Devil I Know

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Like a bad taste on my tongue, you linger beyond the scope of my comprehension...

Submitted: August 02, 2017

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Submitted: August 02, 2017



Like a bad taste on my tongue, you linger beyond the scope of my comprehension


The process of sizing you up is unnecessarily complex, and I hate being the one to work you out


You are impossibly twisted, and I can never pinpoint the location of your heart

All I have is a general Idea of its whereabouts—somewhere behind a barrage of logic and sadism


(I’m still not sure if it’s worth the trouble to find)


Any way I look casts a part of you in shadows, and I prefer to avoid such darkness whenever possible…if only to keep from being myself engulfed


Being around you for any stint of time drains my goodwill, and I am sure you are amused at my expense


(I refuse to believe you actually enjoy my presence to the exclusion of others)


Whenever you smile it upsets my stomach, and I start to feel quite sick

My temperature rises excessively when you feel inclined to stare at me


I’m certain your (rather disturbing) laughter upsets my equilibrium, as often I get woozy when I have the ill luck of hearing it


There doesn’t seem to be a point in my letting you stress me out

I can’t think of one benefit I get from you besides a reason not to sleep at night


(Has your otherworldly influence turned me into a masochist?)


Strangely enough, you have become familiar to me; although by no standards are you normal—I’ve simply learned to cope with your existence


The demonic aura you possess is like a beacon which sets you apart from the crowds of people you (definitely) scare


It makes focusing on you automatic, no matter where I happen to be or what I happen to be doing


(You seem to get your effect on me specifically and take numerous pains to remain visible)


Ignoring you would be easier to fake if my chest would loosen up and you’d quit breathing down my neck


But I get the feeling you’ll grab me if I look away…and I’m nowhere near ready to be at your mercy


(As if you could have any)


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