"The Park"

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About a guy that walks the park remembering how things use to be, with him, his girl and her dog...

Submitted: August 01, 2017

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Submitted: August 01, 2017



“The Park”



He settles back against

the trunk of an old oak tree

from here he has

a good vantage point

of the whole park,

he had been walking around

for well over an hour

not really trying to get anywhere

more of an act of escape,

though no matter

how long he walks

he always ends up here

at the foot of the same tree

55-feet from his car

he had counted off his steps

on more than one occasion

to come up with

the 55-foot mark,

it had been months

since they had last

come here to the park

they use to come here

together all the time

he would slowly barbeque

a Tri-Tip roast

over red oak coals

as she ran along the pond

chasing her little dog

as it chased the little ducks.

He really loved watching her

play with that little dog

he had tried once

to explain to her

how her simplistic play

with her dog

brought out all the

natural and unrehearsed

moves of her body

that for him translated into

something so beautiful

that he could watch her

for hours,

she just said,

he was weird and

gave him a Hallmark smile

then went back to

chasing her dog

around the pond.

He was beginning to think

he should have walked

for another hour or two

but he knew deep down

it didn’t really make

much difference

no matter how far he walked

his thoughts were always

right here,

waiting for him,

underneath the large oak tree.

He looked over

towards the pond

trying to picture her

and the dog

running and playing

along the pond as before

but the images were all forced

no flow to them

it reminded him

of the only picture

he still had of her,

he hadn’t taken it

someone else had

she was looking right

into the camera

a mischievous  grin

on her face,

but the picture

and the look,

weren’t meant for him

maybe if she had

wanted him to have the picture

he could have appreciated it more,

the way her eyes

looked into the camera lens

playfully flirting with the film

as it captured her image,

many a man could

fall in love with her

from nothing more

than this snap shot in time.

He tries to put away

the memories

as he walks towards his car

hoping next time he

decides to walk the park

when he gets to

the old oak tree

he’ll be alone

no longer stalked

by a worn out memory.

He gets into his car

finding his way

out of the park

and as he turns left

on to the main road

he pulls down his visor

to block his eyes

from the now setting sun

and as he looks up

he sees a picture

taped to the middle of

his visor,

of a beautiful woman,

with a mischievous grin,

staring into the lens

of the camera…


Tom Allen…07-29-2017…



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