A Daisy for Daisy

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A twisting story with a devastating twist.

Submitted: August 02, 2017

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Submitted: August 02, 2017



A Daisy For Daisy

I’ve known Todd since I was four years old.

He’s the only one in my life who stayed. My father died when I was four and my mother left later on. All that was left was Todd.

Long ago, before I met Todd, my mother talked about me to Todd’s mother and told her how much she wished me to have a father as I was growing up. Todd's mother (I cannot remember her name due to the fact that I was so young at the time) asked my age and when my mother shared that I was four years old, She had a wonderful idea to get her son (Todd) and I together. They decided to get us together at a park to see if we would become friends, which was their hope so I wouldn’t grow up without a male figure in my life, not as my father, but just as a protective male figure to help guide me through the paths of life. like a father, only not. I didn’t know her plans to leave at the time, but it feels good to know that even though she was leaving, she still thought of my well being by giving me Todd

There was one “main” difference between Todd and I; I was born into a rich family and he was not. I’m not saying he was poor, just that he was born in a lesser class than me. I was raised surrounded in white and he was raised in color. A white house, white walls, white floors and white dresses, and even my name, Daisy, was chosen because of the color white. My mother chose to call me Daisy because of my white hair, pale skin, and strange green eyes. She used to say I was a flower, my eyes being the stem, my hair the petals, and my body the roots. I thought it was rather silly, but I liked it all the same because it was one of the only things that could make my mother smile anymore since my father died of undiscovered cance when I was 4. I don’t really remember him at all so I never really missed him. How can you miss someone you never had? But Mother remembered him. He was her life until the end of his and beyond. When I was 10 years old, she left me for a new world. I didn’t understand but I didn’t cry either. I didn’t know if she was dead, so why mourn her if it was assumed that she was still among the living?

My whole life, all I wore was a little white dress, white shoes, and my white hair crowned behind my head. My mother loved white because it was pretty and clean. I liked it because it was the one place I fit in. I blended in with the white house, floor and walls. I didn’t need to stand out, it was all a warm, familiar, routine. But everywhere else, it was color. I stood out in color, my white dress and me. Todd was the opposite. He thrived in color and felt awkward in white. White was too calm to him. It wasn’t enough, he wanted chaos. He loved chaos, and was often created of it. That's why I nicknamed him Todd even though his real name was James. He reminded me of the fox from Fox and the Hound. He would laugh and enjoy chaos, but almost never got in actual trouble because he could charm the heart of the punisher with his beautiful blue eyes and sandy blond hair, just like the little fox to his owner in the movie.  The day our mothers’ got us together at the park, me four and him five, I was just standing there in my white dress and white shoes staring at the playground covered with children Todd had been quick to befriend. All the kids were playing tag and Todd was it. He was smiling and chasing other kids around when he just stopped. He looked right at me then with a sly grin, dashed at me and tagged me, yelling,“ Daisy's IT!!!!”, then dashed off again with a smile.

I was shocked. I’d never been included in a game with other kids before since I was the different child that stood out in my eerie white dress and shoes, and now I had several children swarming me, but stayed out of range at the same time, expecting me to lunge at them playfully. I just stood there shocked until someone yelled, “Well go already!!”

I smiled and looked back at my mother who waved me on ,smiling, before returning to her conversation with Todd’s mother. I began to run. I chased the other kids until one was just out of range. I chased the boy and when he was just a fingertip away, I tripped and fell into the green grass. My white dress was stained green and my knee was bleeding red. I was stunned, this was new to me. What was this pain lacing down my leg, and why was my pretty white dress stained green and torn? I began to cry, the tears slid down my face slowly but with growing speed. Then the boy I was chasing noticed I wasn’t in pursuit of him anymore and looked back confused. He saw me then ran over to help me. He bent down to look in my eyes and asked in a small voice if I was okay. It was Todd. He held out his hand to help pull me up. He didn’t seem like a five year old child anymore, he seemed safe like how an older brother might feel. I stood up, smiled and told him I was okay,then I remembered I was holding his hand, and I looked down, then looked him in the eyes and said, “ Todd, you're it”

After that day, much to the delight of  our mothers’, we were inseparable. We were best friends, him sticking up for me when others made fun of me and me making him laugh because of my wit. We made a great team until one day in the 9th grade, I was being picked on by a couple of boys. I looked for Todd, wondering why he wasn’t defending me. Then I saw him. He was walking over and looked upset. He told the other boys to go away and leave me alone. But for the first time ever, they didn’t leave. Instead, they began to tease him as well.

