Return Them

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There is trouble at the village and the young man must get there soon. What could the problem be?

Submitted: August 03, 2017

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Submitted: August 03, 2017



The young man, about 15 years old, ran among the tall trees and through the dense foliage, he was heading north along the shoreline.

The sound of the ocean could be heard, but the sound of the tribal drum was all he was focused on.

"Where are you going in such a hurry, Talk-tae?" asked the Red-tailed Hawk, as she flew alongside of the young man.

Talk-tae, with hardly a breath said, "Drums call the tribe together, must hurry."

The Hawk was about to ask another question when a very big Brown Bear rose up on its hind legs right in front of them.

The young Indian Boy stopped dead in his tracks and the hawk turned skyward.

After catching his breath the boy said, "I am in a hurry Gurr, I have no time to play right now."

The great bear dropped back down on all four of his feet and wandered over to the boy, and then he asked, "What is so different about today than yesterday, Talk-tae? You could play yesterday."

"Don't you hear the drums? The drums are calling the tribe together and that almost never happens. Whatever is happening is of great importance, so I must go," exclaimed Talk-tae as he ran passed Gurr and disappeared into the foliage.

Gurr was not the least bit upset about Talk-tae's abrupt departure because he had seen some juicy berries growing on nearby bushes. 

Talk-tae saw a familiar grouping of trees and quickly turned towards the ocean. Shortly thereafter he emerged from the forest, finding himself just a short walking distance from a cliff.

As Talk-tae walked to the edge of the cliff he looked down at the rocks below.

The ocean's serf was crashing against the jagged rocks and each time that it did the water level rose several feet.

Suddenly Talk-tae stepped back and then ran towards the cliff, jumping head first into the crest of the wave.

Talk-tae had done this many times, many of the children of his village had. It was a rite of passage in a way, proof of bravery to many, but to Talk-tae's mother it was a fool’s game.

None the less, the jump would save Talk-tae a long climb down the cliffs and about one-half mile off his run to the village.

As Talk-tae surfaced and swam to shore a nearby Otter was floating on its back in the surf, and of course, it was grooming its fur. As Talk-tae swam passed the Otter it voiced an observation, "That was an excellent dive Talk-tae, do you have time for a story today?"

"Thank you Slickerie, but no, not today. There is a meeting of the tribe," Talk-tae stated as he swam passed.


As Talk-tae entered the village he saw Dark-water chanting and spitting water into a campfire.

Dark-water is the tribal spiritualist, and healer, but in Talk-tea's lifetime he had only seen Dark-water do this once before. This was big medicine and the sense of fear was felt throughout the camp.

Talk-tae approached his sister, Red-moon and asked her, "What is happening and why does Dark-water seek signs from the spirits?"

Red-moon shook her head and replied, "We will know soon enough. As soon as Dark-water finishes and all the tribe has gathered there will be a gathering around the big fire.”


Just after dark the big fire was set, at the center of the village,

 and everyone gathered around it. Chief Crain came out of his hut with two people that the tribe had never seen before. Their clothing was different, their faces were different, even the way they walked was odd in an indescribable way.

Dark-water came near the big fire as soon as everyone was seated. A hush came over the area and not so much as a breath could be heard.

Dark-water touched each of the guests with a Bay-fern and then pulled a hair from each one of their heads; they did not move. Then she started chanting and as she did she tied the two hairs together. She broke the stem of the Bay-fern and moistened the two hairs with its sap while chanting even loader.

Suddenly Dark-water moved in the direction of the fire and with a twirling motion she cast all of it into the fire. The flames flared and a large puff of smoke rose into the air, forming a strange symbol.

Dark-water turned to the Chief and said, "There are dark days ahead if they stay."

The Chief rose to his feet and addressed the tribe, "These two people came from another time. Their method of getting here was faulty and it cannot return them; it is machine.

Without our help they will have to stay and Dark-water says that would not be good for the tribe, so we must return them or put them to death.

We know that we will not kill them for it is not done in these times. And we know that they should never return, so we have given them a potion that has confused their memories.

Now I ask you to join hands, each and every one, while Dark-water calls to the spirit that rights all wrongs.

As you chant the sacred words the joining of the spirit will return these people to their painful past They will be returned to the year 2,200 A.D.


D. Thurmond / JEF --- 08-03-2017



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