Five Questions with C. Allen Exline

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An interview with the writer. 5 Questions with C. Allen Exline.

Submitted: August 02, 2017

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Submitted: August 02, 2017













I sat down on the park bench and waited. It was but a moments notice before he appeared. Sitting down next to me, he observed the glassy silver orb, floating, hovering silently next to his leg within his arms reach. I began asking questions, but the thing of it was, he never actually had to speak words, just tap on the outside of the orb, answering with his thoughts. I asked five questions, and he tapped every time with his answer. One tap for question one, two taps for question two and so. It wasn't until he got up walked away, leaving the orb behind, that I would later learn of his responses. I took the orb home and opened it up.

As I flipped the top of the orb up and open, I found the etched repsonses a top a smaller orb held within.  My question, his reply:

Question 1 : Who is C. Allen Exline ? Tell me about yourself, your favorite things, your dislikes, and things you wish for .

Tapping once on the orb:


Orb One

( continued )


 He had tapped the Orb again, two times when I asked the second question:


Question 2: What is your favorite word ? please explain...( basically a question of language and emotions ) 


Orb Two


Inside one orb, contained within the last, each with an etching replying back, each placed inside an even smaller orb, closed inside.

Question 3 : When ... or better still, what "time" is your favorite 'time" of day; your favorite "time" of the year ( seasons or month or specific holiday, etc ) and concerning years, your favorite time in History ? 


Three light taps.


Orb Three


Question 4 : Where would like to work, after College? ( your dream job ) ( location, field of study, etc.)



Orb Four


I opened the more smaller orb remaining, hidden within the previous and opened it:


Question 5 : Where do you like to write ?
( is it on the computer all the time, or do ever write ideas down a paper )


Five Knocks replied.


Orb Five


I found neatly tucked away inside the last orb,  several sticky notes he had left behind, questions I had asked as he ambled onward. I sifted through the questions:



 And, how do you write ?
( do you outline, do just start "writing",  going back and adding more details to progress the story; or do you know exactly what you want to say; etc )


Sticky Note One

( continued )


How often do you write ? ( once a day, every few days, etc ) 


Sticky Note Two


If you didn't write, what would you do as a creative outlet? ( to express yourself)

Sticky Note Three


Whats your favorite movie and why ? ( you can substitute song, color, food, planet, etc.)

Sticky Note Four


I closed each orb,  fitting the last inside the other, placing them all together, until the final orb containing them all, had been neatly bundled up.


The next day I returned back to the park bench and placed the Orb in it's home, floating once more; waiting patiently and welcoming.

 And, so I sat and waited; for someone else to sit down on the park bench next to me and approach the orb. To reveal what what was hidden within.  


Thank you 42 times C. Allen Exline !  

Kind regards and much respect !



















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