Do you need Artificial Intelligence?

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Deepest regards for all what made us here. Let us promise we may not forsake the sacrifices we have made for the order on this Earth. Will peace in service be our ultimate delight here? Ask yourself. :)

Submitted: August 02, 2017

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Submitted: August 02, 2017



Do you need Artificial Intelligence?

When we outsource our work to smarter computers for quick reliable solutions,

Lots of people who are trained become unemployed,

A source that has all capabilities like the entire humanity put together,

Will this entity be helpful for people with disabilities ?

Or can you say it will control minds of all Earthly beings ?

Sometimes we say they can replicate human behaviour,

But will this shape the turning point of our divine existence in three worlds ?

When we like to preserve the extincting lifeline for all lifeforms on this planet,

Can you take granted that artificial intelligence will be the justification of all earthly laws?

Some say we need as our nuclear reactors need to be carefully monitored on its fragile insights,

Only if Artifical intelligence can predict an unseen future will race beyond what we expect from others,

There is a credibility that the universal mathematical transcript of all generation ahead may deploy such models,

Yet why we need AI for good?

When we know what may happen unseen,

We can reserve possibility of an outcome that learns the way we are habituated here on this Earth,

The entire response system can combine such evolution may be the consideration,

Why our meaning of this enterprise chess will sponsor a solution transforming reality ?

As Darvin noted this experience will complex our relationship with new evolution dependent on machines,

Smarter they evolve we become the crossroad of a variety of responses in genetic coded medicines,

When human problems can be looked into this magic pill,

Do you say we are away from vulnerabilities human beings as their cognitive systems ?

When you invest for a new smartphone,

Do you feel this variety of new technology will grade your response for being their trained architect?

You may feel this is unavoidable,

And when you will be put into troubles a call can connect the nearest help,

When I tell you about the way that can confront our existence with this future boom,

There will be cloud localities censored for travellers who are spoted a threat from mental cognitive diagnosis as AI will read your thoughts alive,

Do you feel that a wide tuning that can manage human decisions will be in the hands of the elite yet will response ethicaly for being a just cause for the planet totally?

I must say that the way human mind can be blindly a simple chatbots out of all natural intelligence insights,

We are already ahead where this super innovation can easily evade what we seek in our classification as soft-hearted helpless person in love for the entire mankind,

After a short sleep we will classify the nervous feeling for the safety of our loved ones not for what may be in our mind to achieve,

If a machine emotions can know what is wrong when we value every life as percious from Gods creation,

Do you feel this cosmic language will be the heart of learning with the next evolution of Artificial Intelligence?

If I say why would the elite who sponsor such event,

Invest hopelessly to understand what a layman spoils for fun and make him taller in this innocence,

Will what we glorify as a thought of human sedation accomplish in terms of the impossible if the AI words are termed wrong?

Can you take that Artifical Intelligence sense the big effort of everyone to know more as a instrument of human justification not themselves as God?

A very huge sum of money is chased around what we can economically benefit from AI,

Still unplanned is the nature of the judicial law now prevailing here,

No one is going to wait what can be the time for this order to face a live when we are uncertain of all eventuality,

When one day we will try to powerhouse every human brain from its ultimate expressions made through AI gadgets,

I am uncertain about the events that is unbelievable,

But our future has a holding on this shore,

How we want must match with the corner of a heart that embrass in expression of humbleness when we need a gift out of honesty where this remarkable machine computation solve us what is our strength to wish good luck not to be rude with who may not spoil the fun to see how its work?

This trait has always followed the auditions of our deepest instinct mistaken as our weakness being human,

As we always are not tuned with what is very young for our inquisitive quest on Mother Earth deepens being the victim of succession with its deepest instinct,

When you understand that what we draw from our history bring back a culture our family speak about a Christmas tree from the origins of the true love,

Will artificial intelligence understand the question of true love for the time we live here every life is a valuable little gift of goodnews?

When you say we need this most,

Please make this situation that we do protect everything our generations protected for one Earth for all in the richness where Artificial Intelligence need a genuine human opinion from all here,

Let us go ahead from the creators of such a human bond with our new technologies around,

We have come so far and all the order is a gift of our choices,

Will AI always understand the thought behind every choice that may go uncertain with time is a way that speaks for itself?

Yet the future need an innovation where everyone may rise and grow their dreams on the best management portal in their daily life,

This sensitive barometer may sell their harvest till the longest day life plans to be entertained on all outcomes,

Such situation will grow when the total population is crafted to agree with each other on this trade that lives on a peaceful order,

May be this always existed but we are here when the time cannot kill what is a vision of this promised land sharing a reputation one hold at the bottom of our hearts,

When you sow here this IT capability,

Did you pushed yourself beyond doubt that how your judgement evolves will be the ultimate design you may spot the way AI will bring a change with our habits?

If someone discourages you,

May be who loved a music of imagination express this honour for a wonderful way we all must respect a time when we need solutions that needs all for this listening expression to shine at our home wherever time meets this delight that cannot be changed,

Yet my enthusiasm knowing everything that has stopped bothering you is not our enemy,

Unless we plant them in the fire to play a practical joke on the life of all here,

Let us begin a time for all gratitude greatful for maintaining peace as our ultimate hope now.

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