The Girl who would do anything for love!

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The Girl who would do anything for love!


chapter one.

Every little girls dream is to be swept away on a while horse with her night in shinning armour and get married in front off her friends and family in this so called white wedding in a Gothic style church.

How ever my story is very much different to this and to tell the story We must go back, back to the time when I was 5 years old. I know I was always different, I never joined in boyish games such as football or played with boyish toys such as cars.
My childhood I liked to play with girlish things like dolls, make up. I loved watching my mum get dressed up and trying on her clothes.
I knew then I was different and that I did not belong, The more I played with her make up and dressed up in her clothes the more I knew I wasn't whom I was meant to be.

chapter two.

So forward on 13 years at the age of 18, I am now I am experimenting with own unique style, I grew out my hair and dyed it all different colours just looking for that one colour that I knew was me. I changed my style of clothes and started to wear more women clothes while I was in my own room. This filled with with excitement as I knew know who I was and what I needed to do to make my life complete.

So age 18, I knew what I wanted and how to go about getting it but I was still bored and needed something to complete my life. I had boyfriends and tried the vanilla life style but I could not take it any more and had to do something. I herd from a mate about a program that let's you explore the deepest part of the net, So with my interest peaked and some advice from my mate I then downloaded that program and decided to have a browse.

While browsing through the horrendous and hideous sites I then came across something that stopped my in my tracks. I felt my heart skip a beat, the adrenaline surged through my veins as my body shook with excitement from what I read. What was it I read. A website that advertised Make your wildest fantasies come true. I said to myself it can not be real, it must be some sort of trap, it has to be, but with my interest peaked I could not hold my excitement any more and had to get into contact with whom ever owned this website.

I was looking through this site wondering to myself, how on earth do I message this person, oh please, there has to be a number or an email. Then I notice it, right there in front of me. Was I that too high to even notice a phone number right there in front of me. I quickly grabbed my phone and digit by digit I gave the number a ring. My heart was pounding, who was on the other side I kept thinking, what was it they do and specially is this real. I didn't care that my life could be in danger that I could have been kidnapped, killed and my body dumped where no one would ever be able to find it.

I put the phone to my ear, it felt like I was waiting for a year for the other end of the phone to ring but when it did I could feel my heart in my throat. I was considering to hand up the phone but my heart sank into my stomach as the ringing stopped and at the other end a raspy deep rusty voice spoke. “Yes what is it you want” the voice said. If I wasn't creeped out then I was right now. No I said to myself I will do this, so with out any other thought I said I wasn't something different but not too sure what I wanted but this creepy guy said not a thing and put the phone down. I felt absolutely gutted now that I could not get something I didn't know what I want.

chapter three.

I was fast asleep when this happened and what happened had my scared for my life At 9pm in the evening I got a phone call and not thinking that I make a huge mistake and left my number, this same creepy guy spoke and told me I know your address and I will be right with you in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1. I just about jumped out of my skin when a knock at my door alerted me, No way could this be them I thought, there is know way a man could get my address from one phone call. I put this thought to the back of my head and decided to answer the door.

Just as cracked my door open, A beautiful woman with a man burst through my door and grabbed hold of me. Now my heart is pounding, my adrenaline is racing through my veins as I try my best to get away but there is no use his grip is too strong. He takes his rope out of his bag, puts my hands behind my back and ties them with this beautiful knot that I have never seen before. He then takes out another piece of rope and ties my legs, just as he finishes tying he tell me, “now you are going know where, you will be my slave and I am your master”. The women pulls out a roll of duck tape out of her bag and begins to tape my mouth shut. “ no sound out off you, I am going to have so much fun with you” is what she said to me with a great big grin her face.

I was not panicking, What have I don't I thought to myself, My did I have to ring that website up. If I hadn't then I would be safe. My life started to flash before my eyes and everything that I have done good and bad I watched. The last thing I saw was the pairs face with exciting smiles as though they already decided what they was going to do, then all went black as they placed a hood over my head.

The couple picked up my body as if I was nothing but a corpse, I herd the boot open and I was chucked in like a piece of rubbish waiting to be took to the tip. I counted while we drove so I could get a measurement of how far I went but it was no use I couldn't as thought off what horrid punishment they had for me went through my head.

