Secret Place

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Start of a short story I am working on. A girl called Becca has disappeared of the face of the earth but what are the circumstances behind it? And will she be found before its too late?

Submitted: August 02, 2017

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Submitted: August 02, 2017



Secret Place

Chapter One


Thinking back I remember her face so clearly, her smile always made me sigh with happiness. She was a beautiful, kind and never made me feel like I was a burden. Everyone was jealous of us. Of how we were always together and no matter how many girls tried she would never leave me to sit with them or ditch our everyday trips to my house after school. Those days are gone though, and so is Becca.

I remember the day she disappeared like it was yesterday, I think of it every single day. The what if's and maybe's descend through me like a million tiny electric shocks. Forever I would try and find out what happened. At first I blamed Joey Garnier, he was obsessed with Becca.. Always following her around school and staring at her like a crazy axe murderer in class. But after seeing him just as traumatized as me, maybe even more so in appearance, made me believe partially that he was innocent but the doubts will always be there until she is found.

I know she didn’t run away, they say that could be what happened, that she woke up that Friday morning and left. Her mum wasn’t exactly mother material, she was always out drinking. Bringing back men all the time in hope that one wouldn’t up and leave the next morning. But of course they all did, once they seen Becca and the state of the house they ran for the hills. Becca’s dad was lovely, he didn’t see Becca as much as he liked but he loved her so much. He’s broken these days, sometimes things happen to people and they never fully recover, something snaps inside of them, like something had snapped in Mr Harrod.

Of course the police made Becca’s mum, Jennifer, a suspect. Even questioning if any of her lovers may have something to do with it. But no lead was ever followed on. Noone knew where Becca was. Not even me, and she told me everything.

The questions remained unanswered for now. But I know in my heart they will be revealed, with every locked door there is a key somewhere, sometimes hidden sometimes lost and sometimes there it will be staring us in the face. We cannot change the events that lead up to Becca’s disappearance but we can examine the facts and search for every tiny piece of evidence until the truth comes out. Like my heart bleeds for her loss I will bleed for her return.

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