Chennai Wanderers

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*The first south Indian movie compacted into story form.*
*NOTE: In India, Vicky can be used as a male name, as it has been in this story*
Maya, meet Vicky the police man. Vicky, meet Maya the media woman. And now that pleasantries are over, let me take you on a tale with the atypical romance, adventure, mystery and some (moderately high) ups alongside some (very low) downs, in which the two are forced to follow through with the case they unfortunately stumbled across. All this, but situated in the heart of Chennai, where (not mean girls, jealousy or life decisions) but rowdies, false charges and Bollywood-esque train scenes get in the way of both Wanderers' intertwining fate.

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Chapter 1

Submitted: August 03, 2017

The inside of the building was the same as the outside, the hubbub and noise of people going about their daily business in different mann... Read Chapter