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In this chapter, the main characters spy and regret it.

Chapter 6 (v.1) - I Spy

Submitted: August 16, 2017

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Submitted: August 16, 2017



Dr. Whooves’s House

Bulk looked through the high-power lens and said “You were right Doc. This is great for screening everything. I can actually see every speck of dandruff on your head.” Dr. Whooves rolled his eyes and said “I’m glad you’re awed by its great vision. I shelled out 24 thousand dollars for the state-of-the-art telescope you now possess. Now, I have a telescope with the viewing power of Keck I and Keck II in Hawaii.” Bulk looked at him and said “You know, I always wondered what the names of the telescopes were.” Diamond Tiara came in and took a look as well. “Did you know that pine tree had a blue jay nest in it?” she asked after a minute. Both Dr. Whooves and Bulk admitted that they had no idea. That just further proved that the telescope was grand. Derpy walked in and also got frivolous at the stance of using it. She looked across the street and said “I don’t believe this. If I wasn’t seeing it with my own eyes and you told me, I would call you a liar.” “What’s wrong?” Bulk asked. Derpy said “I just looked at Turf’s house, and there’s a guy in there. But it isn’t here boyfriend, Ace. Instead, it was a different guy; she was kissing him on the lips.” “What are you saying? Didn’t Turf tell you that she broke up with Ace a few years ago?” Sapphire Shores walked in and saw the telescope. “How much was this thing of magnificence?” “24 Grand” Bulk replied. Sapphire Shores looked through the telescope and saw the scene in Turf’s house. She immediately said “Didn’t need to see that!” Diamond Tiara looked through and said “Good Lord Almighty! Why you doing that girl?” Bulk pushed her out of the way and said “Oh, HELL NAW!” Dr. Whooves looked and said “Dear God, that’s nasty.” Derpy looked and immediately said “How can he be smiling? Turf has barely got any chest at all.” Trixie walked in after that comment and said “You 5 are spying on someone through a telescope? What did I miss? Anything scandalous?” “Other than the fact they Turf barely has a B-Cup at her age, not much” DW replied. “That’s why I like Trixie. She’s got a chest” Bulk said. Trixie looked through the telescope and saw a scene of Turf Frenching the guy in her house. “Wow. You weren’t kidding Doc. She does have nothing to show.” Pipsqueak walked in and said “I’m guessing you 6 are seeing something unbelievable that I’m missing.” All 6 of them said that was the case. Freight Train also came into the room and said “Let me have a look.” He peered through the lens and said “Oh, so that’s why her mustard had hair in it.” Diamond Tiara looked again and said “That’s not how you use mustard for cosmetics!” Bulk had a feeling he was missing something exceptional so he pushed her out of the way and said “She’s is really giving that Popsicle a licking, literally. The dude with her is doing something with a banana that a guy should never do with a banana. Now they’re switching food. No. No, please Turf. Please deter, oh no! No! Oh God stop it!” Trixie pulled Bulk away before he had a heart attack. The 8 of them continued to spy for the rest of the day, taking a break only to use the bathroom.

9 hours later

“Who would’ve thought we were going to use this to spy on Turf’s house?” Sapphire Shores said in clear amusement. Dr. Whooves wasn’t complaining. “This is way better than anything you can find on cable these days.” Since it had been a warm day and temperate night, Turf’s window was open, so they could hear everything. “Won’t he be mad when he finds out?” the man asked Turf. Turf said “Then we have to make sure he won’t find out. This isn’t like Bowser and Princess Peach from Mario. I was freely taken by you. Now, we can spend all night doing whatever we want. He won’t be back until tomorrow morning.” She was about to nip his neck when another guy walked into her house. “Turf just got an unexpected run-in from a discount Robert De Neigho” Pipsqueak reported. “I fixed the fence. So, if anything, I should be the one being sexually aroused by you” the new guy said. “Things have picked up” Dr. Whooves said. “My turn to watch.” He gently pushed Pipsqueak away and looked at the scene unfolding in front of them. Freight Train had brought his own telescope and was letting Trixie see what was going on at well. “Do you see his abs?” she asked. “6-pack? More like a baker’s dozen!” Diamond Tiara licked her lips while thinking about that. “Listen. I already told you 7 times! I don’t like you” Turf said in a firm voice. “You never appreciated what I had to offer. This chemise never excited you!” She took off her bathrobe, exposing a thin chemise that showed her whole body, since it was nearly translucent, and Dr. Whooves shouted “My eyes! My eyes!” He hit the floor and Freight Train looked at what was going on through the better telescope. “I see that this man stores quite the body for a thin matchstick like you. But this? THIS is what a woman really wants!” he exclaimed while ripping open his shirt and exposing a hairy chest! Trixie screamed and fainted. Diamond Tiara took the telescope and said “It’s like a battle involving Dakota Fanning, Pitbull, and Sky Blue from LMFAO. I’m close to LMFAOing!” Derpy decided to keep her voice down and said “What is going on over there?” very quietly. Pipsqueak came into the room with a bottle of root beer and saw what was going on when he asked Freight Train if he could take another look. FT obliged, and immediately wished he hadn’t. Pipsqueak saw and yelled “Please cover up if you’re gonna have an orgy!” loud enough for Turf to hear. All 8 of them ducked, and Trixie asked him “Hey, could you say that louder? I don’t think they heard you in Manehattan!” (Manehattan is at least 30 miles from Loneyville) “I say we use this telescope for stargazing from now on” Dr. Whooves suggested. “Good idea” Freight Train agreed. He trained it on the sky and said “Hey! I see Jupiter!”

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