Tainted glittering Fruit

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A work in progress just writing.

Submitted: August 03, 2017

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Submitted: August 03, 2017



Staring at the ceiling lying diagonal across my freshly made bed.  My hair laying sprawled out damp with my towel loosely draped around me.  I was lost in thought as the minutes slowly ticked.  I was startled by my alarm seemingly shouting at me your'e late.  I leaped off the bed scrambled for my clothes and quickly dressed for the day.  I pulled my damp hair in a ponytail and darted for the door.  Grabbing my keys in the process and rushing off to my meeting.  Starting my car music blaring barely able to regain focus lost in thought.  I pulled up to a lot full of cars ugh I gasp where shall I park.  Finally pulling in to a spot and as I open the door I quickly pull it back shut as the one person who is carrying me on this emotional roller coaster slowly opens her door.  She sees me, smiles and mouths sorry in a way that makes butterflies go in flight in my belly. Unaware, I just stare back speechless.  I scream to my self get it together this is not you Ms successful CEO.  I manage to pull it together and grab my briefcase and finally exit my car and head towards the doors.  I am greeted by numerous associates. I catch a glimpse of her once more standing in a corner in the lobby of my office building staring down at her phone.  The door slowly closes and up to the top floor of my building for our morning meeting.  I walk straight into the conference room next to my office and scramble through a stack of papers left for me by my assistant.  She is young perky a little annoying but always on top of everything.  Everyone is seated my assistant dims the the light and I begin my morning presentation of where we are as a company and my vision for our future.  I go on and on until the presentation ends.  I stand and watch, answer a few questions as everyone slowly drifts out the office.  I plop down in my  chair my assistant hands me my coffee and I rock lost in this morning's thoughts.  I met this woman only a few days earlier in the middle of the produce aisle.  She walked so close I could feel her skirt brush up against my leg. She turned to me and asked how do you tell when a fruit is ripe.  Her voice was soft almost magical and a slight breeze seem to blow as it was literally fighting me to the ground.  I had to make conscious effort to not fall to the ground.  I stood firm and slowly spoke unsure of myself I am not sure I'm sure all fruit is different.  She smiled a half smile and said softly I guess I'll just have to try and see.   She walked alway in an instance almost as if she vanished. Her smell her smile left permanently imprinted on me as if by magic she had invaded me.  My assistant startlingly me out my thoughts bombarding me with questions.  Jessica wait I exclaimed give me a minute. I got up quickly trying to escape my bubbly overly zealous assistant.  I darted for my office and quickly shut the door behind with a puzzled assistant on the other side.  I am usually not so impatient but I feel a little overwhelmed with emotions at the moment.  I plop down on my sofa in my office only to be interrupted by a soft knock and Jessica's voice whispering" the new intern is here what should I do." Give me a minute, I slowly get up from my sofa scramble to my desk have a seat and shout for Jessica to send him in.  The door creeks open and she appears the woman that has haunted me for the last two days slowly walks in.  I stand immediately without thought and cross the room to greet her.  She makes eye contact almost mesmerizing I stare into her eyes they are blue glittering green. I feel my assistant's glare I snap out of it unaware of how long I was stuck in a trance.  I quickly compose my self and put my hand out to shake hers. She firmly grasp my hand with a such assurance and calmly speaks. Hello, my name is Aurora it is nice to meet you yet again.  I can feel the awkward stare of my assistant as we both allow a small smile to creep upon our faces.  I turn to my assistant and quickly excuse her from my office so that I might have a chance to speak more freely with Aurora.  Yes Aurora what a magnificent name for such a mesmerizing lady.  The door closed softly and I found myself seated at my desk with her seated across from me.  She had my full attention as she confidently spoke of her many accomplishments and how well suited for the job she was.  She was older than all the other interns that applied she stated how she needed a change in her life.  I was so wrapped up in her essence it took me a minute to realize she had stop speaking.  I awkwardly smiled as she looked puzzled at why I was not responding to the silence.  I quickly looked down at the file on my desk fumbled through it.  I looked back up and slowly stood she stood as well.  I am not done with my interviews yet I stated once I'm complete I will contact everyone.  With a soft almost knowing smile she softly spoke I look forward to my first day at work.  I walked her to the door opened it our eyes met one final time before she left the room.   I closed the door stood there a moment in a trance as I softly mouthed her name Aurora.  I crossed the room sat at my desk full of papers and turned on my computer she was right she had gotten the job.  I began to jab at the keys to formulate letters and memos about the intern position being filed.  Knocking at my office door stopped my thought process I quickly responded Come in Jessica.  Jessica almost skipping jet's through the door.  As annoying as she can be she has a strong work effort and always eager to please. She stops on the other side of my desk and starts rattling off a list of things that I need to get accomplished today.  