Make your dream Reality

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Anoushay woke up early in the morning and went to school but there were something strange her school was in in different country and it's building was also different but with same name she tries to find out what is the matter?

Submitted: August 02, 2017

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Submitted: August 02, 2017



It was a fine friday morning. My sister Anoushay woke up and get ready for school. She was very happy that it's half day from school and she will come back home early. Her annual exams were two days later. She wanted to become DOCTOR but she wanted to become doctor in South Korea. She was on the way to school she saw different things but she didnot noticed them. When she reached the school she saw everything was diffferent. School building,country and people were also change. But the strange thing was that, that school's name was same but people had different name. She was confused to see evertything. When she asked someone what is going on no one replied her. No one was listening to her. No one knew her. She was totally going crazy. But she did't lose her heart. She decided that she will find out what is the matter. Suddenly, a good looking boy appeared there. He said he know what is all this matter.

He told her that the pendent she is wearing is a magical pendent and she will have to throw it away if she wants to go in her normal life. But it was last gift that our late father gave her before dying. She did't want to throw it. She asked him that is there no more option instead of throwing it. He told her that there is one thing that she can do. He said it is all because of your stupid dream. He asked her that do you know where are you right now? She replied that she don't. He told her that she is in SOUTH KOREA. When your late father came to know that you want to go S.Korea for studing Medicine he looked for a way to make money to send you Korea. He worked hard to make money. But, one day he suddenly met an old women. He helped her taking her home. The old women asked what he wanted as a reward. He said that he need some money. But the old women said that she don't have money.

But instead she gave him pendent and told him if he will it to someone this pendent will make ones dream true. But now when your dream have become true you are't happy and want to go back to your country. Now, to go back to your normal life you have to study hard and pass your exams with good marks. If you will pass your Medical entery test and make your dream real then this magic will break. Now, if you want to go to Korea in real then you will have to do what I say. She agreed to it. She worked hard day and night and gave the exams. The result came out and she passed the exams. Now she can go to Korea for study visa and her dream can become real. Now, when there was no need of using magical world the magic broke and she returned to her normal life. After this when she opened her eyes she was on her bed. There were still two days left for anual exams. There were no magical world and no good looking boy. It was all her dream. She woke up and decided to study hard to make her dream reality. 

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