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Submitted: August 02, 2017

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Submitted: August 02, 2017



“Don't pop my bubble” it said

That's exactly what life is, a bubble, you have to keep it balanced and if you pop it well you can’t go back. But what if that a good thing? What if you make a new bubble and start different patterns? I'm that bubble and please, please do pop me.


When you turn 12, everything changes, of course, puberty but that's not the point. When I was 11 all I could think about was being cool and how would people like to see me? But when I was 12, I've really changed from swearing that I would never read from being deeply engaged in the harry potter books or being wildly jealous of all the girls that can do splits but now that I have worked forward and not backward for my non - predictions, I have done them. And that's another bubble, a prediction, this bubble you have to pop because when you forget about future and focus on the present things go uphill and sure people say that going uphill is hard but it is. It is hard and that's why we need to chill our hair and just do it


A few months ago I was teased for writing a diss track on all the stupid people who have hurt me and I was teased by them and they said my singing sucked, it was bad quality, and that no one likes me. But seriously, FUCK them, because I was pretty fucking good, bloody hell I was fantastic and ever since then I have embraced my love for writing and being creative because you don't see 12-year-old kids each day writing diss tracks.


Really what I mean is that life is like a game of exploding kittens either you get a see the future or you explode, or maybe your life is a bubble or you feel that life made you 12, or you let go of planning the future and write diss tracks. Whatever you're doing let your mind take you on different path.


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