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This chapter involves making a movie. Ah geez.

Chapter 3 (v.1) - Movie Magic or Movie Havoc?

Submitted: August 09, 2017

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Submitted: August 09, 2017



Dr. Whooves

As the dog continued to sniff the grass, Dr. Whooves said “C’mon Mr. Price, we can’t hang about, I have an assembly with the fan organization for Captain Major and Liberty Gal.” The dog barked in answer, and DW replied “No. It’s been 15 years since then, but I’m certain it will be fine. Those 2 are heroes to a whole generation of Equestrians; replacing them is unfeasible.” He meant that a movie about them was being made, despite CM being well into his 50s and LG being 41. Both were considered past their prime and unable to keep up with a meticulous acting schedule. When DW walked in, he was shocked to see 2 people dressed up as his childhood idols and said “What in the blue hell is the gist of this?!” “Why do you have your dog with you?” one of the fans asked. “You know the way back boy.” The dog barked happily and ran off. “Anyway, why are there actors here? The movie is supposed to be done by the real Captain Major and the real Liberty Gal. Not these . . . these . . . imposters!” The guy who was playing Captain Major got in his face and said “Listen Pops, those 2 are probably older and younger than you respectively, but I have no concern in dealing with your fan boy complex, so I suggest you take your leave!” DW huffed, turned on his heel and left. He didn’t want his idols to be taken over by a couple of cheap knock-offs and decided that to do things the way they were made-up to be, he needed the originals to shoot a motion picture of his own. When Bulk found out, he and Trixie demanded to be in the movie in some faculty. He agreed and had Derpy, Pipsqueak, and Sapphire Shores join as well (because . . . reasons?) When he told the real heroes about the “prejudice” of the movie, both of them were harshly stunned. “I can still roll with the best of them!” Captain Major insisted. “I may be 41, but I look younger than 26!” Liberty Gal exclaimed. “Then we’ll make our own movie. This will be a great slap to the face of their movie industry and their actors.”

3 hours later

“Okay everyone. This should be a real simple process. We’re going to make a real Cpt. Major and Liberty Gal movie. Lemon Zest will handle the explosives.” Lemon Zest held up a big bomb and said “What’s up?” Dr. Whooves continued with “Trixie is the leading lady. Bulk will cater the affair, and of course, the REAL actors will be the main leads. Last, but not least, Snips will handle the camera.” Snips leaned against the camera and said “Hey.” He ended up knocking over the tripod and film came out of the reels. “As we go about this, I will take a gun and install it in my mouth in case I feel the need to dispose of this plan.” “You’re only going to dispose of your life” Lemon Zest pointed out. “He never cared about technicalities when it came to life logic” Bulk replied. “Anyway, Snips, start rolling. Okay and action!” BOOM! Lemon Zest said “I love my job.” As Dr. Whooves continued to wonder why arbitrariness like that occurred, he heard a voice behind him say “I, Dark Mass have returned from my evil burrow, deep in the Arctic Ocean to have my vengeance. Their ramparts are tough, but they have no option against my ray gun.” After that comment, Dr. Whooves had a flashlight shining in his eyes, and he asked “Featherweight, what are you doing?” Featherweight took off his mask and said “C’mon Doc. This role was made for me. I was in Drama Club.” Doc replied “Featherweight, I value your eagerness, but that villain isn’t even in this movie. But, let me see if I have another fit for your credentials. Ah, here we go” he said while handing him the large microphone. “You can be the boom operator.” FW said “I thought Lemon Zest was the boom operator.” Right after he said that, Lemon Zest asked “Did somebody say boom?” BOOM! “Just try to show some interest in it” Dr. Whooves stated. “Okay and action!” “Take 1” a bored voice said. “We have to get back those stolen limrary books.” “Cut!” Dr. Whooves yelled “It’s stolen library books.” “Take 2.” “We have to get back those swollen library books!” “CUT! No, Captain Major. It’s stolen library books.” “Take 136.” “We have to get back those stolen library books.” Even though he got the line correct, Featherweight was having trouble holding up the boom microphone. Therefore, CM’s next comment was “And if we don’t stop that immoral villain (gurgling speech)” and Featherweight said “Give it back!” Liberty Gal said “I knew this was a bad idea.” Dr. Whooves yelled “Cut! That was a superb job. But, Featherweight, next time, could try to keep the boom out of the shot? Other than that, you’re doing a bang-up job.” Featherweight dropped the boom and said “This is humiliating. I’m just not good at this boom thing.” Again, LZ asked “Did somebody say boom?” BOOM! “I thought I was supposed to be the leading lady” Trixie grumbled. “You will be” he assured her. “You can do sound effects!”

