Searching Within

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Submitted: August 02, 2017

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Submitted: August 02, 2017



Moonlight streams into the window, near the bed where I lay, my head searching for the answer to the memories I have lost. I dig deep but hit a hard wall. Nothingness lives there and I cannot seem to get past the wall of nothingness. My mind is a confidential file full of information that I cannot access. But with confidential information there is always a way to hack it and retrieve the contents.  I wonder if I will ever unlock the answers to that night that I almost died. I beg myself to remember. Will myself to just know what happened. Maybe then I will find the thing they call sleep. I keep dreaming that a man is there, shouting at me, calling me the most horrible names. I know someone started the fire. But who and why? Is my imagination just running wild. Or is there truth to my distorted dreams? We all have reason to the things we do. Childhood can causes issues with attachment and trust when we grow older, but can something affect you even if you don’t remember what happened to you? All these questions lay unanswered in my head and will do until the day it all clicks into place and the pieces of the puzzle fit perfectly but oh so terribly horrible. A perfect start to a perfect horror movie. Where a girl is in a coma, at the brink of death while a man walks free in the world. Karma came to me that night for all the wrong I had done, and she will come to him for the evil he is. Even if I remember would I dare tell anyone? The girl who couldn’t remember all of a sudden points the finger at a person years later. I have never cared for anyone’s opinions until now, why the change of perspective I ask myself. I do not really know why, I guess I have started to care about myself that little bit more and it has changed the way I look at the world. When you don’t care what happens to you or who hurts you, well that is a very low point. I can only say it feels like you feel everything but also nothing at the same time and that is the most confusing experience. Shall we dance to the moonlight now? Let’s take a walk to the place of my past, we shall start at the beginning where it all started to go wrong.

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