indiana massara to the stars and back.

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about a singer who is kidnap by a ufo.

Submitted: August 02, 2017

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Submitted: August 02, 2017



it was a stormy night in august . the weather was getting worse .indiana was working on her video on mtv.   she told her producer she need to leave before it get worse he agreed .  he told her to come back the next day to finish up the video.  indiana was a singer and actor she was new to Hollywood as she headed to her car the wind and rain started to pick up.  she has a house in the hills .  she all ways took the back road home.  as she rounded a curve a bright light flashed in front of her.  she pulled over to stop.out of the rain and wind a man in a gold suit walked up to her car.  she tried to leave but the car would not start.  the man pointed a device at her and the next thing she new she was on a strange craft.he told her not to be afraid he was not going to harm her.   he spoke english and was human.   he said he was from a planet on the other side of the sun .   he warn her that her world was in danger a ne.w war in the future will destroy every one.   indiana ask when will that happen he said not in your life time .   but something must be done soon.  as they landed on his planet she notice it look like earth but was more beautiful.   all the people that walk around was all smiles and seem to be happy.  they had no hate are wars are sickness.   indiana was given a tour it was like a earth 2.   the man gave her food and drink.   the food was like on earth but lot better.   the man gave indina a big silver canister.   he told her this will save your world and end all sickness you must make sure your leader get this in person.   then they headed back to the space craft .  his world has time travel so they got back to earth fast.  as they got closer a bright light hit her and she was back in her car.  she thought she had dream every thing until she saw the silver canistar next to her. the next day she flew to whashington and gave the canister to the president .   she told him he must look in side soon the world depend on it. then she flew back to california to finish her the years went by she became a super star  none all over the world .and she oh it to the man in the gold suit.will the world be saved lets hope so. the end

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