The vampire handbook

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The vampire handbook

How to find a vampire

Submitted: August 02, 2017

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Submitted: August 02, 2017



The vampire handbook 




Ok,let me make this very clear if you don't like scary stuff click of . But if you want to find a vampire and know how to defend yourself stay on. 

Vampires can be sometimes easy to find and sometimes difficult. If your worrying about them here's out to find them . Right,look at the person next to you ( don't make it too obvious because they'll think your an idiot ) look at there face do they look extremely pale ? Do they look like a complete geezer who hasn't been in the sun for ages ? Look around you are you somewhere where there's sunlight ? If you are your safe . Vampires normally wear black clothes . Vampires also have long nails man/women . Ok so now we're talking about modern ones they were skinny jeans , a bandana and a black tie . The most important thing to look for is there teeth and there neck do they have big marks on their neck ? And do they have extremely sharp teeth if they have all these things I've mentioned run away now !


How to become a vampire 


Let me get this straight , now you've read that chapter you know what one looks like so if someone matches all those objectives above and you haven't ran away read this on how to become a vampire! 

If you look in a vampires eyes you can get hypnotised into letting the vampire drink your blood. To turn into a vampire you after have the vampire drink all the blood out of your body until you die and then after twenty four hours you will awake and become a vampire. If you are born around Christmas time you are likely to become a vampire. If you were born on a Saturday or Sunday you CANNOT become a vampire ! Back in the olden days when families were much bigger if you were born as the seventh child you would turn into a bat and fly away to live with a vampire family and you would never remember your old family again. If you unfortunately kill yourself some people believe you will turn into a vampire .


How to fight a vampire 


Vampires are very strong creatures. So strong it it the equivalent of ten string me and when drank blood recently twenty. Vampires hate garlic they CAN NOT be killed with it they can just be frightened. If you spot a vampire and try to fight it you will need a : garlic necklace,a hammer and a wooden steak. The wood from the steak will have to come from a ash tree because that's were the wood from Jesus's cross came from. The safest way to kill a vampire is to stab it in the day while it's sleeping. Make sure it's in the day because if it's in the night it will automatically come back to life. When you stab it expect blood to come out of its neck and it to scream. If the vampire is ancient then when you kill it , it will evaporate into dust in front of your eyes. 


Five facts about vampires 


1.vampires are bats.

2.the leader vampire is Dracula

3.they leave a blood trail everywhere.

4.if stabbed they scream or if young puke.

5.vampires evolved in Romania.







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