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Chapter 2 (v.1) - Chapter 2

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Submitted: August 03, 2017




They are late. It’s her first time meeting his best friends and they are late. She’s blaming David since he was the one deciding to let her sleep for an hour after she was finally able to close her eyes while he was in the shower- though she has to admit it’s sweet. Oh, and she needed it.

“Hey,” she felt the warmth of his hand on her knee pulling her out of her slumber. “We’re here” he announces, pulling Helen from her slumber.

As she looks up at the house there is a feeling of loneliness as she notices a tire swinging from a tree of to the side. Memories trying to flood her mind that she’s refusing to acknowledge, knowing that when she lets them surface it’ll hurt. Some things are better left burried.

“Don’t worry,” David says caressing her knee. “I’m there every step. If you want to leave, at any moment, let me know and we’ll go.”

Helen crawls over him, placing herself in his lap. “You’re way too good to me,” she whispers as she caresses his neck and stares into his liquid chocolate pools. “And that’s one of the things that I love about you.” What starts out as a gentle kiss quickly returns heated.

Ever since they started dating they had been at a crossroad. All David wants is to share Helen with the people that he loves while all Helen wants is to stay as far away from that part of his life as possible. The only reason that their relationship has survived through the years is because no matter what they are refusing to let one and other go. They love each other too much for that. Yet, Helen can’t help but feel that for some reason they are entering onto the crossroad and that scares her. Looking at the crossroad is safe, but stepping on to it is scary. The truth is that she’s scared to let the only walls that she has left down. She has fought so hard to get where she is and to become the person that she is- with a lot of secrets David doesn’t know about. Does she thrust him? Yes. Do the secrets matter? No, because they are in the past. Knowing them won’t change anything about the person that she is today.

“We should go,” Helen says as she pulls away to take a breath. “We both still have to work.”

Jesse and Sarah had done a lot of effort to prepare a breakfast for the four of them. They even went overboard if you’d ask her, but apparently her husband had told his best friends about her breakfast habit. Ever since she lives alone Helen loves to have a variety of options for breakfast. She wants whatever she might crave to be available to her and that’s why they always have a much filled dining room table in the morning. Food is the one thing in which she’ll never settle. She’ll have whatever she wants, no matter what the price is.

Breakfast with Sarah and Jesse had been surprisingly fun, once they got over the initial awkwardness. Helen noticed that they were a bit apprehensive, but the more time went by the more relaxed the atmosphere got.

Helen actually liked the little red had that had sat on the opposite site of the table from her. She reminded her of the big sister she denies having. Her bubbly and carefree character pulling Helen in. Jess is the exact opposite of his wife: calm. Both of them bonding over their shared passion for books.

“They like you,” David had said with pride as when he dropped her off at work. “I told you.”

Helen is glad to be back at work. She had missed the atmosphere of her workplace. The way the place makes you feel alive.

 “Hey, Helen, welcome back.” Grace, her best friend and colleague pulls her into a hug. “How are you feeling?”

“Fine. I’m glad to be back.” Helen had been home for two weeks and even though she was just sick David acted as if she was dying. The only thing she had been allowed to do was lay on the couch or in bed, while he did all the rest. Not that he didn’t do a good job taking care of the household, it’s just that a lot of time he needed her help: Love, what product should I use? Love, how do I need to do this? How do I need to do that? Where can I find this? Where can I find that? He might have driven her crazy in those two weeks, but at least he did his best. Good thing that he redeems himself by being a magnificent cook. It’s best that he leaves the household to her, because when he helps things go missing and pop up at random places. Helen is satisfied with the way they share the chores at home. It allows him to help her without her annoying herself.

 “Good to have you back, Helen! I covered all the administration for you in your absence, so you’re good to go,” she smiles at her, “but first come and say hello to the kids, they really missed you!”

Now Helen couldn’t help smiling. She has missed the kids too. The moment she opens the gate she’s surrounded by a bunch of ecstatic little kids whom all want to tell her something and so she places herself on the floor and listens. She has really missed the conversations and the talks, although half of the time she has no idea what they are telling her.

But with the ringing of the bell, her welcoming was over and she had to hide in her office for a meeting. The most boring part of the job, but it is very useful, since she gets to give her input in this daycare. She might not be the biggest boss, but she does rule this precious little pearl.

Her work means everything to her, so much so that she even checked in every day that she was sick.

“We’re talking about saving 8000 euro a year, Helen,” Rick Davis announces.

She leans back into her chair and glares at her boss. “So let me get this straight.” She taps her pen on her desk. “You want me to save on food, diapers, products and so on.” He nods. “But the parents keep paying the same amount.” He nods again. “Well, sorry, but no.”

He sighs, “Helen—“

“No, Rick. Give me alternatives so we can provide the same quality we’ve been giving for years and I’ll do it, but I won’t cut back just so you can make more money.” Because that is what this is really all about. He wants to earn more, but she thinks he earns more than enough for what he’s doing- or not doing since he often isn’t even around when he needs to be. “I have the end responsibility here and I’m telling you that I won’t be saving anything until you give me reasonable alternatives.”

