The Search For Mjolnir

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Lee and Hope mission race to find Mjolnir before The Blue Phoenix in an adventure that takes them across the globe.

Submitted: August 01, 2017

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Submitted: August 01, 2017



Lee Mission slides under the spikes shooting out from the wall. “ Hope it's clear!” he shouts to his sister. Hope runs past what was the spike trap as Lee says “ watch out for the…” he stops as Hope falls into the ten foot deep ditch under the fake floor. Lee hears Hope shout as she hits the ground. Then Lee says “ I'm going to lower the harness and lift you up, okay?” “ Okay” she replies, then she sees the harness descend. “Okay I’m in.” Hope says, a few seconds later Hope starts raising out of the hole. When she reaches the top Lee helps her out of the harness. “I think my legs broken” she says. Lee grabs the first aid kit he dropped and pulls out a splint. Just as he is about to put it on Hope she says “ Go I can put it on myself.” Lee replies “Fine.” Then he runs down the hall and turns a corner. Suddenly spikes shoot out of the wall, he rolls out of the way just in time. Then he rounds corner and comes to a halt suddenly. He sees a maze of trip wires and spike pits. He dives between two trip wires but overshoots it and falls into a spike pit. He manages to grab hold of ledge with one hand. With his free hand he grabs his rope and ties a knife onto the end. Then he throws it and it hooks onto a pillar then he climbs out. Just a few feet away is the idol. He steps over the pressure plate and grabs the idol. Then slabs cover the spike pits and he runs. He trips over the final trip wire and the ceiling starts to collapse. He gets up and starts running, just as he rounds the corner he hears Hope scream. He runs up to her and sees a spike laying next to her.

Lee stands up as he hears the elevator ding, just then Hope rolls into the room. “ What were you doing?” she asks. He replies “Just finishing up some paperwork.” Just then his phone rings. He picks it up “Hello” he says. “An artifact known as mjolnir has been called to my attention” the man on the phone says “ A man called The Blue Phoenix also wants it.” “Goodbye Mr.Curator” Lee says as he hangs up the phone. He and Hope head toward the elevator, “Give me a few hours,” Hope says “I’ll tell you what i find over dinner.” Lee nods and presses two buttons. 

Later that night, Hope puts her bags in the van and then rolls up the ramp into the passenger's seat. “The plane will be ready when we get to the airport,” Hope says “ and we should take off by sunset.” Lee starts the car “Where are we headed” he asks “ Peru” Hope replies. They leave the driveway and begin the drive to the airport. Halfway there they see police lights. As they come to a stop an officer walks up to the car. “ The roads closed, b’cause of an accident” the officer says. “I don’t see an anything” Lee says. Hope says “ Accident or no the road branched off a mile back, we missed our turn.” Lee turns around and they arrive at the airport two hours before sunset. They hand the van off to security who checks the luggage and drive it to the plane. An hour later they board their plane, “ Ok, I’m gonna run diagnostics and we should be ready for go in a half hour.” Hope says as she rolls up the ramp. 

Hope locks her wheelchair into place when she enters the cockpit. Lee flips a switch and asks “ Air traffic control are we clear for take off?” Air traffic control responds “ Yes sir have a safe flight.” Hope puts on her headset as Lee pushes the throttle and takes off. A few hours later Hope says “ Lee, we have a slight problem.” “ What would that be?", he asks "We're flying into a hail storm" she says. "How close?" "One thousand miles" Lee pulls up and flies over the storm. "Get some rest" he says. She nods sleepily and rolls onto the elevator. The next morning... Hope roles into the cockpit. "So Lee I've done research, and when we touch down our best chance is to go to the museum of Norse culture and ask around." "Sounds good." Lee says as he gets up to get the van ready. 

"This is it" Hope says as they pull up to the museum. Hope opens the door and rolls down the ramp. When they enter a man walks up to them and says "Hello sir may I help you?" "Yes can you direct me to anyone who would now about Mjolnir." Lee says. "Yes sir but first I need to know who you are." Lee shows his ID. "Oh Doctor Mission, I am sorry for the trouble please follow me." He leads them down a hallway to a office. When they enter they see a man doing paperwork. "Please sit down." The man says. "We're here about Mjolnir" Hope says. "Well I don't know much about the hammer but an ancient Norse book tells about it." "Maybe it gives clues to its location" says Hope. "Where is this book professor?" Lee asks. "A museum in Ireland, I could arrange for you to see it." "Yes that would be great professor " Hope says. Just then they hear footsteps outside the door. A guard yells "Come back here!" Quickly Lee gets up, "Thank you professor" Hope says as she rolls out. 
Lee sees a man in a Blue leather jacket put on a motorcycle helmet and speed off. Lee and Hope get in the van and drive after him. They come to an intersection and the biker slams on the breaks and spins around goes the opposite way. Lee follows but the biker is too far behind him. "Lee we're going 20 miles under the speed limit." "Oh" Lee says as he increases speed and gets on the highway. Lee follows the biker as he changes lanes tries to get away from them. Then the biker gets on the road to the airport and Lee follows. Lee parks and jumps out of the car. Then he chases after the biker but loses him in the crowd. 

