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a short poem, of a true story.

Submitted: August 03, 2017

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Submitted: August 03, 2017



Thank You


My walls were painted with the colors of despair,

as their cracks were filled with nothing but air.


And the cracks in my heart, well they just didn’t fill,

I began to give up and all of life’s thrills,

that it had to offer,

I decided to kill.


but as I came to realize, life isn’t that long,

So I decided to paint my walls, and just pretend

that I was strong.


So I kept on pretending and smiling and nodding,

for pretending made me strong. 

At least that’s what I thought. I guess I was wrong. 

I learned that covering up your feelings is not the right path,

So I sat and I thought and began to ask,

I asked myself a question,

that I couldn’t comprehend,

I asked myself… well… what if I was dead.

What if all these questions could come to an end.

It would all just stop, I couldn’t pretend.


It was all darkness, and then you told me,

that if light didn’t shine,

we’d both be free. 

and you’d sit in the dark,

just waiting for me.

Telling me that you would sit here until,

God changed his mind 

“I promise he will”

So we sat in the dark.

Waiting quietly and patiently  

until we saw a spark,

You said it’s for me


So just as everything went black,

I saw a ray of light.

I had to squint my eyes, just to see it right.

I knew it wasn’t god,

so I knew it was you,

an angel, a friend, 

Now I promise you,

that I will stay forever

and I won’t be weak,

I’ll stay strong for you,

and you’ll stay with me,

we can promise each other,

with a hug and a cry,

a laugh and a whimper, 

A smile, a rhyme.

And now you’ve saved me,

and you didn’t lie,

All I can do is

thank you. 

Because I didn’t die.

~Judas Kapri




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