Self education

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It's practically time the youths of our time embrace self education as a key to liberating us and the world from further sufferings and hazards which we would possibly have been averted through literacy development in the guise of self education.

Submitted: August 02, 2017

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Submitted: August 02, 2017



?Self Education?

I have been living on earth for over a decade and half now and every day I see the world becoming more complex sentencing the inhabitants to a higher degree of jeopardy. I see an endangered world full of individuals struggling to be made free from the clutches of ignorance. It is true that education has the capacity of confronting and liberating people from the bondage of backwardness but the type that will achieve this result is a thoroughly pursued self-education. People’s mind are liberated when they pursue enlightenment. Nations achieve speedy growth and development when the citizens hunger for knowledge genuinely. The place of self-educational in personal development and national transformation cannot be over- emphasized. Self-education involves a situation where by one teaches his/her self without the help of formal teachers. History is there for all to see and know that it is very possible for man to prosperously educate himself. Great feats have been achieved by men and women who have pursued the course of knowledge acquisition by themselves. They brought a radical revolution by burning the midnight candles outside the four walls of the classroom. They saw a future that ignorance must not be part of. They conquered the limitations placed on them by their environments. Feelings of inadequacies and unworthiness were conquered as they buried themselves in books. Men like: Abraham Lincoln , Jorge Luis Borge, Harlan Ellison, John Clare developed their potentials and became world changers by self-education. Hunting for knowledge is an act embraced with the totality of their being. Against all odds, they proved to us that where there is will there is a way. The place of traditional system of education cannot be ruled out completely in the quest for knowledge acquisition. Some things are taught while some others are caught but it’s clear that classroom education cannot make all knowledge available to you. We can learn better if we teach ourselves, we would understand more if we read on our own. Some personal passions are pursued through the tool of self-education. Self-education will always afford us the opportunity of uncovering hidden details of life that captures our interest. Thomas Alva Edison (the world greatest inventor) wasn’t taught by any formal teacher how to invent. No formal educator educated Henry J Kaiser how to become a great man, neither did Rabindranath Tigre know of any educational mentor during his illustrious era. This can be true of us if we give ourselves to this noble exercise. No law restricts a man from going inside a bookshop to buy a book and no tradition forbids a man from reading books/articles of his desire. We are entitled to read and comprehend as many books as we want, and we are free to internalize as many principles as we can. Pick up a book of your choice now and read to your satisfaction, ponder lucratively with your conscious mind because in there is the breeder of all good will. The problem most times is not that we can’t, but not knowing that we can. Many of us do not know that we possess the potential to become whatsoever we choose to become. The limitless abilities and capabilities in any man can be harvested as Ltd they give themselves to the necessary demands to unravel the wonders of their purpose. We have snubbed the fact that we are product of great brilliance, that each and every one of us has the quality to do things that has never been done. Therefore our world isn’t supposed to be fussed with any baffling challenges and every individual life should be comfortable. No one can succeed in making us to learn if we don’t want to learn, no one can make us learn better but ourselves and no one can help us better than ourselves. We are our greatest friend, and our greatest enemy, and our destiny is now in our own hands. Community libraries are there for me and you, book shops are there too. Text books and novels are starring at us in our various homes. Why don’t we do ourselves a favour and grab one and began to read. The books we read today might be the episode of our parted life, and the chapters we are reading today might be the ladder to our anticipated future. It is high time we step up our game because our world is in need of redemption. Our economy is deteriorating, our hoods are fading and our generation is limping. We need to educate ourselves; we need to grasp the tools of self-education to rebuild our shattering economy. We need to embrace the power that it possesses to uphold our communities and stabilize our generation because our lives depend on it !

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