“Aww, is James is protecting his widdle girllfrienddd?” they teased.

I was stunned, but Todd looked defeated. He just told them to shut up and quietly walked away. The boys were as shocked as I was, all of us were used to him putting up a fight when it came to protecting me, but this time there had been no action. No fight, no fun the boys must have decided because their “leader” called out “Whatever guys, lets go”. And go they did, but I was just staring at Todd. “What had happened, what was that look on his face?” I wondered to myself.

When the school day finally let out, I waited for Todd as usual, but he walked right past me until I called his name. He paused a moment before turning around to face me. He asked me what I wanted. I remember his voice was hard and I didn’t understand why.

“You weren’t going to wait for me, were you,” I said quietly, eyes cast to the ground.

He just sighed and held out his hand.

“Come on princess.”

To be honest, he’d never done that before, and I didn’t know how to react. His voice didn’t sound sarcastic, but it must have been meant sarcastically, I mean he’s just my friend. He just stood there in the shadow of a tree with downcast eyes. He looked like he was almost blushing, but was waiting for my response to his actions.

Tentatively, I placed my hand in his and we began to walk. He didn’t say one word to me the whole way home, only squeezing his hand to mine every now and then. When we got to my house, he turned and stared at me. He looked so sad, so defeated, I didn’t understand why. How long had he looked like this? And the more I thought about it, he had been acting strange lately, not eating as much, giving off sad looks, then laughing it off when someone asked him what was wrong. I had been too wrapped up in my own soft, white world to see what had happened to him. Who was this boy whose hand I held? And as I was thinking about this, I didn’t notice him moving closer to me. He stood a hair away from me, his head slightly above mine. All it would take to kiss him would to move my head up a little more. Why was he doing this? What had I missed? His sad eyes stared into mind. My heart raced. Then he kissed me, light and brief, our lips barely touching. He positioned his head next to my ear so I couldn’t look at him. My mouth hung open like I couldn’t believe what had just happened. Then I heard his voice, cutting through the shock.

“Good bye my Daisy princess.”

Then he let go of my hand and walked away, careful not to look at me as his tall silhouette left. I still stood there, shocked, with my hands still out and warm from holding his hand. I didn’t understand, but then again, when did I ever understand anything? I was always too caught up in my own white world to pay attention to my best friend. What was going on with him?

I remember that night, all I could think about was that kiss. What did it mean? What was wrong with him, he seemed upset, and most of all, defeated. I sat in my white room, on my white bed thinking about him until shadows fell on my white walls pulling my room and me into darkness.

I dreamed of nothing that night, a soundless sleep of worry. I didn’t even know the world was outside. I didn’t ask him why, I didn’t kiss him back, but I didn’t pull away, I didn’t know if I was happy or upset, I didn’t know if I liked him back ,in that way anyway, what if it didn’t mean anything, what if, why, how, worry worry worry.

Finally, dawn came and I shot out of my white sheets and jumped to get my morning chores out of the way so I could get to school to find out what was going on with Todd.

Then a phone call came, causing my white phone to buzz. The words that came out of it were black. I didn’t understand, I was scared, I was shocked, then my mind just stopped as I heard the black words.

Todd was gone.

I screamed and ran to my window, thinking that maybe it was all a dream, it was still dark outside, but when I opened my window, there was mocking sunlight pouring through. I slapped myself ,as if to get something off my body, hoping still it was a dream,  Todd would knock at my door and walk with me to school just like he did everyday.

I ran to my front door, screaming as I ran. I don’t remember my words. I just remember pain.

I threw my front door open, and there was no Todd. Just a little white daisy and a note that read,

“A daisy for my delicate Daisy. I’m sorry I had to leave you, please forgive me. I beg you to forgive me. Good bye Daisy.”

~Your fox,


I couldn’t stop screaming that day.There wasn’t anyone to comfort me anymore, they had all left me, and now,he was gone.

I screamed until I spit blood and my voice was nothing. He was gone. My proud protector. My cheerful, sly fox, was gone and wasn’t coming back.

Later on that week, I found out what had happened. Todd had committed suicide with a lethal dose of medication he stole from his father in the dead blackness of night. He died at the park, sitting in the tree we would climb together when we wanted to talk alone, the light and smile gone forever from his eyes. He had created one final act of chaos. And left one thing of peace.

“A daisy for my Daisy’

And all I had seen was myself. That is one thing I can’t forgive myself for. I hope, someday, to be with my beautiful, colorful fox again and set right what I believe I helped ruined.


The end, 

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