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My thought and opinion on race in America.

Submitted: August 03, 2017

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Submitted: August 03, 2017



What is equal? Equality? A word I want to believe in as a African American. A word we all want to believe in. The great white lie--a lie we fight for, a lie our predecessor's fought for to turn true.

 Racism, that red hate that seeps on the ground, reaching out its unforgiving hand towards us, the minority. Flooding and drowning us for no apparent reason. Those who turn a blind eye and pretend not to see are finally illuminated around the country. A black man takes a knee before the flag and receives death threats; criticism for a harmless stand. A white man kills nine African American's in a church and gets arrested unharmed; gets treated to a free meal for "good behavior." A black man gets pulled over for the smallest thing as a busted tail light, complying with every instruction and still ... receives that fatal bullet; that heartless steel that pierced so many others before. There are no free meals or peace for the black men. No inheritance but sadness, pain, and anger for the mothers and fathers and grandmothers and grandfathers: the brothers and sisters ... the aunt's and uncle's receive nothing but lost in their hearts.

That red hate comes to us like a deceitful serpent and forms a cloud over us in our most vulnerable moment, raining down it's seeds of putrescence and blooms a flower of vehemence. That fire within us, that will of fight in our soul is ready to jump out of our bodies. But we must control that fire within because riots and other violence plays to their hand. They are waiting to unveil their royal flush--flushing down our dreams and accomplishments into the waste they compare us to. The more violent we are, the further the finish line we all hope to reach some day is pushed even further back. Like a tortoise, we may crawl slowly while the rabbit hops, but in the end, were smarter and stronger. We can endure.

With the inheritance of Malcolm X fiery spirit and Martin Luther Kings dream and wisdom, we will survive. The police officers who get off and run away with murder, celebrate without remorse; even though video proof shows their guilt. "Action speaks louder than words" or so they say. We see the action--the violence of hate and still no justice. Is this the true meaning of equal? Do we really understand the meaning of equality? I say we don't, we're still far from it.

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