Fighting A War

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I wrote "Fighting A War" a few days ago because I am personally fighting a war inside of me which is my health and the struggle i am faced with and I basically wrote this to remind myself that I'm not going to give up or give into my health and that i have to keep fighting to keep going on no matter how hard that it may be for me. That i will keep fighting till my death. Apologies to those who may not understand some of the words.

Submitted: August 02, 2017

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Submitted: August 02, 2017



Fighting A War


I'm no gonny lose,

This battle inside,

I'm fighting a war,

That I held inside.


I'm no gonny lose,

I canny gee up.


Muckle years later, I'm still in the muck

I canny let go, i got ti hold on

I canny gee up,

No No No


This battle inside

I'm no gonny lose,

I canny gee up,

I winna go doon.


I'm gonny hold on, I'm gonny fight

I'll fight to ma death 

I'm no goin doon

I'm gonny fight, till i come oot

I'm no gonna gee up, I'm no gonna lose.


I ain't got no choice

So i'll fight till I'm doon

Am no gonna give up.


This battle inside, this is a war that i've got ti fight.

It's no gonny be pretty

but i need to dee it.

Ti  prove ti masel

I'm no worth a penny.


I'm no gonny lose,

This battle inside

I'm no gonny gee up

I'm fighting a war


I'm no gonny give up

I'm no gonny lose

Nae matter how lang,

I'll be in the war.


Muckle years later, I'll be in the muck,

Fighting masel to get oot

I'm no gonny gee up,

Fighting this war


I've got es war

wae doon inside, It's no gettin better

So i gotta fight.


This battle inside o me,

It ain't goin no where,

This battle inside

is harder to wear

But al keep going

Nae matter how lang

I gotta fight


Till i've got nae mare

I'll fight ti ma death,

Tryna win ma war

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