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A very dark and descriptive loop of a story.

Submitted: August 02, 2017

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Submitted: August 02, 2017




The darkness surrounded her. She can’t catch her breath before the smoke fills her lungs again and her vision swims. There is screaming ringing in her ears and she doesn’t know if it's someone else or her. She reaches up, trying to shove her mess of hair out her eyes, but her hand comes back down dripping with blood. She does not know if it's her’s or the other peoples.

Paralyzing fear grips at her throat and stops her as the darkness around her swells and pulses.  The terror was the reason this happened. The terror caused her to knock the lit candle to the carpet. The flames did not still the figure coming toward her, the demon that was going to take her soul and her sanity. The madness consumed her as she heard the screaming continue to ring and she gripped her ears and the screaming still continued and the flames still reached for her body, entangled into the tentacles of darkness stretching for her.

She felt the fingers of the fallen reaching to grab at her ankles, even though they were impossibly wounded and would only live for a few more breaths of the smoky air. The space opened up and the room expanded so there were flames everywhere and everywhere she turned, the hands and tentacles and flames reached for her, grabbing for anything they could hold in their deathly hands.

She grabs the nearest thing to her to try to ward them off, a diary that had somehow escaped the flames. She felt the cover and discovered it was cold, even through the blazing heat that was suffocating her and murdering the fallen at her feet.

The scent of death shakes her out of her distracted daze and she holds out the book, trying to hit the deathly hands from reaching her. Tears stream down her face and she hears herself scream, the sound of her sanity tearing. The little diary mocks her with its cool cover and unburnt spine. She screams for release as she falls to her knees in the midst of her nightmare.

She stops fighting the hands as they surround her, reaching at her, spinning faster and faster. Her sobs and screams are choked off and they encircle her neck, pulling tighter and tighter like a noose of fear. Her body falls to the floor as the hands cover her, the flames wrap around her and the darkness celebrates by making a tornado of blackness around her, its mocking laughter celebrating another victim of fear.

At the top of the tornado, the tentacles  peel off lightning fast and all shoot for her at once, and her body turns stone cold. She tried to fight, but she lost. She lost to the fear in her mind. She lays dead in her bed, the nightmare stopping her heart, the fear looking for another victim, and the cool covered diary still in her hand, titled memories.

The end,

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-Jem Doll


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