Just Like The Way It Used To Be

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Non-Fiction  |  House: House of Ghosts
Adapted from a post I saw a long time ago on 9gag, this 500-word piece deals with the aftermath of a suicide. That is, on the ones still alive.

Submitted: August 02, 2017

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Submitted: August 02, 2017



When I heard you were gone, I could not react. Shocked beyond belief, that was why. Guess I never expected you to just… go, just like that.

How did this happen? I remembered you as a bright and lively person. Always smiling, always laughing.

Were we all fooled by that smile? Which hid the bitter frown I heard you wore when you were found?

Though, deep down, I knew. We all knew. That there was a reason you stopped talking. A reason why we stopped seeing you around anymore.

If only I had some strength, and a bit of courage too. Then maybe, just maybe, I could have shared some with you.

You know, I still see you walking in the streets sometimes. At least, I think I see you. They often look like you. You should see them, see your faces everywhere.

Then came the day of your funeral.

Your mother. She must have taken some willpower prescription to walk up the podium to tell us about the person you were.

Your father. He insisted on not being there, but showed up anyway. He looked older than your grandfather that day.

Your little brother. He did well, carrying the head of your bed down the aisle. Even though he could not see a thing, even though he was choking.

That made your mother sob. It must have been a long time since your mother cried in public, and she did it for you. A mother weeping for her passed child. That is not something any mother should ever have to bear.

I do not get it. I do not get it at all.

How your little brother did not falter throughout the entire way down the aisle. I have never seen anyone age quite that fast, or look that strong as he did that moment.

That day, it rained heavily throughout the whole time. I do not think I have ever seen it rain so much.

Wet drops, salty drops.

So, if it's not too much to ask, please. Please, rest in peace.

Do not worry. I will tell him. We will tell him. Tell him why you decided to go away. Tell him not to sink quite as deep into the ground as you are just yet.

We will take care of him. At least, we will try. Because in the end, it is up to him. Though, if it were to happen that he wants out, the same way you did… This time, we will get there in time.

He will tell him. If he has time for such thoughts, he might as well do everything he once dreamed of. Since, what does he have to lose? And, when he tries all those things, things that you did not, then he might come to realize that life isn't really all that bad.

That one way or the other, it is going to be okay.

So sleep at ease, take your rest. And one day, we will all meet again.

When we do, let us all walk hand in hand.

And until that time comes, see you later.



Dying is simple. Living, now that’s difficult.

If anyone reading this feels that living has become too difficult and wants out, please seek help. A professional, a trusted friend or family member, a stranger.

After all, what do you have to lose?


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