The Edge

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A man goes to the edge of the world and witnesses something no one should ever see

Submitted: August 02, 2017

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Submitted: August 02, 2017



Seven years ago i built a machine. Without going into detail about how it works or how i came about acquiring the knowlege to know how to make it work, it basically enables a person to travel, at the speed of light, to the edge of the universe using Kraskinov Tubes. It took me a long time to even build the thing, but longer still to rack up the nerve to use it. That is until the day my son died. He was on the highway, going a sensible 75, when a lorry, doing well over 90, lost control and crashed right into him. Gone in an instant. I've lived alone since the divorce so when I got the news I knew there was nothing left for me here so I said thankyou and my final goodbye to the Police woman and went into the basement and started up the machine. I worked out it would take, relative to my own time, about 2 weeks travelling along numerous tubes in the universe to reach the very edge, and so i packed enough food for 3 weeks just in case. And because the interest of interdimensional space travel would probably wear thin pretty quickly due to the very minimal requirements of maintenance on the machine, i bought a few books with me too. So it was a dreary, grey day when i made history and started my journey to the edge of the universe.

Completely unexpectedly, my trip caused 0 issues. The Machine worked perfectly the entire 2 weeks and not a hitch occured. So after finishing both The Stranger and The Great Gatsby, the latter of which I've finished thrice now, I knew we were getting close. So when on the 16th day I woke up and saw the huge great chasm of nothingness up ahead which marked the edge of the universe, accelerating away from me at a rate just slower than my own, I felt a mix of awe and horror. It truly was a sight to behold. The vast amounts of energy the chasm was releasing caused white hot sparks as huge as galaxies, and the spectrum of colour it showed was insane to say the least. I thought since I was here I'd follow it for a few days to see what I can learn . So for 4 days I sat and watched it, jotting notes and observations, until the most horrible and brilliant thing a man could ever see happened before me. I noticed on the 4th day the rate of acceleration the chasm was moving at rapidly decreased, until it was decelerating at such a speed my machine struggled to slow down at a rate fast enough. On the 5th day, it stopped. The universe had stopped expanding. And then it started coming towards me. Accelerating at a rate never before seen by anything, defying physics, it hurtled towards me through space, so i had no choice but to kick-start the machine to take the closest tube away from this horrible place.

2 weeks later and i arrived back home, the knowlege of the World's doom weighing heavily on my shoulders. Do I alert the authorities? What could they even do? This is out of humantities hands, resting solely in some higher deities responsibilities. So I decided to let it all end with the human race in blissful ignorance. And for the rest of my days I lay in this bed with the knowlege of futility and impending destruction of my existence, and slept.

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