She pauses and I quickly interject please send out these letters to all the interns that have applied I've made my decision.  She stares a minute and then continues on with her list. She finishes her page long list and leaves out my office as quickly as she had come in.  I continue working at my desk for the rest of the day with moments of Aurora dancing across my mind.  Tired from a long day at the office I make an attempt to organize my jumbled desk and go to the conference room grab my briefcase and make my leave for the day.  My assistant has left as with most of the employees I am usually one of the last to leave.   I lean up against the elevator thinking of my day as I make my decent to the lobby.  As the door open I step out I immediately glance to the corner where she stood this morning. Staring at the corner my thoughts interrupted by Mel our security officer.  Stumbling over his words he seems to get nervous around me Ma'am are you ok.  I quickly reply yes, I smile quickly and dart for the door.  I glance back at the spot before exiting the building.  Only a few cars remain in the once full parking lot.  I open my car door and sink into my leather seats. I start the car and the music blast as I speed home from yet another long day.  I pull into my parking garage at my loft.   I grab my briefcase and quickly head up stairs.  My maid is still here cleaning.  Stacy go home I whisper she turns and stares.  I repeat go home get some rest leave it for tomorrow I've had a long day I'm turning in early.  She smiles grabs her things and heads for the door.  The door shuts softy behind her and I'm now finally alone again.  I make my way up my winding stairs to my bathroom and strip off my clothes as the water runs in my oversized tub.  I slowly climb in and sink into the tub and place my hair over the edge. I have sunken so low my chin is grazing the water. I close my eyes and ponder on what Aurora might me doing at the moment.  I hear my name being called and I feel the same soft breeze against my face I felt the first time we met.  I quickly open my eyes I'm alone still in this room. I decide I better get out I pull myself out of the tub let out the water and wrap my towel around me as a chill sweeps over my body.  I dry off and toss my towel at the foot of my bed and climb under my sheets.  Within seconds sleep claims me. My phone rings I scramble for it.  Ugh it's in my briefcase in the bathroom I bolt out of bed grab it just in time.  It's my friend Stephanie she is the Who's who on the social scene.  She is yelling into the phone" wake up I'm outside let's go!".  Half a sleep I mutter "what". You know what it's my big premier at club XYZ and you promised let's go.  Okay okay it'll only take me a minute to get dressed.  I go to my closet ugh what am I going to where.  I fumble through my closet find a white pair of dress pants and a sequence pink diamond shaped halter and I grab some pink heels.  I pull my hair back into a ponytail brush my teeth and wash my face.  I feel a little more alive now.  I stare at myself in the mirror  I'm acceptable I guess.  I jolt down the stares with heels in hand and grab my small sling bag off the counter and head for the front door.  I yell to my alarm system to activate the alarm.  The door slams shut I open the car door and plop down into the passenger seat.  My best friend in a mini dress clinging to all her curves is smiling.  You look cute she proclaims as she puts the car in drive as I shut my door. She speeds off laughing.  I glance at her her long hair flowing in the wind her makeup flawless.  We pull up in front of the club the valet grabs the door as I finish fastening my heels.  I grab his hand when I'm done as he assist me out of the car.  My best friend already next to me take my hand escorts me with her to the door. The line to the club is wrapped around the building.  My best friend is glancing at the line smirking as we are escorted straight into the club.  Her face gleams she loves being The Who's who on this scene.  Me I enjoy it every now and then.  I have to admit the attention is nice at times but it's really not my scene. We walk in music blaring.  I can feel the bass rumbling through my body.  I follow her to our VIP section.  Celebrities greet us and all the socialites of Miami.  We are the in crowd I could care less but Stephanie eats it up.  I grab a seat as she mingles.  I few people are trying to engage me but my mind is drifting somewhere else.  I'm drifting back to meeting her this morning.  Stephanie grabs me and quickly pulls me to the dance floor stumbling to my feet I move quickly behind her. She starts dancing with me and shouts over the music in my ear you looked irritated I'm your savior.  I laughed no I wasn't even paying attention to them I was lost in thought but thanks hero",I shouted back.  We danced and my thoughts overtook me again and I felt it again that same weird breeze again this time all over my body.  My head tilted back my body moving to the beat on the dance floor. The music seeming to carry me then I felt the softest touch caress my waist and sweetest breathe against my exposed neck.  I opened my eyes and Aurora mouthed hello and I almost fell and her hand at my waist pulled me closer. I smiled and stared into her eyes that glittered green.  We danced for what seemed like hours until I felt Stephanie pull at my arm until she let me go.  She shouted I was looking for you come on we are headed to an after party.  I muttered ok and I looked back and she gone again just as quickly as she appeared.  I caught a glimpse of her as Stephanie pulled me out the club she dancing by her self as she shot me a quick smile in my direction and then continued to dance.  Finally, in fresh air I pulled my arm from Stephanie and asked firmly so where are we going.  She laughed and stated don't worry it's going to be fun.  