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Prolog (v.1) - Lose and Learn

Submitted: August 02, 2017

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Submitted: August 02, 2017



"Touch where I tell you, and tell me its purpose." My mother told me. I nodded. "Eyes." She said softly. I put my fingers to my eyes. "Seeing is believing." I said, my five-year-old voice ringing with joy. "Mouth." I put my hand over my mouth. "For telling The Special One how you truly feel. Never lie." "Very good, nose." I put my finger on my nose. "For sensing what your eyes can't." "Hands." I held out my hands. "For feeling reality and giving to those in need." "Heart." I put my hand over my heart and closed my eyes. "For true passion, and true decisions." She smiled and hugged me tightly. That was the last time I had ever seen her again.
~2 years later~
"Touch where I tell you and tell me its purpose." My father said, sharpening his blade. I nodded. "Eyes." I pointed to my eyes and squinted. "Nothing escapes my vision." My 7-year-old voice was cold, lacking enthusiasm. "Mouth." I put my hand over my mouth. "For defending yourself and passing on information." "Nose." I scrunched my nose. "For knowing when something smells fishy." "Hands." I held out my gloved hands. "For stealing silently, and taking from those who don't need it." "Very good, heart." I put my hand over my heart, looking stern. "Never let it get in the way, can't be trusted." He gave me a curt nod and handed me his switch, my first weapon. I smiled. And that's when it all began.
I know it's not my fault I didn't have a perfect life, but somehow I felt that my existence impacted my parents' future. My older brothers, Xander Zane and Gunner, and older sisters, Iris and Ivy, didn't take mom and dad's divorce lightly either. Our mom could not take us with her, there were six of us and she had a full-time job to tend to. My mother, Victoria, had a pure heart. She loved all of us very much, and did all she could to help us understand the true meaning of life. My father, Ryder, had a cold heart. It would seem blue if you asked me. He always tried to teach us how to defend ourselves, how to lie, cheat and steal and get away with it. I never knew which was the right way to go, or how my parents lasted as long as they did, but I knew one thing; I was not going to get caught…

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