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Short poem

Submitted: August 02, 2017

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Submitted: August 02, 2017



Breaking myself while I pretend it doesn't hurt; I push so hard until I fall ever so fast. Who am I? This question always circles in my head. If only I knew then I wouldn't have to answer to you, if only I could think for myself then I would not need you to speak for me. I hate you but I depend on you. For without you, I am nothing. I resent you, you make me sick. But I need you beside me. Leave me alone, don't look at me, I hear myself say, to my reflection in the mirror. For I am staring at my own worst enemy. The person I despise the most. I once loved you, I say, I once needed you. But you have hurt me more than any man could. Please, don't look at me, I can't stop looking at you! We both look away, but we both feel the same painful stab in the stomach and we look again. 

I hate you, I say. I love you, you say. Don't leave me. We need you. I turn away, fix my hair and put on that smile that they all know so well. The curtains are opening, the show we put on so well has begun, goodbye I whisper; I know I will see you later on tonight, our battle will continue, our hatred so near. Myself and I, our self loathing thoughts, we both can hear.

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