Relief came as the car stopped and the engine switched off but where was I and how far did they drive me I thought to myself. I herd the doors slam closed and every footstep they made was a nightmare waiting for them to open the boot of the car. When the time eventually came I was dragged out of the car like a piece of garbage. I Could tell I was going down into some sort of cellar. I herd the guy spoke “grab the chains “ he said I was gutted but excitement came over me.
I thought to myself for a while, what are they going to do to me, I then fount myself thinking of one of them flogging me while they other explores my body. “ Now for some playtime “ I herd the women say. I got even more excited when the women starts to undress me in a very sexual way. She starts to unbutton my blouse stopping at my breast and slowly caressing my breast. Then with out any warning pain shot through my whole body as she twisted my nipple so hard I shook with excitement. The blouse came off, some device was attached to my nipple but I didn't care as I loved movement off it. She then starts to unzip my skirt, she gasps as she sees something she was not expecting to see.

To my surprise in a very exciting voice she said “ this will be fun, I never had anyone like you before”. I felt a sharp instrument against my skin, Oh no I thought to myself this is it, this is the end but to my surprised she then cut down my skirt and torn off my skirt like it was a piece of paper. I was now standing there naked and chained. What are you going to do to me I said in a very low and embarrassing voice. The pair just ignored me and decided to play with items which peaked my very interests.

chapter four

As I am standing there I can hear the woman speaking “ no I want you to start with that one” What one I wondered and what have they got but I shot back to reality as the man drags what felt like leather straps along my skin, “ you will enjoy this, you are my little whore he told me” as he took a step back and then with out any warning these leather straps smacks my bottom so hard I jumped with the chains taking the full force of my weight.

“while you are in my domain you will obey me, I am your master and you are my
sub” he explained to me. What on earth are you talking about I though but along came another smack of the leather straps. My heart started pounding, my legs started to shake, I have never felt so turned on in my life. “ oh they are enjoying that I herd the lady say, Maybe we should use something harder I will let you choose she said to the guy.

I could hear him pacing around the cellar looking for some type of tool, I was kept waiting with anticipation as he kept pacing, Please I said I want more. The woman with her open hand slapped me so hard I swung around. “you will speak when spoken to, we will choose what we want “she said. I herd the guy pick up something wooden and very heavy, Oh no I thought. He came up behind me and started to rub this piece of wood across my ass and with out warning THUD right across my ass, this had me in tear but I didn't care I loved every second of it. A couple of hours past and I was Flogged, smacked and cained.

That is it I herd one of them say, the woman took the hood of my head, I felt like I was high but that can't be right I thought I don't use drugs. The man unshackled me from the chains and helped me down. He sat in a chair, now go to your master and thank him for the fun evening you had she said. With my body broken and shaking I managed to crawl to him. I put my head on his lap and said Thank you Master for the beating and fun you gave me. They then sat me in a chair and gave me some chocolate. Why do I feel high I asked them, They looked at “ you are experiencing subspace” the woman said. I had to ask, what is subspace, the man gave me a smile and softly said “ subspace is a feeling you get from the endorphins running through your system from the spankings I gave you. The feeling makes all your sensors heightened but without taking any drugs”.

I felt like I was on cloud nine as they comfort and watched over me, never have I thought I would love something like this. As an hour past the man spoke “ why don't you come up stairs and have a cup of tea, we would like to speak to you”. I followed them upstairs now all excited to hear what they wanted to offer me.

chapter six

I walked up the stairs and into the kitchen and there on the table I can see a piece of paper with writing on it. The woman spots me looking, “this is what we want to talk to you about” she said. This is a contract the man says, if you sign it then you agree that at anytime when we want, we can use you as our sub to do with as we please, you can also move in if wish too. My mind raced, I was very excited to think off the things that would be done to me and with out thinking I said yes I was in. Great he said but there will be rules and when you break these rules you will be punished as per to the contract states. With excitement and a shaky hand I pick up the pen and sign the document.

That night I went home with a very bruised bottom but a smile on my face, I could not sleep a wink that night just thinking about the punishment I had and how good it felt. I have finally fount what I was looking for I thought to myself as I closed my eyes and slept the night away.

The next day I went around to there house to start my life as a bdsm submissive. I knocked on his door and waited for him to answer, as he opened the door the my face lit up. Hello again, I thought I would never see you again he said as he gave me a smile, “come in we have been waiting for you” he said.

chapter seven.

We went into the living room where his wife was waiting with a open nightgown, I was blown away looking at her with a see through necklogie and seeing her plump perky breaks got me excited all over again. Sorry I'm not quite dressed she said as she got up and left to get dressed.

