Cursed (part 1)

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I woke up to the sound of beeping and people shouting , trollies being pushed and I think a machine. My head felt as if someone was using a pin to stab each and every individual follicle in my scalp. Where was this excruciating pain coming from? I heard the sound of running and a dark figure stood over me

Submitted: August 02, 2017

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Submitted: August 02, 2017




  Part One


The claws in his hands began to show as they ripped through is skin. Blood dripped over his pale palms making them a dark eerie red. 

" don't look " he demanded 

I looked at him puzzled I wanted to know why and how? But I couldn't speak.. my throat wouldn't let me. I gave a little groan of why? And I looked at the floor.

" you think this is funny? " he began 

His claws stayed where they were until all in a flash he was gone.. blood was dripping from my head there was three scratches down my face. The pain was unbearable, I padded my hands along my face and watched the blood drip to the floor.

I woke up to the sound of beeping and people shouting , trollies being pushed and I think a machine. My head felt as if someone was using a pin to stab each and every individual follicle in my scalp. Where was this excruciating pain coming from? I heard the sound of running and a dark figure stood over me. I felt a touch on my forehead the figure dragged their hand along my forehead slowly until another figure arrived.

" Is she okay nurse? " the first figure said 

" within a few days she'll be up and home , she's a fighter I just know " answered the other black figure.

What's a nurse? Who are these figures.. I can only see parts of them. The one rubbing my hand has blue eyes , lovely black curls and she seems to know who I am.. my eyes are slowly adjusting to the light and there beginning to open but the figure walks away. Swiftly moving through a door. I watch them walk down a corridor and then they are gone. My eyes open. I'm in A hospital? I stretch my arms out and rub my eyes. I sharply pull away.. my face hurts like it did earlier. Why? I slowly force myself up out of my bed. I head towards a mirror across from my bed. I've been scarred by a ... a wolf? The scratches go from my lower left eye down to my jaw. What happened to me?

I begin crying. I don't know what's happened. I lower my head to the sink and watch the tears fall. It hurts because of my scars but I'm still crying. Why? I lift my head up to check my scars and I see someone in the corner of my ward. I turn around to see a man. He has a slim figure with short brown hair tanned skin and claws. And claws? I lift my hands up and pat my scars gently. I look at my hand and look at him.

It's him.

He stands without a shirt just black bottoms and black shoes. Nobody seems to notice him. Why? He watches me with every move I make. I walk toward my bed with a struggle in each step. I hold onto the side of my bed for balance. I glare at him...

"Who are you?" I ask

He stares at him. I feel his yellow eyes burn into my soul. 

"Who are you?" I ask again.

His yellow eyes move toward the clock. I follow his eyes to clock and I look at him again. He begins to growl..  I take steps back.. 

"Who are you?" I shout 

He growls and jumps out of the window shattering glass everywhere. I duck for protection. Who is he? Why is he here?

I rush toward the window and see him run across the road and into the woods. His claws grazing along his trousers tearing them slightly each time. I look out towards the corridor and nobody seems to notice the smashed window. I walk to the door and open it.

"Someone broke into my room the window is smashed!" I shout 

Everybody turns and looks at me. They carry on with what they where doing. Why?  A nurse rushes to me. 

" I think your hallucinating"The nurse exclaims 

"I'm not seriously look at the smashed window" I point to the window 

The nurse stands in shock. Does she see it? 

"Okay well get the repairers in tomorrow" she begins "for now your in ward 1"

She can see it to! But how come only I saw him? Who is he? I grab my bag of clothing and walk to ward 1 with the nurse. Everybody watches me and stares at me. Why? Yes I have scars it might be because of those. But this is a hospital. Others have injures to. Why don't they stare at them as well? I arrive here in ward 1 and everything seems different it doesn't have that I'm welcome here feeling. What if I'm not welcome here? That night I woke up to see him again.

"Why are you here?" I questioned while looking at the clock

He smirked and looked out of the window. His sharp claws pointed to the window and he pointed at me. Does he want me to jump? 

"No. I won't. Tell me why your here." I angered 

"Time is ticking" he says and once again he exits through the window. I look at the window. Easily breakable glass. Why? In ward 1 and ward 13? That night I couldn't sleep. I had this feeling that I was being watched all night. Why me? 

After at least a few hours I drift my heavy head to sleep still with the thought of him lingering in my head. I felt my body fall asleep but my mind wasn't... all I could think about was the reoccurring events of him making his way into my room. 

The phrase "time is ticking" keeps running through my mind with images of him point to the clock and staring at me... what did he mean? I know tomorrow I Have to do something wether he decides to show up or not.. 