20 minutes later

“Okay and action!” After that command, a man started climbing up while pulling a fake vehicle on a rope, while Trixie pushed a button to make a car effect sound. CM said “Listen to that engine purr.” When they were almost at the top of the hill, Dr. Whooves said “Almost there!” Then, the man pulling it lost his grip, and the car started to careen down the hill, then went up on the incline, flew though the air, and landed on the set! When Dr. Whooves saw the result, he said “This whole place is ruined. Oh well, at least I got the shot.” “Sure did” Snips agreed. Dr. Whooves noticed something on the lens and asked “Snips, what’s that?” Snips said “A camera.” “No, I mean this thing that was on the lens.” “Oh, that’s a lens cap!” “Did you just put that on?!” Snips replied “Nope. I didn’t want to lose it, so I put it on right before we started filming.” Dr. Whooves freaked out after that. He started screaming, and then crawled on the ground, followed by doing the same motion that dogs do on a carpet. Sapphire Shores, Pipsqueak, and Lemon Zest watched in complete shock. Then, he started to hyperventilate, and pulled off the bark from a tree. He then proceeded to slurp up the worms on the piece of bark he had ripped off. Then he sat on the ground and said “Ruined! It’s all ruined!” Captain Major came over to him and said “You know this reminds me of the battle against the evil female duo of Jade and Sundance. But, if there’s one thing I remember, it’s how to forget.” Dr. Whooves nudged Snips and said “Snips, this is gold. Film it!” Meanwhile, CM continued to rant, saying “There was mashed potatoes and broccoli on the side! Then the post. Space! The final countdown! Stick with it, stick with it. And Loo my darling, Looooo!” then fell over backwards. When Dr. Whooves rushed over to check on him he said “Now. Get that movie finished.”

The next day

“Dr. Whooves! You said there would be a full house!” Bulk said. Dr. Whooves looked outside and said “Here comes the filling. The Captain Major and Liberty Gal Fan Club.” When they came in, Dr. Whooves said “I knew you all would come to see the real movie.” The VP of the club said “Actually, the real movie was sold out. I’ll take 66 tickets.” Bulk took the money and said “Talk about a happy ending.” When the movie started, Liberty Gal said “I don’t believe it. Our first movie. We haven’t been in any since you were 43 and I was 26.”

The Movie

Dr. Whooves narrated “There, deep in Equestria lays a vault holding all of the books written by Twilight Sparkle. Who would dare infiltrate a place like that?” After that, a sock puppet of Beekeeper appeared and Dr. Whooves said “It is I Beekeeper (movie skips) beware!” Then, the heroes showed up and said “Stop! You can do tha (movie skips) forbidden!” “Watch me!” “Take this!” It then showed Daring Do using her karate moves without covering up the stunt double, then skipped back to Cpt. Major in the same position. He said “You may have gotten the books, but the battle rages on.” Boxing bell rings and footage is shown from The Rock vs. John Cena at Wrestlemania 29. “Cpt. Major and (movie skips) ty Gal, unite!” Then, it showed a fish’s fin with the movie quote “Fin” in fancy writing. The expressions of the Fan Club showed they weren’t impressed with that sad excuse for a movie. Fortunately, they didn’t ask for a refund.

A/N: I would call that havoc.

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