... 10 hours later in the Dublin museum,"Please follow me." Said the guide,as he led them down the hall into the museum's library. He went to a shelf as Hope rolled toward the fireplace. The guide says "Here it is" the guide says as he pulls it off the shelf. "The page on Mjolnir is gone!" Exclaims the guide. "It's in the fireplace" says Hope as she pulls the slightly charred page from the fire. "It says in village of the dead centered in the mountain's bed." Hope says. "It could mean the nameless mountains opening." Says the guide. "Next stop Scandinavia" Lee says as they head out.

...Later in a Scandinavian Norse graveyard, Lee exits the truck as Hope sets up her equipment. Lee walks towards the Stone arch the door is open. "He was here!" Lee yells to Hope. "The Phoenix?" She asks, Lee nods and puts his earpiece in. He walks in and turns on his flashlight. Suddenly the door swings shut and Lee runs into a wall. "Ow" he says to himself, "What did you hit" Hope asks over the radio. "A wall" he replies as he goes into the tunnel. 
... Later in the temple, Lee steps on a pressure plate and spikes fall from the ceiling. Just then he enters a huge chamber and sees the Blue Phoenix heading toward Mjolnir. Lee springs the protective measure. A case descends to the protect the hammer but the Phoenix grabs it first. Just then the Temple starts shaking and ceiling begins to fall. Both of them take different paths. Lee runs as fast as he can but when he reaches the exit the Phoenix is already on his way to the airport. 
Lee jumps in the van and follows the Phoenix, Hope asks “Should I tell them to prep the plane?” “ Yes” Lee replies as he turns the windshield wipers on. As they speed down the dirt path they see a fallen tree in front of them. Lee quickly turns to avoid it but spins out of control and hits it. Lee gets out of the car and walks to the front only to see a branch piercing the engine. “ How bad is it?” Hope asks, “It’s totaled” Lee replies. Lee walks over to Hope and pulls the ramp down. She rolls down the ramp and to the back of the van. Lee opens the back and pulls the ramp. Hope writes down their location and then rolls up the ramp to get her laptop.
Lee walks around the tree and continues the down the path with Hope behind him. Five minutes later they see the Phoenix’s helmet and motorcycle. “He can’t be far” Hope remarks, as Lee removes gas from the motorcycles tank. Hope inquires, “What is that for?” “To make a fire.” Lee responds. 
As they walk along the road they pass a discarded tarp. Lee walks over and picks it up, a beaver hiding under the tarp runs away. "Tent?" Hope asks as she rolls along, Lee nods as he shakes the dirt off the tarp. Half and hour before sunset Lee makes a tent out of the tarp and some sticks. Then he builds a fire and pours the gasoline on it. Hope lights a stick on fire and takes it into the tent. Lee sees a harrier flying by and grabs his flare gun. Then starts to climb up the tree. When he reaches the top he fires the flare off into the air. The harrier descends and the door opens. One of the passengers asks "Are you Lee Mission?" "Yes" Lee responds. "We're going to land and pick you up." When the harrier lands a man comes out. Lee goes to wake up Hope. Five minutes later they come out of the tent with there bags. The man from the harrier says "We came looking for you after your sister called us." Lee looks at Hope and she says "You're welcome." They get in the harrier and it flies them away. 

... Later on the harrier The pilot asks, "So where should I fly to?" Lee responds," The airport. I want to see if the Phoenix has left yet." Later at the airport they see the Phoenix's jet leaving. The pilot of the harrier goes on the radio with the Phoenix " Sir may I inquire about your destination?" " I'm headed to America." The Phoenix responds. "Where in America?" The pilot asks. " LAX airport." The Phoenix answers. The pilot turns the radio off and sets a course for LAX airport. 

...Later at LAX airport The Phoenix sees the Police gathering by the gate. He pulls past it and into another gate. He quickly exits the plane and falls into crowd. But Lee notices him first, "That's him!" Lee exclaims to the officers who run after the Phoenix. The Phoenix pushes through the crowds. When he reaches the parking lot he gets onto his motorcycle and tries to start it. But when it doesn't start he grabs his briefcase and runs for the exit. But two guards step in his way. He runs the other way but a police van blocks it. Soon he is completely surrounded. An officer says, "Drop the hammer and put your hands on your head!" The Phoenix drops the suitcase and kicks it to the officer. Then another officer cuffs him and puts him in the van. Lee walks toward the briefcase and picks it up.

© Copyright 2018 I. J. M. McNeely. All rights reserved.

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