  I wake up at 2:30 in the morning. Waiting. Silence. I'm in hospital there isn't anything I can do... I can't get out... or the lights flicker on.. the nurses start flooding in the hospital.. beeps reoccur and patients enter from all direction... a nurse walks into my room.

"I see you regained your senses then hon?" 

"My senses? I could always smell, I had okay v-" 

She interrupted me to tell me I kept talking about a man. She described what is aid and gave a small laugh and walks out of the room... she understood me. She just didn't believe me.. My eyes fell heavy again and I slowly drifted back to sleep. I dreamt that this man and I..  were friends and he protected me.. from something.. "Time Is Ticking" he'd say and pull me away with him. This one part of my dream...  claws grew from his hands and he scratched my face.. I screamed.

And that's when I woke to no beeps, the sound of trollies and people didn't fill the halls and the lights where damaged... wires burst from the walls and flickering lights. Smashed glass and smoking wires filled the halls. What was going on? I staggered up out of my bed and walked outside of my ward.. everything was so. So eerie. It seemed like something you'd see in a apocalypse or a horror movie. This was super surreal.. I walked down the corridor to see a nurse lying there... on the floor still. She seemed to have choked. Blood flowed from her mouth down to her neck. Onto the white marble floor. Now painted a silky red colour. What happened here? I carried on walking down the corridor and took a left turn. There was a surgeon. His body lay there silently. He groaned a little. I watched his ocean blue eyes turn a cloudy grey. His head tilted to the side and his eyes fell shut. He died.  This isn't okay. I carry on walking down the corridor to find a door opened a small bit.. 

"Help me!" Someone cried.

I walk towards the door and peek inside. There's a girl laying there in a hospital robe with blood on her wrists... she sees me and begs for help. It looks like she was forced into this. 

"Are. Are you okay?" I stutter.

"No.. please help me up" she says quietly.

As I walk towards her she sees my wounds without a bandage on them. She stares at them with fear and shock in her eyes. She seems frightened. Lost. 

"What's on.. on your face?" She asked nervously..

I help her up. 

"I was scarred.. by something. Or someone" I take a deep breath. "It's unknown to me how it happened."

She slowly nods her head and plants her hand on her wrist. They are slit. Open.

I go to place my hand on her wound but she sharply pulls away. The shock in her face gave a clear message I shouldn't do that. 

"What happened to your.. wrist?" I questioned 

"Someone came to me" she looked at the floor. "I guess I was drugged.. I don't remember anything.. just waking up and having slit wrists"

I explained to her everything i saw and everything that happened to me. 

She told me she was going to have to leave me but I begged her no.

"Your being stalked I don't want that" she said

I watched her walkout to the corridor. I followed her. 

"Stop! Girl! Stop" I shouted.

But it was to late. I'd only known her a few minutes and she had already been killed. She didn't see the figure. But even if she did.. she didn't stop. Her body lay there silently.. blood flowed from her mouth. To the white marble floor. I walked backwards in shock. I felt my foot knock a wire. I fell backwards. The pain was unbearable. The wire was sharper than I expected.  More lights began to flicker as I clambered to my feet. The atmosphere was dull and grey. A quiet humming sound erupted from no where as a cloud of fog surrounded the building. Ash? Maybe the building was crumbling from top to bottom. I had to get out. But how? I don't remember my way in.  And I certainly don't know how to get out. I began walking down a flight of stairs. But I didn't seem to be going anywhere. All the floors windows lighting malfunctions where the same. I walked through a door way to find myself in another corridor. I heard what sounded like screams for help or cries of pain. Dusty fog clouds moved with the light breeze blowing through the smashed windows. I carried on down the corridor to find a room full of bags. Zipped shut. As I walked closer I had a flash back.

"Time is ticking" 

Images of what is inside the bag filled me with feared. Corpses? I placed my hand on the bag and moved my hand to the zip. What? I don't want to see a dead body yet.. I'm unzipping the bag. Slowly the body reveals itself... a wave of the rotten flesh springs out the bag and instantly makes my nose crinkle. The body was cold.. the skin had turned a purple.. with a hint of grey. Dried blood settled around the mouth and body.Then blood started to flow from the nose. There having a nose bleed. But there dead. Or are they. I leave the bag and start backing away.. I started having visions of everyone in bags waking up and following me. Luckily it wasn't as bad as that. I ran out of the room and down another corridor. I didn't stop. All I could do.. was run. Hospital. All hospitals have a reception area, right? I did my best to read the broken signs.. the best I could read was "reception to your left." It was all cracked and worn. What happened to this place? All I did was sleep.. and wake up and find a strange man in my room, have a potential friend murdered before my eyes and.. 

Then it hit me.. the murderer is still present in the hospital.. 


By kimberley W

Aged 13

© Copyright 2018 Teenage books. All rights reserved.

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