Kicking and screaming

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Submitted: August 03, 2017

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Submitted: August 03, 2017



Deprived of substance,

Joy is an unknown essence,

I know there’s love in my life,

Yet I’m numb to its presence,


I just want to feel good,

Life’s a meal without flavor,

Grasping at the salt of the earth,

Yet void it is of savor,


A day in the life,

Abundant of withered will,

I feel my energy wasted,

on climbing a feathered hill,


The mirrors image, self-destructing,

Advancing with every day,

The real me is slipping,

As I watch him fade away,


To quit is my desire,

Yet I show no signs if stopping,

I’ll steadily push through the day,

For quitting is not an option,


I’m housed beneath the sea,

Encaged in pressure so immense,

It’s like air divorcing my lungs,

A separation so intense,

As the world orbits the sun,

Perhaps a bit too fast,

Please let me off this ride,

I fear I will not last,


Yet round and around it goes,

Laws of nature quite abused,

And when the orbit finally stops,

I’m nauseous and confused,


Where is god, I need his mercy,

To keep me through the day,

Has his back to me been turned?

Or was it I who stepped away,


My heart is like a battery,

Infested with corrosion,

What’s the result of pressure?

Is it fueling self-implosion,


These walls are closing in,

My sins have brought this severance,

These walls are closing in,

I now comprehend that reference,


Can depression be contagious,

For I do not wish to share,

The price of my sins is too high,

What can be sold to make it fair,

I was born of righteous clay,

But life’s an evil sculptor,

I was molded, I was broken,

And lain amongst the vultures,


I know that there’s god,

I just hope that he can see,

That I did not choose this “me”,

At least not consciously,




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