Moon 2: The End of Samantha Logan

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Submitted: August 02, 2017

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Submitted: August 02, 2017



Charlotte was at work, and searched some Information on Wendy, where she was from and other things about her, she used to be at Larundell Mental institute she called them on the phone and Dr Cooper answered Hello! Hi! This is Charlotte I’m calling because I sent a photo to you guys; Ahh yes Charlotte we received your photo! Can you Recognise her? Where is she now? She’s With my Husband and kids at home; Tell your Family to get out of the house! Why? Because That Girl in the photo is not a little Girl; what do you mean? the picture I sent you, is of my adoptive daughter and she’s thirteen years old; No she’s not! She’s got a Rare Medical Disorder, called Hypopuitarism; her real Name is Samantha Logan; she’s thirty-four years old. Samantha is one of the most violent patient we had here at Larundell, If it is Samantha you don’t have much time; Charlotte said to the boss I’m sorry I have to go, this is a bad Family emergency, The boss responded yeah sure! go take care of it, Thank you! She said, she quickly gets to her car, and makes her way home. As soon as Charlotte got in the house, she explained the news to her family, without Samantha being there, and they had to get out of the house, and go to a place to keep her family safe; since the family left without Samantha, She arrived home, and noticed that no one was there, she exits the house, and continues her Journey to find them. Samantha walks along the road, a car was speeding, didn’t pay attention to the road, Samantha then Jumped across, lucky the car didn’t injure her; she faked cry three times wahhh! Wahhh! Wahhhh! Are you alright! Samantha quickly grabs a machete, and stabs him in the face; she dragged him off the road, to hide the evidence. Samantha stole the car, to arrive at the destination, where her Foster Family is; Will they be in Danger? Samantha Arrived at the motel, spotted her Foster Family; Alan used a steel pipe, and knocked her in the face, she growls, and chews him up, the next thing she used was a machete; and cuts him into bits and pieces, they all panicked, then got in the car, and escaped. Charlotte, Mark, and Susan made their way to the police station, to make a report on Samantha Murdering Alan; they are going to try their Hardest to investigate the case; and when they catch her, to put her back in Larundell. Samantha figures out her plan on where to find her foster family; Charlotte, Mark, and Susan are staying at Charlotte’s parents house, for the time being, until the chaos is over; they all seemed safe there, just for now! Samantha uses a Teleporting gadget to get to Charlotte, Mark, and Susan Will She find them? what will she do? Will they work on a plan to eliminate Samantha out of their lives? lets find out!














Samantha Knocks on the door, She then boots the door down, and made her way inside; Samantha saw from the window Charlotte, Mark, and Susan were running outside Samantha goes faster and faster to catch up to them Charlotte grabbed a big stick and wacked it across her face and said to her kids Mark! Susan! Run! Samantha got her hands and Strangled Charlotte, after a few seconds she knocked her to the ground; Samantha grabs a massive rock to put her out of her misery, Mark and Susan runs to Samantha and pushes her. While they were running, the cops arrived; Charlotte, Mark, and Susan are now safe; they Arrested Samantha and puts her back in Larundell, she will stay there, a very long time, until the day she dies; the family made their way home peace and quiet and never to adopt a kid as long as they live; 15 years later! Samantha got murdered, Charlotte passed away, Mark and Susan are now grown up, and got partners; its one of the best moments they ever had.

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