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Submitted: August 02, 2017

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Submitted: August 02, 2017



I'm in a black dress

Hit the pit as I realize

There's no cure

Firmly shut and lock the door

Can't take it much more

All these years I've been here

Haven't been anything more

Out of breath and scared to death

Never been this hard to control


Better hold the door

Reverting to what I'm feeling

I am not, a heart worth healing

Say so long to, self control

Searching for a heart still beating


I can hear your heart beating

Through the door it's pleading

Blood trickling from my lips

Not begging for one more kiss

Oh please, keep away from me

Dancing on the edge again

You found me so far dead

Oh no


Better hold the door

Reverting to what I'm feeling

Hard to keep this, rage concealed


Clawing at the door

Freedom calls once more


I've come undone

Please don't open the door

There will be much more

Harming in my wake

I cannot control what I forsake

Yet you, after all these years

You've been here, even so far seeking truth


I'm so far gone

I'm not needed

Couldn't save you, as you pleaded

No, let me go

Hard to hear over these voices

Telling me to make these choices

I'm sorry my darling

I'm jus not the same

I'll fight with the strength I have left

Jus to make sure to get one more savored breath

In you


What have I done…? (x4)

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