The man sat me down on the settee and explained to me, “ before we start, there are things I mush teach you”. Giving him a puzzled looked I said OK teach me. “ are you familiar with the traffic lights” he says. Yes red, orange and green and explained, Correct he says, “these are words we use when we do a play session, red means stop, orange means slow down and green means harder. These words must always be used” he explains.

He also explains that A new person must always start at the bottom and work there way up. This way if you decide to be a Master/Mistress then you will know what to do and what turns people on. I look at him with quizative eyes, Sounds like good advice I tell him. I then asked the question, When flogging or spanking a person, are there rules on where to hit. Yes he says with a deep toned voice “ you should never hit the kidneys or the spine” he explains but I will show you how you should flog or spank a person, My wife with happily play your role as she loves to give and receive.

He also explains that he is a part of the old guard society, this group was made up during the second world war when soldiers came back from war with post tromatic stress disorder, they did not know how to cope with the pain of the depression until a few soldiers took some young men as submissive and trained them, when they didn't obey or decided to be a brat they would punish then by flogging or spanking them. This helped them a lot with the pdst. More soldiers joined and so the group was formed and the reason why a new person must start at the bottom.

chapter Eight.

The woman walks back into the room, she looked stunning I thought, I just couldn't handle myself while looking at her, she was wearing a tight red dress that companied her hour glass figure, her breasts looked as they were busting out of her dress, her legs looked so good I just wanted to caress them. She gave me a cheeky smile, “I hope you are being good” she said with a joking tone of voice.

The woman takes my hand “come with me” she said as she leads me down into the basement of the house. She guides me to there toys. These are our collection she said as I looked around the room, My mouth dropped, I had never seen so many toys in my life. So many floggers, so many spankers and whips. Do you want to try one out she said as I start to run my hands over a leather flogger. I looked over at her very excitedly and with out thinking Yes I would love to I said.

She hands me the flogger I had been caressing and takes me over to a hand made bench, this is a spanking bench she says this is where we will start. She gets on the bench and pulls up the dress onto her back and pulls down her knickers. Such a peachy ass she had, I could not snap myself out off looking at her. There are so many ways that you can flog someone she said, try it and see what works for you she said.

I take a look at the flogger and with out thinking, I find myself raising my arm over my head, the crackles as I bring down the flogger, Such a thud as the flogger meats the beautiful skin of my goddess. She starts to moan. Again I raise the flogger and again down it comes over and over again. I can not control myself as I look at her I can see the pleasure she is having while looking at her face, she starts to moan as if were was making passionate love. That's it she she states as she pulls up her knickers and pulls down her dress. You have done well for your first time, you must have been born for this she tells me.

chapter nine

So 6 years later and living with these great pair, I have learnt everything I can about the bdsm life style, I have started to switch from submissive to Master and back again but I always knew I was Submissive. One day while walking back to my Master and Mistress house the weather changed, the wind howled against the night sky, the rained poured, there didn't seem to be any sign of it stopping, lightening screept across the sky. I finally arrived back at the house soaking wet. I tried the door but it was lock I knocked on the door but there was no answer. I decided to pick the key up from under the welcome mat and opened the door. The house was so dark it was like entering a bandoneon house full of ghostly visitors.
I walked up the stairs to my Masters bedroom only to find the worst thing I could ever imagine. My master was lying in bed, his skin white as the sheet he was lying on, I went to touch him but my fingers felt like pure ice. I had to fight back the tears as I called Master, Master but there was no response.
My life ended that day, My love for my Master was no more. I felt like I could not go on, I had no where to live and no one to ask for help. I was once again alone.

Two weeks had past and through help I had found my own little place to live but yet again I find my self having a hole in my heart and needing something to fill it. That is until I meet my New Master. I lived with him for two years and life had been great with him. He taught me a lot of new stuff I didn't realise and brought me to new heights of pleasure I thought I could never reach. When he took me to bed or tied me up he didn't make love to me but fucked me and fucked me hard.

Although life was great I was still missing a piece in my life and still had a hole in my heart I needed to be filled. That is when I made the decision that would change my life forever and with the blessing of my new master I changed the part of me that changed the look of me forever. Doing this however came with a price. First the pain I felt brought me to new highs I never felt before, because of this my mental health took a change for the worse and I was admitted to the mental health ward.

Although this ward took it out of me I still found ways I could enjoy myself, While along I would go into the bathroom and tease myself while touching my new body, making my body ache with excitement. I would find ways I could tie myself up just so that I could get that high I needed. Life was boring in this place and I found my mind wondering back to the past and how my life came to be and all because off one phone call I made.

More to come very soon...

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