Stephanie ugh I'm not going home before the moon tonight am I. She smirked at me probably not and the car pulled up and the doors were open.  We both jumped in almost instantaneously. She toss some cash at the Valet and we sped off to the next destination of the night.  We turned into an industrial park I turned to Stephanie are we lost. No we are almost here I gazed around at all the warehouses confused.  Suddenly I saw bright lights and I heard music people were standing in front of what appeared to be an abandoned warehouse.  She parked and a tall muscular man in a fitted suit with shoulder length hair opened Stephanie's door.  He helped her out of the car.  She leaned back in come on. I opened my door as I exited the car; a chill ran up my spine that same  breeze seem to spin me in the direction of the warehouse.  Under  a dim light a shadow stood watching us.  I peered trying to make out the figure then it vanished.  Stephanie screaming come on redirected my attention from the mysterious shadow.  I caught up to her and we all entered the warehouse.  The scene quickly changed as we went in.  The club was dim lit music blaring flashing lights. The entire decor was quite different it was very upscale seating.  It was as if the whole club was VIP.  Stephanie started dancing with her new found date and I was just wondering around  taking in the scene I guess.  I guess apart of me was searching for someone someone who is just an Intern and would not be in a space like this.  I searched for her despite the fact that she was far too common for this crowd not in looks but in social class.  I convinced myself to give up my search and leaned against the wall and let my bathe in the beats of the music.  As I closed my eyes I felt a breeze brush across my neck I opened them suddenly and there she stood.  We were face to face again and she again mouthed hello.  I felt weak all of a sudden as if she was draining me.  She braced me against the wall and smiled.  Once I gained my composure she took me by the hand and led me too a back room.  We slipped through a couple doors to a room where several people were seated on plush sofas talking.  It was a hookah lounge you could here the music from the dance floor but it was quiet enough people weren't having to yell at each other.  We found a seat and I said wow Aurora why do I keep bumping into you are you stalking me I laughed.  She stared into my eyes and said yes I was caught off guard and broke my gaze.  She chuckled no I'm not stalking you I am intrigued by you though.  Oh really how's that I ask her smugly.  She replies by grasping me and pulling me close and whispers in my ear l wanted to find out how ripe and or delicious you are.  With those simple words my entire body shivered right down to my core.  Her tongue slightly slivered down my next.  My heart began to race I felt as if I was on fire.  I wanted at this moment to be naked and free.  Then like on cue my phone rang and delivered me back to reality.  I pulled away and glanced at the lit screen it was Stephanie.  I slid to answer it when Aurora quickly slid it out of my hand and placed it behind her.  I reached for it and she pressed her soft lips against mine.  The phone dropped behind her.  She grasped me by the waist and pulled me I close. I felt as if she was searching for my soul with every kiss.  My entire body was trembling. She kissed me deeper and deeper and I was losing control.  The phone rang and rang behind her I couldn't break lose my body my soul wouldn't let me. She pulled away and handed me my phone.  She smiled softly and began to stand I dropped it out of my hand and reached for her. She chuckled a little and pointed at Stephanie staring at me with a questioning glare.  I jumped up and immediately starting to fix my appearance.  I bent over grabbed my phone and handed  it to Aurora behind my back as I stared at Stephanie.  Stephanie started to smile and signaled for me to come on I smiled back.  Aurora slipped my phone into my hand and I held it tight slowly walking over to Stephanie.  She grabbed my hand and jokingly pulled me from room to room back out the door we originally came in.  We crossed the lot laughing and playing like high school girls.  We open the car doors slid in side as if trying to beat the sunrise that was catching us.  Stephanie turned quickly with inquisitive eyes and whispered sooo.  I looked at her puzzled and said what.  You know what she proclaimed.  I don't know she keeps popping up and tonight well wow. I turned away and just sunk in her seat.  She drove off just smiling.  We pull up to my house I jump out and glance back quickly and dart for my door as if I'm a vampire.  I run up stairs and rip my clothes off jump in the shower.  The water pouring down all over me taking me back to Aurora's touch her kisses.  A chill runs through me her breeze blows over me I open my eyes and glance at my lit phone.  Puzzled by the fact I have a message at 5 o'clock on a Saturday morning.  Dripping wet I slowly walk over to it.  I pick it up slide the message open.  Staring down all I see is I want to see you.  The phone falls out of my hand to the floor.  I drop down to my knees pick the phone back up just in time for the next message Now.  I texted back not sure of who it was and simply replied ok.  I turned the water off and grabbed a towel and headed to my bed to await her reply. I plopped down with my legs crossed in my towel.  A breeze blows and my phone lights up send me your address.  I pause for a second and then drop a pin of my location.  I jump up start pacing the floor I just sent a stranger my address as if I'm possessed.  I snap to reality I'm naked I rush to my closet grab some shorts and a Tshirt. I rush around straighten up.  I plop down on the sofa down stairs turn on the TV.  Staring at the TV not really watching it I drift off to sleep. 

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