. Daisy felt alone but that did not cause her to be unhappy. She prayed a lot that day, feeling a little sad because she wondered if she was ever going to be able to have a child one day. Daisy began believing she didn't want to have a partner. God was calling her to do something else and he was going to help her get there.

Later that afternoon her parents came to visit her to bless the house and see how daisy was doing. Daisy cooked them lunch, she missed them and planned to visit them more often. Daisy Was excited to share her big news, she decided this a few weeks ago and could not wait anymore to tell someone. She wanted this more than anything she has ever wanted, to be a single mother. She didn't want to be with someone and knew she would no longer be alone. She didn't want to be in the company of men and knew she was looking for a love greater than anything she ever experienced.

Daisy spoke to a few people online and finally found someone, she went to get the procedure done to get pregnant by a donor. This was meant to happen she thought and felt dizzy with excitement. A few weeks later Daisy went to a doctor's appointment. Daisy suddenly felt sick, she rushed to the bathroom; when she she came back out she felt a strange feeling in her stomach. Daisy asked to take a pregnancy test, she waited in the hospital room anxiously waiting for the results of the test. The doctor finally came in and gave her the the best news; Daisy was going to have a baby.

It was an early sunday morning Daisy loved sundays, those were days to gather her thoughts and read outside by the lake. She wanted to get to know the man that donated to her. So she skyped him; he was also a man of god and believed that things were meant to happen and understood Daisy very well. She was surprised in how much she felt compelled to tell this stranger her secrets. They spoke once a month, but they agreed he wasn't going to be in Summers Life, that was her name Summer.

December came it was right around christmas, it snowed out and the christmas carolers strolled around the town singing old christian hymns. Daisy couldn't have thought of a better gift than to have a child. Her baby girl Summer was born on Christmas eve. The lights were bright, and it went quiet, when she opened her eyes her baby girl was in her arms for the very first time. She felt like nothing could ruin the moment, it was just her and Summer, God's gift to her. Her parents waiting in the other room crying tears of joy, waiting to see their granddaughter. She understood, she didn’t need anyone else but this little baby in her arms. From now on it was just going to be her and Summer.

A few months later Daisy was at the house, Friends and family were over to celebrate Summer’s three month birthday. Daisy was more happy than she could ever be.The night was filled with joy and fireworks it was truly a magical night. Daisy walked away from the party, the stars were bright, the wind was cool and the slight breeze that felt just right. She looked up closed her eyes and prayed, she gave thanks for her baby and everything that she had been given. It felt like she was given a second chance at a life with endless meaning and she wouldn't trade it in for the world. She learned was no need for a soul mate, best friend or the perfect family, just the little girl that transformed her life, in ways indescribable. Daisy lived the rest of her life on the farm raising Summer and thanking him who protected and believed in her the entire time. She understood the call, chose a different path for herself and overcame the fear of being alone. She learned and achieved it with strength and faith, believing she could do it all.

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