“Helen,” he leans forward on her desk. “I’m the boss.”

“Don’t threaten me, Rick. You know it doesn’t work.” Not that he doesn’t keep trying. “I’m the one who earns the big bucks for you, so don’t even try.” He glares at her and she closes his open folder on her desk. “This meeting is over,” she announces and leans back in her chair.

Reluctantly he stands up and leaves her office after saying that she’ll hear from him in a week.

Well, she’s looking forward to it. Especially since she knows that she won’t be hearing from him for at least a month and then he’ll already be too late with his options, because she’ll already be saving on what she wants.

Through the window she watches him walk towards his car with frustration. That man has absolutely no backbone or a brain. Or a heart for that matter. All he cares about is making money and he doesn’t care how, so long as it’s done. That why he just let’s her do her thing. She’ll do anything she needs to make sure this daycare keeps existing and she can do it, while he can’t. He is nothing without her, nor are the other daycares since he steels her ideas and imports them in his other places. She loves this place, but she can’t stand him.

There is a knock on the door and Grace comes in. “What did he want?”

“Cutbacks,” Helen sighs.


“Yep,” Helen gets up out of her chair. “We’ll save on office supplies.” Good thing that Rick Davis isn’t really that smart nor likes to handle his businesses himself. There is a lot they can save money one, but Helen isn’t willing to if it isn’t necessary- so she won’t just admit it to him. She needs to have some kind of leverage.

“So, has our newest addition arrived yet?” Helen asks and a bright smile appears on Grace face. “Yupe! Cute as hell,” she waggles her eyebrows.

Grace hadn’t lied. The three month year had been so adorable, with his cooing and little smiles, that he had spent half the day on Helen’s arm. Well, the part that he wouldn’t stop crying until he was in someone’s arms had something to do with it too.

Even now, sitting on the back porch with a cup of hot chocolate, Helen can’t stop thinking about the little man. He had made her forget about the annoying Rick Davis and brightened up her day.

“You look happy.” Helen hadn’t even heard David come home and studies him as he leans against the doorframe. “I had a good day. You?”

“My day was fine.” David comes over, takes her feet from the swing to place them in his lap as he sits down. “But coming home and seeing that smile on your face makes it a perfect day. You’ve been down lately, Love.”

She shrugs. “Good thing I have you to make me happy.” She offers him her cup and he takes a sip before giving it back.

 “You know you can talk to me about everything, Love.” He massages her feet and she can’t help groan. He’s just that good at it.

“I—“but before she can reply her phone go’s off. “Hello?” she asks stepping away after seeing the unknown number.

“Helen, I need your help,” the sobbing voice on the other side of the line says. “Please help me—“

And just like that a heavy weight seems to place itself on Helen’s chest. She turns back to David only to find him watching her like a hawk. Her heart wants to ask him for help, but her head is refusing to let her take that step. He doesn’t belong in that part of her life.  

 “I’m going to call you back in a minute…Grace,” she says without taking her eyes of David who’s already slightly shaking his head.


“No,” he interrupts her. Leaning his elbow on his knees. “Whatever it is, you’re not doing it, Helen.”

She wishes that she could do what he asks from her, but there is nothing that is going to stop her from leaving town tonight. Something's demand a sacrifice, no matter how big that sacrifice will be. “Grace fell down the stairs and needs me to go to a meeting in her place,” Helen lies. “It’ll just be a few days.”

“I said no.”

Helen narrows her eyes. She can’t believe what she just heard. “You’re not forbidding from doing my job, are you?”

He comes to stand next to her and places his hands on the porch rails, looking over the garden. “I’m not,” he sighs, “but I am forbidding you to let people take advantage from you. You’re lying about something.  I could think you’re cheating but I know you too well for that.”


“What’s going on?” he demands. “You’re distraught.” When she doesn’t answer he cups her cheek and makes her look up to him, but she turns her eyes down. “I know you,” he whispers kissing her forehead. “Let me help you.”

“You can’t-“she whispers back feeling her eyes sting.


“We’re not going to do this now,” she takes a deep breath, inhaling his sense, before leaving without looking back at him. “It’ll be okay,” she says to herself, not really believing it.

She had packed in a daze, feeling David’s eyes on her, yet neither spoke. Quickly throwing random things in a bag and hurrying out of the house to make the phone call that she didn’t want David to hear.

As she pulled out the driveway she was listening to the agonizing beeps filling the car. It seems like hours pass, while it’s only a few seconds before there is a ‘hello’ on the other side.

“How bad is it?”

“Helen,” there is a soft sob. “I’m sorry—“

Helen swallows past the lump in her throat as she hushes the girl on the other side. “Don’t worry, I’m on my way. Stay hidden, Pumpkin.” And with those words she hangs up and pushes down the accelerator as much as she’s allowed, knowing that she has to hurry.


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